New Music Tuesday (Week of March 16, 2010)

Chelsea Handler, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”

Comedian and E! Late Night Talk Show host Chelsea Handler is back with her third book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” the New Jersey native details her coming of age story in ways only she can. When describing her first love, herself, at the tender age of eight she writes, “Who knew that something I could barely look at could give me such pleasure? Who knew that the little albino pincushion I was carrying around all these years would end up turning into the equivalent of a watermelon Jolly Rancher? How many other women knew about this? And if they did, why did anyone ever get jobs?” The book is hysterical, mildly inappropriate and a very quick read. It includes photographs of elaborate pranks she’s pulled off and the quirky folks she encounters on her many misadventures. For Handler what many would deem to be a disaster she sees as comedic gold. Or as her then boyfriend put it, “I consider last night a mockery. You consider last night one of the best nights of your life and a huge success” in regard to the shenanigans that was described in the chapter “Black-on-Black Crime.”

Jennifer Knapp, “Letting Go” (May 5, 2010)

Tracks on Jennifer Knapp’s forthcoming album “Letting Go” is bound to be the singer’s breakthrough album. Although the singer-songwriter has sold over 1 million records, toured and played to sold out crowds and has earned two Grammy nominations she’s still not a household name. Her debut album was released back in 1998 and since then she’s released four more including a live album in 2006 and a compilation of her hits titled “The Collection” in 2003. “Letting Go” has the heart of veteran and energy of an artist that has her eye on the prize. Her voice is reminiscing of a young Melissa Etheridge. The tunes are radio friendly, energetic, well-crafted pop rock. Stand out tracks include: “Dive In,” “Letting Go,” and “Want For Nothing.”

Kerretta, “Vilayer”

New Zealand rockers Kerretta have their eyes set on America. Their new album “Vilayer” will mark the band’s official US debut. “Vilayer” showcases the band’s experimental nature with trance-like beats and long instrumental pieces. The album boasts an energetic and engaging quality, with rhythmic drumming and catchy riffs “Vilayer” may just catch on this side of the globe.

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