Funky Miami Trio: Locos Por Juana Poised for Superstardom

Praised by the Miami Herald for their “funky Miami-style fusion with exuberant energy and danceability” Locos Por Juana is poised for superstardom. With their recent appearance at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York City and their new single and video, “Afro Sound” featuring Palenke Soultribe earning them new fans there’s no stopping this multi-talented, bilingual powerhouse. We recently caught up with the trio and got the lowdown on the band’s origins, the Miami music scene and their new album, “Somos de la Calle” (We’re from the Streets).

Sinister Girlz: I know you guys were recently in New York City for the Latin Alternative Music Conference what was the experience like? Did you attend any of the panels or mingle with some of this year’s featured artist?

Locos Por Juana: The Experience in NYC for the LAMC was really nice, is amazing always to have the support of Thomas Cookman and see really good friends and colleagues, we attend some of the Panels and we had a great conversation with Calle 13 about Music and Life.

Sinister Girlz: How did Locos por Juana form? And who is this Juana and how did she get a band named after her?

Locos Por Juana: Locos por Juana formed after high school 3 friends making Music and having fun searching for our identity as Colombians in the USA, Juana became this amazing Character that lives in each one of us. Juana is the representation of the image of how Strong powerful and Magical women can be, Juana is the Goddess that every man Pray and everybody desires.

Sinister Girlz: Was music something that you knew from an early age you wanted to do?

Locos Por Juana: Yeah I think we all Knew in the band that Music was our life, and since we were little kids Music has always been around giving us happiness and joy.

Sinister Girlz: Were your family and friends supportive of your music career?

Locos Por Juana: Yes we have an amazing Family that always believe in our music and without Family support it becomes more hard but nothing is impossible in life.

Sinister Girlz: Your music incorporated many different sounds how would you classify the band‘s overall sound or genre?

Locos Por Juana: Our Sound is the sound of the Immigrants in this country, it is the call of the Unification of all races in this place that we made our home in the USA. Our sound is ONESOUND.

Sinister Girlz: Are there any artist that you like that you’d hope to collaborate with in the future?

Locos Por Juana: We hope to collaborate some day with Jay-Z, Damian Marley, Petrona Martinez

Sinister Girlz: I know you guys are from Miami and it seems like the Miami music scene is very welcoming of Latin artists and Latin rhythms because of this there seems to be many Latin artists trying to make a name for themselves over there, was if difficult for you guys to break out stand out from the pack?

Locos Por Juana: Well I think that our Music speaks for itself, I think we never try to compete or stand from any pack, I think we became the leaders of a new generation of Music born in Miami from the necessity to do something different out of the ordinary.

Sinister Girlz: Have you ever had to work hard to win over an audience? What did you do?

Locos Por Juana: I think every Artist has that tale of working hard because the audience is tough. Personally, I love that challenge because it is more important for us to win your heart and believe me we will work hard to make you love us.

Sinister Girlz: Let’s talk about the album “Somos de la Calle” what can new audiences expect from that album?

Locos Por Juana: Somos de la Calle is our Story as a band Representing Miami and All the Colombian immigrants in the USA. This album is Special for us because it is dedicated to the people of the street; for the homeless especially the children, it is a Social Political Message to embrace change in our life as a Society.

Sinister Girlz: So what’s next for you guys? Will Locos Por Juana be touring throughout the summer?

Locos Por Juana: Yes we finishing a big USA & Canada Tour, working hard in new Music and new Amazing Collaborations so there’s a lot of Locos por Juana for a Long time.

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