New Music Tuesday (Week of August 14th)

The Wicked, “Never Trust The Dead”

Quirky, spooky but never dull, this Boston duo knows how to captivate an audience. The Wicked’s debut album “Never Trust The Dead” features 10 genre-bending tracks that will have you humming and tapping your feet along to the beat. This “gypsy-punk” duo knows how to blend ghostly melodies with beautiful vocals. Standout tracks include: “Elevator,” “Time To Kill” and “Granny’s House”

Such Gold, “Misadventures”

Such Gold’s debut album “Misadventures” features 11 melodic hardcore/punk tunes. The Rochester-based band offers a variety of fast-paced tracks that will leave you wanting more. Album opener “Two Year Plan” is the perfect example of a well-crafted pop-punk tune with a touch of hardcore. Standout tracks include: “Two Year Plan,” “Another Day” and “You Are Your Greatest Threat.”

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, “Small Changes We Hardly Notice”

“Small Changes We Hardly Notice” features beautiful melodic vocals and arrangements so sweet you’d think you were listening to the soundtrack of an offbeat romantic comedy. Although Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson offers 4 delectable tracks that’s enough to entice listeners, you’d still wish there were more.

Toadies, “Play.Rock.Music”

Fort Worth, Texas natives and local heroes, Toadies, are ready to rock. Their new album “Play.Rock.Music” features 11 alternative-rock tunes with their signature southern-rock flair. The album is playful and full of instant classics like “Animals,” and leadoff single, “Summer of The Strange.” Toadies fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this record. Standout tracks include: “Summer of The Strange,” “Magic Bullet,” “Animals” and “Epic Castles”

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