New Music Tuesday (Week of March 23, 2010)

Hunter Valentine, “Lessons From The Late Night” (May 11, 2010)

Canadian female rockers Hunter Valentine is destined for greatness with their energetic, in-your-face melodic rock. Their sophomore effort “Lessons From the Late Night” proves that this trio can rock out and also make listeners want to get up and dance. Their songs are well crafted and are radio friendly, that is not to say that the songs are sugary or sweet they are the exact opposite of that, there’s nothing sentimental or mushy about “She only wants me when she’s wasted” in fact, the lyrics are brutally honest and heartfelt. Tracks like “The Stalker” and “Scarface” stand out as potential hits.

The Izzys, “Keep Your Powder Dry” (April 13, 2010)

The Izzys are reminiscing of old school country rock bands, tracks on “Keep Your Powder Dry” have a nifty southern feel to it surprising for a band that hails from Brooklyn, New York. Their five-track EP is a promising start for a band that we’ll be sure to hear more from.

Savoir Adore, “In The Wooded Forest”

“In The Wooded Forest” offers an interesting blend of indie-melodic, foot tapping rock. The 14-track LP offers beautiful harmonies and beats you can really move around to. Stand out tracks include, “We Talk Like Machines,” “Take Hollow Lane” and “Bodies.”

Midas Fall, “Eleven. Revert and Return”

Midas Fall’s “Eleven. Revert and Return” offers entrancing, epic-sounding music you can really groove to. The Scotland-based alternative rock band offers smooth harmonies and vocals that tuck at your heart strings. Tracks that stand out the most include, “Century,” “My Radio Stars,” and “Bright Lights Will Harm No-One.”

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