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Pandora Boxx performs at Blender Theatre at Gramercy photo by: Leslie DJ

Entertainment Weekly declared Pandora Boxx America’s Next Drag Superstar and she was among the fan favorites to win RuPaul’s Drag Race the reality competition in search for America’s next drag queen superstar. The title ultimately went to Tyra Sanchez dubbed ‘the other Tyra’ a statues diva with a deep baritone voice. But Pandora Boxx is taking it all in stride, the comedic drag queen confessed that losing has given her many more opportunities than she probably would have gotten had she won.

“I was pissed,” confessed Pandora Boxx in regards to being eliminated. “I was pissed because I felt that was the one challenge where [the judges] didn’t really say anything negative to me and I liked everything I did. I felt good about it, thought I had performed strong…”

In episode eight the elimination challenge was to convert old men into fabulous drag queens and lip synch to RuPaul’s track ‘Main Event’ alongside their newly appointed drag mothers.

Pandora Boxx strikes a pose backstage photo by: Leslie DJ

“I thought I was close to finally winning a challenge,” said Pandora. “Then to find out I was on the bottom two I was pissed. When I saw I was up against Jujubee I knew I was going to go home. [The judges] loved Juju throughout [the competition] and I had gotten much harsher criticism than others so I knew I had come to the end of the road.”

She admitted drawing a blank as far as what she had said backstage after the elimination, “I don’t know what I said but then when I saw the show air I was nervous wondering ‘what did I say?’ ‘what did I say?’” she recalled. In the end she admitted, “I liked what I said.” For her farewell message, something each eliminated contest must do before exiting the show, she wrote in bright red lipstick, Lick this Boxx, bitch. XOXO Love you all Pandora Boxx.

In the past many reality show alumnus have complained about their portrayal on TV and some have gone as far as accusing editing for portraying them as a show’s villain for rating purposes. As far as Ms. Boxx is concerned she was portrayed very accurately, “there’s definitely editing and they can certainly do a lot of things with it but the thing is if you’re never a bitch on the show they can’t make you look like a bitch. So you would have to give them something in order to be portrayed as a bitch.  They didn’t include a lot of my funny bits but they made me look nice so I’m happy with it.”

Her nice girl portrayal landed her many gigs including one as headliner for the evening’s Barefoot Wine & Bubbly auction where drag performers donated previously worn shoes in order to raise money for gay pride. “It’s a great way to kick off NYC pride and I’m performing,” she said. “I was surprised to see my name up on the marquee, I walked by and saw it and went ‘hey!’” she said with a smile.

Pandora Boxx steps into the spotlight photo by: Leslie DJ

As far as drag shows go Pandora confessed that, “anything goes.” “At a drag show you can get funny, dirty and vulgar or maybe that’s just me? But yea it’s just a lot of fun. Celebrating life and breaking and redefining gender rules.”

On July 19th Logo is set to debut RuPaul’s latest reality based drag competition. It will feature Pandora Boxx along with other former Drag Race cast members from seasons one and two titled, “RuPaul’s Drag U”.  Pandora talked us through the show’s premise, “We are making over biological women into drag queens. It will give women who feel that they have lost their inner diva [an opportunity to reclaim it] through drag.”

Reteaming with former cast members like Jujubee, Raven and Morgan McMichaels proved to be a lovely experience, “working with them again [outside of] a competition was even better.  [On this show] I even got to work with season 1 contestants which I had wanted to meet.”

Her experience on both shows reminded her of the importance of staying true to oneself and not, “second guessing,” she said. “I did that a lot on Drag Race, second guessing myself. You must really know your strengths and that will ultimately lead you to have a great fulfilling life and won’t hinder you to live your life to the fullest.”

At the end of the day Pandora Boxx is a winner, she’s set to costar in the spin-off series “RuPaul’s Drag U,” she’s currently touring her drag show across the states and hopes to bring her play, ‘Lipstick Massacre’ which she performed in Rochester, NY to the New York City area. “I want to have my own TV show, I keep telling everyone that so hopefully at some point that’ll actually happen,” she said. The show she has in mind will feature a bit of everything, “I think it will be like a modern Carol Burnett Show where it will feature a bit of hosting, performing, sketches. A bit of faux-reality, ‘cause all reality shows are a bit scripted,” she said with a wink and smile.

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