New Music Tuesday (Week of July 31st 2012)

Everyone Dies In Utah, “+//- (Polarities)”

Post-hardcore, Temple, TX natives known as Everyone Dies In Utah return with sophomore studio album “+//- (Polarities).”  The band’s sophomore album features 10 exploratory tunes that toy with the realms of reality; the album features dark and moody tunes that transition between positive and negative points of views. Standout tracks include, “Synthia, Where’s R2?” “You Are Now Manually Breathing” and “Simply Me//2”

Mike Ruocco, “The Rise. The Ride. The Risk.”

Baltimore-bred singer-songwriter (formally of Cinder Road) Mike Ruocco branches out on his own and brings us an introspective album full of radio-friendly, catchy tunes each different from the next. Ruocco seamlessly weaves different styles of rock, elements of electronic music, ballads and acoustic tunes offering a little something for everyone. Standout tracks include, “Love Is Goodbye,” “Too Late” and “After I’m Gone.”

The Drowning Men, “All of The Unknown”

Released on July 17th on Borstal Beat Records, “All of The Unknown,” The Drowning Men’s follow-up to their 2009 debut album, “The Beheading of the Songbird” features 10 solid indie rock tunes full of catchy melodies and poetic lyrics that will spellbound listeners; fans and newbies alike. Standout tracks include: “I Am the Beggar Man,” “Lost In a Lullaby,” and “Smile.”

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