A Conversation with Mike Ruocco

Photo by: Jeff Chenault

Singer-songwriter Mike Ruocco formally of the band Cinder Road opens up about his debut solo album, “THE RISE. THE RIDE. THE RISK.” in a very candid interview (Episode 32 featuring Mike Ruocco will be available on July 25th). The Baltimore native opens up about his early days as an aspiring musician. He formed his very first band at age 12. When asked what kind of music he was playing back then he replied, “Very bad music.” Although the band wasn’t nearly as polished as he would have liked he explained that music was a very big part of his life from an early age. “Truth be told I’ve loved music as long as I can remember [and] there was always a record player going on [in the background] of my parents’ house.” He continued, “I was a child of the 80s so boomboxes were a huge thing. So me and my best friend both had our boomboxes and we would get our hands on different cassettes  and started discovering music pretty young and I just thought, if I liked listening to music as much as I did then I’d probably enjoying making it that much more.” Ruocco, whose dad was a professional singer, states being a musician was simply in his blood.

Fast-forward to 2012 and his resume reads like a who’s who of the music industry. He’s toured with Sick Puppies, Puddle Of Mudd and was the direct support for the KISS Alive 35 tour in Europe where he spent 2 months in over 30 different countries playing with the Rock icons. Beginning July 21st you can catch Mike Ruocco on tour with Daughtry as he performs songs from his new album, “The Rise. The Ride. The Risk.” An album which came together by accident, Ruocco explains, “…my day job is writing songs for other artists for BMG music, with that I get to write with and for all kinds of different artist.” He continued, “As I was writing over the last year or so I wrote a number of songs where we had discussions of whether we should pitch it [to other artists] and I just fell in love with some of these songs so much that I said, ‘I’ma hold on to this song’ and I was on my way to having a complete album.”

Listen to the complete interview on next week’s podcast available July 25th. For more on Mike Ruocco visit his official website at http://www.mikeruocco.com/ or follow him on twitter @mikeruocco

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