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Girl In A Coma Best of 2010 Interview

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Girl In A Coma publicity photo by: Salvador Ochoa

Without a doubt Girl In A Coma’s “Adventures in Coverland” is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Earlier in the year when we caught up with the San Antonio trio we discussed how the album was a way for them to cover their favorite artists and potentially introduce them to their audience and that’s exactly what it did. When we spoke to front woman Nina Diaz after selecting “Adventures In Coverland” as one of the Best of 2010 she was surprised with how well received their little project had become.

“It was fun to introduce Selena to people who might have known who she was and Joy Division as well. It’s just great to introduce some of these great artists to some who might have not discovered them yet,” she said.

Since the last time we met up with the girls one of their dreams came true which was to showcase their cover of Selena’s “Si Una Vez” to the Quintanilla family (the late great Selena’s family), “We played the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio they did a tribute for Selena and the Quintanilla family was there, of course,” explained Nina. “They sat right in front of our table that was right by the stage too which was really nerve wrecking. They actually saw us do a sound check and they didn’t say anything then and at the end of the actual awards they said they really appreciated it and that Chris [Perez] (Selena’s husband) and everybody thought we did a great job rearranging it.”

The album was initially released on vinyl and digitally but its popularity was so big that it’s now available in CD format as well, we asked Nina if it was always a part of the plan to have it in CD format at some point or if it just end up happening. “That just kinda happened,” she confessed. “In the beginning we just wanted it to be in Vinyl and make it into a board game. Not a lot of people are buying CDs nowadays because everyone is downloading things but Vinyls are coming back so we thought it would be good to have it [in that format and make it] a novelty thing and a game. Later on the label thought well why don’t we do a couple more songs [and release a CD] so we just decided to add a couple more songs and release it as a CD.”

The new songs include original Girl in a Coma song, “Yo Oigo,” recently featured in Robert Rodriguez’s latest movie Machete and Buffalo Springfield’s ‘60s protest anthem “For What It’s Worth.”

For their Patsy Cline cover of “Walkin’ After Midnight” bassist Jenn Alva took on the role as director for their music video. Nina explained that it was hard to take her seriously at first.  “It was fun [but also] funny because it was kinda hard to take her seriously because she’s [like] my sister. But she did an amazing job directing it and everybody in it, it was a great experience and I’m sure a great experience for her as well.” The end result: a fun, cheeky, colorful video.

As successful and hectic as 2010 was for the girls 2011 seems just as bright, their plans include touring overseas and a new album. “As soon as 2011 begins we’re going to start recording the third album of originals and touring some more. And hopefully we’ll go back overseas. Maybe go to Japan, Australia just try to get out of the states for a while,” she concluded.

Girl In A Coma is Nina Diaz (vocals/guitar), Phanie Diaz (Drums) and Jenn Alva (Bass).

Kelli Scarr Best of 2010 Interview

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Kelli Scarr publicity photo courtsey of Tell All Your Friends PR

Kelli Scarr’s “Piece” is a gem of an album and a true delight so it’s no surprise that we selected it for our end of the year “Best of 2010” list. We caught up with the songstress and she spoke candidly about the album’s creative process and hopes for the New Year.

Sinister Girlz: Congratulations on an amazing album, “Piece” has been selected as one’s Best of 2010. What was the creative process like for this album?

Kelli Scarr: Thank you for selecting Piece! This album started as a dream I had that I was making a record and my friend and Matt Nourse was producing. Matt and I had worked together a few years prior when I did the score for his film The Pacific and Eddy.  When I woke up the next day I called Matt to ask him what he thought about working with me as a producer.  He enthusiastically agreed to do it and ended up becoming very instrumental in pushing me to make this record.  Matt was constantly sending me music and films to check out as inspiration.  We also set up an online photo album as a way of sharing images to guide the creative process. I basically went into sponge mode, as I call it; trying to soak up anything and everything possible to put into songs for the album.

Sinister Girlz: How would you categorize your music? If you had to be lumped into a genre

Kelli Scarr: I always balk at this question because I find that music has become so accessible and far-reaching that many sounds, cultures and ideas have found a way into the music that’s being made these days. Clumping current music into genres like ‘rock’ and ‘pop’ doesn’t actually say anything about the music as they are pretty outdated notions at this point.

Sinister Girlz: What do you hope listeners take away from listening to this album?

Kelli Scarr: I hope the music is emotive to listeners. I hope that it is the kind of album that sticks out from the background at a restaurant or some other place in our busy lives and makes someone ask “what is this?”

Sinister Girlz: Everyone always talks or asks about musical influences who are some of yours and how have you incorporated if in any way into your own music?

Kelli Scarr: My list of musical influences is a little lengthy for this space, so I will focus on the influences that I more directly took from to complete this album.  Since most of these recordings started with me in my bedroom, I was really looking to other artists who had made great sounding, eclectic records without a ton of outside help (i.e., a big studio, extra musicians, etc).  Shuggie Otis, Beach House and Shelby Lynne are a few that come to mind right now.

Sinister Girlz: What are your plans and goals for 2011?

Kelli Scarr: I am excitedly preparing to record my next album. I’ll be spending the first couple months of 2011 holed up at the Isokon Recording Studio in Woodstock.  At some point in between tracking and overdubs, I’ll be doing a small tour of the Midwest with my band.  I find something extremely romantic about touring the Midwest in the dead of winter. Once we have mixed and mastered the record, I hope to release it and then tour some more. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Margaret Cho Best of 2010 Interview

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Photo by: Lindsey Byrnes

Margaret Cho has got to be the hardest working woman in showbiz. She appeared on this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” while on the road with her stand-up/concert tour Cho Dependent. She recently received a Grammy nomination for our pick of Best of 2010 albums “Cho Dependent” and by the looks of things there’s no stopping Ms. Cho.

Sinister Girlz: Congratulations on an amazing album, “Cho Dependent” has been selected as one of’s Best of 2010. Also congratulations on your recent Grammy nomination for “Best Comedy Album” now that you’ve conquered the music world do you plan to continue incorporating music and singing to your act?

Margaret Cho: Thank you so much!! Yes I’m starting work on my next album. I just went into the studio with Ben Lee to do the first track by bitch and my mom and dad so I’m really excited about it!!

Sinister Girlz: Would there be a follow-up album?

Margaret Cho: Yes it’s going to be a comedy/music album again and I’m writing it now.

Sinister Girlz: You were amazing on your “Cho Dependent” Tour I saw you in New York, the crowd was showing you love, overall what has been the crowd’s reaction on the road?

Margaret Cho: Thank you! I loved this tour and people are really into it.  I worked so hard on the material and the songs so it’s very gratifying.

Sinister Girlz: Everyone always talks or asks about musical influences who are some of yours and how have you incorporated if in any way into your own music?

Margaret Cho: Mine are mostly women like Cyndi Lauper, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Liz Phair. I also love bob Dylan, Morrissey and all the people I worked with on my album like Patty Griffin, Fiona Apple, Jon Brion, Tegan and Sara and Ani Difranco. They are my heroes.

Sinister Girlz: What are your plans and goals for 2011?

Margaret Cho: I’m going to go back to work on drop dead diva season 3! Finishing the album, touring Australia, New Zealand and the UK and writing a book. Whew!

Semi Precious Weapons Best of 2010 Interview

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Semi Precious Weapons front man Justin Tranter during CD release party back in the summer of 2010 photo by: Leslie DJ

Semi Precious Weapons’ “You Love You” was a clear contender for “Best of 2010” from the day it was released. The moment the lead-off track played it was clear that this band was destined for super stardom, “You Love You” is rock n roll gold.

The filthy glam rockers have been touring nonstop around the globe in support of their debut album and as the opening act for one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Lady Gaga. Since they overseas we emailed the band a couple of questions for our end of the year round up. Front-man Justin Tranter replied with the following:

Sinister Girlz: Now that you’ve toured with this record what has been the crowd’s reaction been?

Semi Precious Weapons: Well our real magic is in our live show. I think that anyone who sees our live show, loves our album. There is an energy and filth to the songs that can only be felt live.

Sinister Girlz: Which song on the album has the most meaning to you? And why?

Semi Precious Weapons: Oh that’s not fair! They all mean a lot, but at this moment I will say ‘Statues Of Ourselves’ because it’s about all of my friends in NYC that I miss much.

Sinister Girlz: There are two ballads on the album “Look At Me” and my personal favorite “Leave Your Pretty to Me” when you guys were writing the album was it important to have strong ballads to showcase the softer side of Semi Precious Weapons? Or did the songs come about organically?

Semi Precious Weapons publicity photo courtesy of 42West

Semi Precious Weapons: The songs all came about very organically. And it was actually the opposite…we wanted to make a full on party rockNroll album, but the ballads forced themselves on the album.

Sinister Girlz: You’ve been on the road for quite some time now what are a couple of things you can’t go on tour without?

Semi Precious Weapons: Hmmm…well our friends Lady GaGa and Lady Starlight make touring so much easier, cus they are friends we have had since 2006. BUT Champagne and Whiskey are really important too.

Sinister Girlz: A thing I really admire about you guys is that you are so connected to your fans with that said what has been the craziest thing a fan has ever done or said to you to get your attention?

Semi Precious Weapons: Well…we love the craziness of our fans. It makes us proud…but we prefer being offered sexual favors…but I’m also a big sucker for signs they hold up in the crowd.

Sinister Girlz: What would you say is the best advice you’ve ever been given and how have you applied it to life?

Semi Precious Weapons: GaGa told me that I’m the most bad ass mother fucker she has ever met and to fucking act like it and never doubt myself. That’s pretty perfect.

Sinister Girlz: What are your plans and goals for 2011?

Semi Precious Weapons: To become the biggest band in the world. Bring dance back to rock. Have my face on billboards. Make people love themselves.