New Music Tuesday (Week of September 6th, 2011)

The Sounds, “Something To Die For”

You simply can’t go wrong with The Sounds, the Swedish electro-indie rock band is back with their fourth album, “Something To Die For” and it’s more infectious and delectable than previous releases. With tracks like dance-infused “Better off Dead” and sure to be crowd pleaser “Yeah Yeah Yeah” fans and newcomers alike will be dancing along to the melodic, dance thumping styling of The Sounds. Stand out tracks include: “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Dance With The Devil,” “Better off Dead” and “The No No Song”

The Kid Henry, “The Kid Henry”

The Kid Henry has all the makings of becoming a household name among teens that are ready to walk away from mainstream pop and ease into the indie rock scene. The female-fronted five-piece rock band’s self-titled album features hooky danceable tunes, which are rounded out nicely with classically-trained Alexandra Lombardi’s vocals. Standout tracks include: “Change of Scene,” and “Dirty Dancing”

Lola Dutronic, “New York Stories”

“Kids Just Wanna Dance” indeed, Lola Dutronic’s “New York Stories” kicks things off with the catchy leadoff track, “Kids Just Wanna Dance” and never looks back. Whether it’s with the provocative “Cheree” or melodic gem “In The Sun” Lola Dutronic’s “New York Stories” is full of charming dance-friendly tunes that leave you craving more.

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