New Music Tuesday (Week of May 25th, 2010)

Marc Anthony, “Iconos”

Marc Anthony’s 11th studio album, “Iconos,” features eight cover versions and two previously unreleased songs that were composed by Julio Reyes. The album includes covers by singers José José, Juan Gabriel, Roberto Carlos, La Mafia as well José Luis Perales, singer and composer from the lead single. Lead off single, “Y Cómo Es El” gave fans a taste of what was to come, his interpretations are heartfelt and very much his own. Among personal favorites are “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” and “Te Lo Pido Por Favor.”

Hypernova, “Through The Chaos”

Utterly delightful! Hypernova’s debut album “Through The Chaos” features slick guitar riffs and a melody one could really rock out to. From the instant opening track “Universal” gets underway you’re transported to a melodic-dance-filled world of rock goodness. Vocalist/guitarist Raam has a distinctive voice that gels well with the energetic tracks. “Lost in Space” is among the many of the favorite tracks and “Empty Times” showcases the softer side of the Iranian five-piece band. “Through The Chaos” will have you dancing it up and will unleash the monster in us all.

Alamance, “In The Moment” (June 15th)

New Jersey export Alamance is ready poised to charm the MTV and Warped Tour crowd with their latest release “In The Moment.” “In The Moment” is a delightful listen and features pop friendly hooks and sensible lyrics. The album’s lead off single, “Your Eyes” has the allure of a summer flick theme song with its proclamation of love set to rhythmic guitars. The album’s eight tracks fly by and will have you hitting the replay button over and over again.

DJ Rap, “Synthesis” (June 29th)

#1 female DJ in the world DJ Rap (aka Charissa Sarevio) has returned with a 12-track synthetic blend of melodic grooves that blend beautifully with her breathy vocals. Tracks like “I’m Ready” and “I Just Wanna Feel Good” showcase her true talent and has massive crossover appeal. “Synthesis” is bound to catapult DJ Rap to the mainstream.

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