Fans brave the cold weather to see Marc Anthony; Anthony at the Top of His Game

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Marc Anthony performs at Nassau Coliseum on February 15th 2015 photo by: Leslie DJ

Many patrons yelped, as they made their way into Nassau Coliseum, relieved to have escaped the frigid temperatures. Not even three degree weather could keep Marc Anthony fans away from seeing him take the 360 stage.

A casually dressed Marc Anthony took the stage shortly after 9pm on Sunday, February 15th and brought the crowd to its feet with his cross-over hit “I Need To Know,” and followed it up with “Valió la Pena.” The crowd’s adoration prompted him to say, “It’s cold outside but it’s hot in here!” drawing a roaring cheer. The February 15th show marked his final US performance of his “Cambio de Piel” tour, the second leg of his last tour “Vivir Mi Vida” which broke records internationally. Both tours supported his latest salsa album, “3.0”

The 360 set up better known as, in the rounds, allowed him to interact with different sections of the crowd giving attendees a full view of the performer and his musicians so every seat was a good seat.

Marc Anthony poses behind a fan during Nassau Coliseum performance on Sunday, February 15th 2015 photo by: Leslie DJ

The newlywed seemed at peace, the singer married model Shannon De Lima in November of 2014, and joked around with the crowd; he even photobombed a fan’s selfie who attempted to take a photo by the stage as he sang.

He performed hit, after hit, after hit, including covers of Juan Gabriel’s, “Abrazame Muy Fuerte,” and José Luis Perales’s “Y Como Es El” from his 2010 cover album, “Iconos.” When he wasn’t showing off his vocal chops he was bringing the house down with his salsa hits, “Contra la Corriente,” “Vivir Lo Nuestro” and “Te Conozco Bien.”

But the evening would not be complete without the anthemic “Vivir Mi Vida” attendees chanted “Vivir, Vivir, Vivir” as he briefly exited the stage before returning for an encore which included hit, “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” and the aforementioned “Vivir Mi Vida.”


Marc Anthony performs at Nassau Coliseum February 15th 2015 photo by: Leslie DJ

Muchos gritaron, mientras entraron al Nassau Coliseum, aliviados de haber escapado las heladas temperaturas. Ni siquiera el mal tiempo  pudo detener a los fanáticos de Marc Anthony de verlo. La temperatura actual esa noche era tres grados Fahrenheit.

El cantante vestido casual subió al escenario un poco después de las 9 el domingo, 15 de febrero y llevo al publico a sus pies con su éxito “I Need To Know,” y “Valió la Pena.”

La adoración del publico lo llevó a decir: “Hace frío afuera, pero hace calor aquí!” El espectáculo del 15 de febrero marcó el cierre de su gira en los Estados Unidos titulada “Cambio de Piel,”  la segunda escala de su última gira “Vivir mi vida”, que rompió récords internacionales en apoyo de su último disco de salsa, “3.0″

El recién casado parecía un niño feliz, no podía contener su alegría, el cantante se casó con la modelo Shannon De Lima en Noviembre del 2014. El bromeó con el publico e incluso poso para una foto que una fanática  intentó tomarse mientras el cantaba.

El cantante interpreto muchos de sus éxitos incluyendo canciones de Juan Gabriel, “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” y José Luis Perales “Y Como Es El” de su álbum “Iconos.” Cuando él no estaba mostrando su agilidad vocal estaba trayendo la casa abajo con sus éxitos de salsa, “Contra la corriente,” “Vivir Lo Nuestro”  y “Te conozco bien.”

Pero la noche no estaría completa sin el himno “Vivir mi vida” el público demandaron el éxito aplaudiendo y vociferando, “Vivir, Vivir, Vivir” al cantante salir brevemente del escenario antes de regresar para su despedida. Sus ultima canciones incluyó los éxitos, ” Tu amor me hace bien ” y el ya mencionado “Vivir mi vida.”

Adriana Lucia’s “Porro Hecho En Colombia” named Best Album of 2014

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She responded with a squeal and appeared to be in utter shock when we revealed that her album, “Porro Hecho En Colombia” was selected as the Best Album of 2014. “Wow,” she said, “that I did not know, woo!”

“This has been a very important year of dreams realized,” she said in Spanish. “I think when there’s this kind of recognition it is a great esteem for this project and my team because sometimes we as artists take all the credit of all the people working [on the album] when it is an acknowledgment for the entire record that includes everyone that contributed to the album, the passion, emotions and [it recognizes] people who put their hearts in there.”

The Colombian singer-songwriter is proud of her efforts and loves sharing her music with the public stating that it belongs to the masses once she releases it. “As an artist one believes that the music is ours but when it is already out there you lose all authorship and it belongs to you, the listener,” she explained.

Aside from being an accomplished singer-songwriter she’s also a wife and mother. She balances motherhood and her career by prioritizing. “I think giving priority [to the important things] and keeping it clear what the priorities in life are [is key] and in my case first comes God, my family; and that’s my husband and my son and then music. It’s all a blessing. I do hope that what I do is also a blessing for my son and my family because otherwise it would be meaningless, if what I do and share with the world separates me from my loved ones [then it wouldn’t be worth it]. He goes everywhere with me, he’s a child who has been raised as a warrior he goes up and down the planes, from one hotel to another. He has been raised in all this madness and he is a critical part of my team.”

Her adorable son, Salomón, is a star in his own right. The youngster receives wonderful praise on his mother’s Instagram from her 120,000 plus followers for his many videos of him playing the drums. As far as she’s concerned he’s already a musician, “he has the music inside of him.” Lucia comes from a family of musicians, “I have two siblings; my sister and my brother are musicians too. The three of us took music seriously it was never a pass time or hobby and although it’s still too early to tell how [my son is] going to spend his life he already has music inside of him.” At the end of the day all she wants for her son is for him to be happy, “if that is what makes him happy then I’m going to support him.”

For her son traveling and being on the road is a normal part of life, “some people have a parent who is a doctor and have the lives of many people in their hands or an architect who builds a house and [my son] has a mother who brightens the lives of many people [through song]. I think the children end up resembling their parents in many aspects and this is the mother he got.”

As 2014 comes to a close the singer hopes the New Year brings more peace in the world and a bigger sense of community. “We are in trying times and we have to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about one another. Think about other people’s hopes and dreams,” she said. “We are living in a ‘me, me, me’ culture and what is convenient for you only…for example in the music industry there are some people who don’t care who’s left out in the cold as long as they are inside and it’s time we start thinking like a community because we live in a community.”

For more on Adriana Lucia and her amazing album “Porro Hecho En Colombia” visit and you can purchase the album via iTunes Listen to the interview in its entirety (in Spanish) on 12/23 on Episode 111 of the podcast.

Gloria Trevi lets her hair down in media room of “Amor A Nuestra Musica”

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Gloria Trevi poses for photos backstage of Amor A Nuestra Musica photo by: Leslie

Gloria Trevi the beloved Mexican superstar posed for pictures and was all smiles backstage of “Amor A Nuestra Musica” on Friday night. The “Habla Blah Blah” singer answered questions and even posed for an epic selfie with the New York media. With the success of her current album, “De Pelicula” (Like a movie) Trevi is back in the media spotlight as she should be. She joked about the evening’s performance, “They said we have to perform about three songs so I came to participate with my three songs and I brought a little something extra to have fun with,” she said referring to her black latex dress. “With what does everyone have fun playing with? With Latex and lubricants,” she joked. The room exploded with laughter.

Gloria Trevi shows off her latex dress backstage of Amor A Nuestra Musica photo by: Leslie DJ

When it comes to her career it’s no laughing matter she remains as dedicated and as hardworking as ever. “I’m super happy, working hard—thank God with many projects.” She expressed gratitude and explained that the album is a personal one and it’s like “people are coming into my home and they are welcomed to,” she said. She’s also wrapping up the US leg of her tour which will lead her straight into the 3D version of her “De Pelicula” tour. “[I’ll be touring] Mexico and in several countries in central and south America…the 3D tour lasts about three months of next year. I cannot stop, when I’m with a project it is like a magic carpet ride that cannot be stopped.”

She hopes that the New Year will bring “something special,” she said. “I’m working with a very impressive producer, he’s demanding but excellent. I can’t talk too much about it but what I can say is that I’m enjoying myself with this project but it’s a surprise for all of you,” she teased.

She ended by thanking her fans, “thank you for keeping me in your lives and hearts,” she said. “As part of your soundtracks of their love stories, action, blowout and  madness. Not only with [the song] ‘Pelo Suelto’ (Loose Hair) I just got news that the song ‘Habla Blah Blah’ is on top of the popular charts. I want to thank you all for having me a part of your lives.”


Gloria Trevi se toma un selfie con la prensa de Nueva York foto gracias a

Gloria Trevi la superestrella mexicana posó para las fotos y era todo sonrisas en la área de prensa de “Amor a Nuestra Música” el viernes pasado. La cantante de “Habla Blah Blah ” respondió las preguntas e incluso posó para un selfie épico con los medios de comunicación de Nueva York. Con el éxito de su álbum actual, “De Película” Trevi está triunfando como debería ser. Ella bromeó sobre el desempeño de la noche, “me dijeron que son unas tres canciones así que vengo para participar para un show que son tres horas con tres canciones así que traigo algo con que se diviertan,” refiriéndose a su vestuario negro de látex. “Con que se divierten todos? Con látex y lubricantes,” ella bromo.

Cuando se trata de su carrera no es cosa de risa ella sigue siendo tan dedicado y tan trabajadora como siempre. “Estoy súper contenta, muy trabajadoras gracias a Dios con muchos proyectos. Muy agradecida con la gente, están entrando a mi hogar y están bienvenidos y ahorita también al punto de terminar la gira “De Película” en los Estados Unidos y al punto de comenzar la gira “De Película 3D” en México y en varios países de centro y sur América. Y la verdad muy agradecida a Dios por tantas bendiciones. La gira De Película 3D dura tres meses del próximo año por que no puedo detenerme cuando estoy con un proyecto es como una carpeta que no se puede parar.”

El nuevo año traerá algo, “muy especial,” ella nos dijo. “toy trabajando con un productor impresionante, exigente, excelente…no puedo hablar mucho de eso pero si te puedo decir que mucho de lo que no está produciendo va venir en ese disco es un lujo y una sorpresa lo único es que me estoy dando un gusto muy grande pero es una sorpresa para todos ustedes.”

Ella se despido con un saludo a sus seguidores. “Muchísimas gracias por tener me en sus vidas y corazones. Por formar parte de su soundtrack de sus historias de amor, de acción de reventón, de locura, de terror de locura. No nadamas con [la canción] ‘Pelo Suelto’ que apenas me acaban de decir que la canción de ‘Habla Blah Blah’ esta coronada en las listas de popular. Les quiero agradecer que me tengan presente en sus clásicos y en su aguarda.”

Victor Manuelle breaks his own record with his 24th No. 1 Discusses success during “Amor A Nuestra Musica”

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Victor Manuelle poses backstage during Amor A Nuestra Musica photo by: Leslie DJ

Victor Manuelle broke his own record with his 24th No. 1 on the Billboard Tropical Airplay Chart with his new single, “Que Suenen Los Tambores” (Drum Roll). This anthem is the first single from his forthcoming album, also titled “Que Suenen Los Tambores.” The music video premieres in mid-December, with the full album arriving in February 2015. On Friday during the Q&A session backstage in Nassau Coliseum for “Amor A Nuestra Musica” he was more than happy to discuss his recent award nominations and success.

“I actually still get excited, I have not lost the same excitement of the early years,” he said. ” It’s always a surprise but every time [I release a new song] I feel it is more difficult, after several years of a career you start to think ‘how long will the public continue to support me?’ It’s a blessing from God and the public who always supports me,” he said.

The song is a salsa gem that has not only reached the number one spot but it has remained there for four consecutive weeks. He explained, “We decided to release the song as the leadoff single because we had great faith in this song. It is a song of motivation, hope and is a very necessary for us Latinos in these times we are living in it’s an anthem. We always take a risk [when releasing a song] I thought it would be an effective song but nobody can guarantee it but it seems that the public has caught on to it in an incredible way so I ‘m happy, excited and the song will be what will open steps for full production.”

2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Latin music.


Victor Manuelle rompió su propio record con su 24º No. 1 en la cartelera Tropical de Billboard con su nuevo sencillo, “Que Suenen Los Tambores”  el nuevo sencillo  se ha convertido en su bandera de alegría y del ritmo. Y el viernes en el Nassau Coliseum él estaba contentísimo de hablar sobre sus nominaciones y éxitos.

“Yo creo que uno en realidad se va emocionando igual yo no ha perdido la misma emoción de los primeros años,” él dijo. “Siempre es una sorpresa pero cada vez me siento que es más difícil después de varios años de carrera uno piensa ‘¿hasta cuando el público lo va seguir favoreciendo?’ y muchas veces la industria quiere salir de ti [por eso] creo que es una bendición de papa Dios y el público que siempre me apoya.”

La canción es una joya de la salsa que no sólo ha alcanzado el número uno, pero ha permanecido allí durante cuatro semanas consecutivas. El sonero nos comentó, “Que Suenen Los Tambores es la canción que decidimos lanzar como comienzo de esta producción que va salir en el 2015. Tiene más de cuatro semanas ocupando el primer lugar. Tenía mucha fe en esta canción es una canción de motivación, esperanza y es un himno muy necesario para nosotros los latinos en estos momentos que estamos viviendo. Siempre nos tomamos un riesgo [cuando lanza una canción] pensé que iba ser una canción efectiva pero nadie te lo puede garantizar pero parece que el público la ha cogido de una manera increíble así que me siento contento, emocionado y ‘Que Suenen Los Tambores’ será lo que va abrir pasos para la producción completa.”

El 2015 será un año increíble para la música latina.

Natalia Jiménez discusses her latest single “Quédate Con Ella”

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Natalia Jiménez in the press room of "Amor A Nuestra Musica" photo by: Leslie DJ

The question on everyone’s mind on Friday night was, ‘who was that song about?’ her latest single, “Quédate Con Ella”  (Stay with her) with the provocative lyrics, “si regresas por mi/ te lo juro te mato
te quemo la ropa,el reloj los zapatos/No merezco este maltrato/Ya no puedo mas” (If you come back for me, I swear I’ll kill you. I’ll burn your clothes, your watch and shoes. I don’t deserve this abuse, I can’t anymore) had the press buzzing.

Backstage, in the media room of the Nassau Coliseum, the Spanish songstress smiled as she answered questions and posed for pictures. “Are you ok Natalia?” asked a member of the press. She laughed and said she was and that the song was meant to be “an anthem for strong women who were tired of ironing and cooking for men who didn’t deserve it.” She turned the tables on the gentleman and asked, “Do you like the song?” He responded, “Yes” and she quickly added, “So you’re one of those guys huh? The kind that likes women to cook and iron for you?” she laughed as he blushed and attempted to convince the room that he did his own ironing.

Natalia has been riding high after the success of her first single, “Creo En Mi” (I believe in me) off her forthcoming sophomore album as a solo artist and now her second single, “Quédate Con Ella” is quickly climbing up the charts. She’s also earned a legion of new fans as a coach on the reality competition show, “La Voz Kids” (The Voice Kids).

Once on stage she belted out the hits that made her a star, “El Sol No Regresa” (The sun doesn’t return) and “Me Muero” (I die) to the screaming crowd.


Natalia Jiménez discusses her latest single “Quédate Con Ella” photo by: Leslie DJ

La pregunta en la mente de todos era, ‘ ¿quién era el hombre que inspiro ese canción?’ Su último sencillo, “Quédate Con Ella” con las letras provocativas, “si regresas por mi/ te lo juro te mato te quemo la ropa, el reloj los zapatos/No merezco este maltrato/Ya no puedo más” tenía la prensa vuelta loca.

En la sala de prensa del Nassau Coliseum , la cantante española sonrió mientras respondía las preguntas y posó para las fotos . “¿Estás bien Natalia? “, Preguntó un miembro de la prensa. Ella se río y dijo que estaba bien y que la canción estaba destinada a ser “un himno para las mujeres fuertes que estaban cansadas ??de planchar y cocinar para los hombres que no se lo merecían. ” Después poso su propia pregunta al caballero y le preguntó: “¿Usted le gusta la canción?” Él respondió:” Sí “, y ella rápidamente agregó: “Así que tú eres uno de esos tipos eh? El tipo que le gusta que las mujeres le cocine y que planche para usted? “, Se río como él se sonrojó y trató de convencer a la habitación que él plancha su propia ropa.

Natalia es todo una estrella especialmente después del éxito de su primer sencillo, ” Creo En Mi ” de su próximo álbum como solista y ahora su segundo sencillo, ” Quédate Con Ella ” está subiendo rápidamente en las listas de la radios. Ella también ha ganado una legión de nuevos admiradores como coach en el reality show de la competencia, “La Voz Kids.”

Una vez cuando se subió al escenario ella cantó los éxitos que la hicieron una estrella, “Me Muero” y “El Sol No Regresa” entre otros temas.

Amor A Nuestra Musica Exito Total

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From top left to right: Jesse & Joy, Natalia Jimenez bottom left: Gloria Trevi, , Shaila Durcal, Victor Manuelle and Frank Reyes photos by: Leslie DJ

Gloria Trevi, Shaila Durcal, Natalia Jimenez, Ricardo Montaner, Pablo Alboran, Victor Manuelle, Frank Reyes, Jesse & Joy y el bachatero K Rose, los exponentes más importantes de la música pop en español, subió al escenario la noche del viernes 5 de Diciembre en el Nassau Coliseum de Long Island para “Amor A Nuestra Musica.” El espectáculo presentado por 93.1AMOR , Mega TV, Big Time Media y SBS ENTERTAINMENT fue asistido por mas de 14,000 personas.

Pero antes de que los artistas subieran al escenario hicieron una parada en la sala de prensa para que los artistas  respondieran preguntas sobre el espectáculo de la noche y sus últimos proyectos. Entre ellos estaba el joven nuevo de la Bachata, K Rose (Karlos Rose), a los 19 años de edad fue el artista más joven de la alineación.

K Rose poses for pictures backstage in the media room of “Amor A Nuestra Musica” photo by: Leslie DJ

“Me siento muy bien que estoy abriendo un concierto con tanto artistas tan bueno como Ricardo Montaner y Natalia Jimenez son muchos que admiro demasiado y estoy muy orgulloso por eso,” dijo el joven.

Su canción, una version de la canción de Bruno Mars, “Just The Way You Are” en Bachata, llego a numero uno en la lista de Billboard Tropical. El cantante hablo sobre su éxito y como la canción ha afectado su vida, “mi vida ha cambiado mucho por que gracias a esa canción y todo el apoyo de todas las radios esa canción me ha llevado al numero uno en los Billboards y con otras canciones también y eso fue lo que me introdujo a la bachata.”

Su madre amaba la musica y K Rose y él atribuye su amor por la música a ella, “a mi madre siempre le gustaba la musica ella tenia una passion muy fuerte por ser artista y ella me ha apoyado siempre y yo comencé a cantar a los 3 años de edad y comencé a escuchar artistas como Ricardo Monataner, que esta aqui y desde que comencé hablar comencé a cantar.”

Poco después de contester preguntas subió al escenario y interpreto sus éxitos, el público aplaudió y incluso canto junto a él. Fue un sueño hecho realidad para el joven artista.

It’s Time To Discover Diana Fuentes

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Diana Fuentes set out to create a musically diverse sounding album in her latest effort “Planeta Planetario” a vision that was coauthored by Calle 13’s Eduardo Cabra, “that was my intention and my producer’s [to create a musically diverse record],” she explained. “Eduardo attended one of my concerts from when I was touring my previous record and he told me he appreciated the sound of my first album especially the live aspect of it. He thought that the live show was stronger and had great energy. He said he could enjoy the live instrumentation and so he wanted to make a record that brought that same energy so that when you saw the live show and listened to the record it could be a cohesive experience and so we worked together with that in mind.”

The 14-track album which was recorded partly in Cuba and in Puerto Rico features various genres including afro-Cuban sounds, pop, Jamaican dance, electronic, hip hop and bolero music.

It’s hard to believe that a record so ambitious and diverse came together as quickly as it did, “I was writing it for about three months and within six months we had it recorded and ready to go, it was really quick.”

When it comes to her songwriting process there’s no telling what would come first, “there are times when lyrics come first or maybe a phrase but generally the music comes first,” she explained. During that process she often avoids other music, “I usually do not listen to music when I’m working on my album or when I’m writing. I don’t know if it’s because I have too many ideas in my head and I cannot hear a lot [of what else is going on] or it’s that I have a lot of information at once and so I dedicate myself to what I am writing.”

And as far as inspiration goes it varies, “I’m inspired by everything, by love, what I live, what I see, what I hear everything inspires me.”

Since the tender age of six years old music has been her muse, “from that moment I understood that music was what I liked, obviously not with the maturity of knowing that I would dedicate myself to it but instead I discovered a very strong love for the arts but mostly for music. As I matured I was able to understand [making music] was what I loved to do what drove my passion and here I am.”

“Planeta Planetario” is already being hailed as one of the most impressive Latin music albums of the year. The record is now available throughout the United States and Latin America. For more on Diana Fuentes visit her and for the exclusive interview in Spanish check out podcast episode 107 with Diana Fuentes releasing on October 8th 2014

Juan Gabriel World Tour 2014 Arrives In New York City

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Juan Gabriel returns to the stage after a lengthy absence. His 2014 “Volver” (Return) World Tour made a successful stop at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, April 6th.

Juan Gabriel performs at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, April 6, 2014 photo by: Leslie DJ

The show began promptly at 7:15pm audience members were still searching for their seats when the Mexican powerhouse made his grand entrance. The crowd took their feet as he bowed, posed for pictures on stage and waved to the crowd. He beamed with pride.

He addressed the audience before performing, “Siempre En Mi Mente” (Always on my mind), “Yo sé que tengo mucho que no vengo a Nueva York,” (I know I have a long time that I don’t come to New York) he said apologetically, “pero siempre lo tengo en mi mente” (but I always have you on my mind). And so began what would turn out to be a nearly three hour spectacle that included hits, “El Noa Noa,” “Inocente Pobre Amigo,” “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” “Amor Eterno,” “Querida” and “No Vale La Pena” among others.

Always willing to promote Mexican talent he brought to the stage protégée Aida Cuevas who belted out traditional Mexican songs while Juan Gabriel proudly looked on.

Gabriel is one of the highest grossing touring artists in the world and one of the best-selling Latin recording artists of all-time with over 100 million albums sold.


Juan Gabriel regresa al escenario de Nueva York después de una larga ausencia el 6 de Abril 2014. Foto por: Leslie DJ

Juan Gabriel regresa al escenario después de una larga ausencia. Su  ”Volver” World Tour 2014 hizo una parada exitosa en la Ciudad de Nueva York en el Madison Square Garden el domingo, 6 de abril.

El concierto comenzó puntualmente a las 7:15pm varios miembros del público estaban buscando sus asientos cuando el maestro Mexicano hizo su gran entrada. La multitud tomó sus pies mientras él recibía los aplausos y calor del público, posó para las fotos desde el escenario, saludó y sonrió con orgullo.

Juan Gabriel presenta artista Mexicana Aida Cuevas durante concierto en Madison Square Garden el 6 de Abril 2014 foto por: Leslie DJ

Se dirigió a la audiencia antes de realizar, “Siempre En Mi Mente,” “Yo sé que tengo mucho que no vengo a Nueva York,” dijo en tono de disculpa, “pero siempre lo tengo en mi mente.” Y así comenzó lo que llegaría a ser un espectáculo de casi tres horas que incluyó éxitos como, “El Noa Noa,” “Inocente Pobre Amigo,” “Abrázame Muy Fuerte,” “Amor Eterno,” “Querida” y “No Vale La Pena” entre otros.

Siempre dispuesto a promover el talento Mexicano el cantante trajo al escenario la cantante Aida Cuevas quien realizo canciones tradicionales Mexicanas, mientras que Juan Gabriel con orgullo miraba.

Gabriel es uno de los artistas más exitoso y celebrado en el mundo y uno de los más vendidos de la música latina de todos los tiempos con más de 100 millones de discos vendidos.

Romeo Santos Sells Out July 12th Yankee Stadium Show In 48 Hours 2nd date added

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The King stays King, Bachata superstar Romeo Santos sells out his upcoming July 12th Yankee Stadium show in 48 hours of tickets going on sale. A second date has been added for July 11th tickets to go on sale on Wednesday at 10am.

Romeo Santos receives full support from the Latino community in the tri-state area by selling out his first concert at Yankee Stadium. He will become the first Latino solo artist to perform in the home of the Bronx Bombers.

Tickets can be purchased through and


El Rey se queda Rey, Romeo Santos, la superestrella de la Bachata vende por completo su presentación en el Yankee Stadium en  las 48 horas de los boletos salir a la venta. El concierto se realizará el 12 de julio. Una segunda fecha se ha añadido para las entradas el 11 de julio, boletos saldrá a la venta el miércoles a las 10.

Romeo Santos recibe el apoyo total de la comunidad latina en el área tri-estatal con la venta acabo su primer concierto en el Yankee Stadium. Él se convertirá en el primer artista latino en actuar en el hogar de los Bombarderos del Bronx.

Las entradas se pueden comprar a través de y

Alex Sensation to turn Madison Square Garden into biggest Nightclub with April 9th Mega Mezcla Block Party

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On April 9th famed DJ from last mega 97.9FM Alex Sensation will host his Mega Mezcla block party with some of Latin music’s biggest stars. Alex Sensation, Latino Dj recognized as the number one Latino Dj in the United States, met with the Hispanic press earlier in March in the New York disco “Copacabana” he was accompanied by the CEO “Mega 97.9FM” Eric Garcia, Programmer Arturo Sosa and Bachata group, Bachata Heightz presented in an entertaining way some details of what will be the April 9th event that till then had been kept secret but teased some “big surprises” that will give the magic touch that night.

“As in previous years my artist friends will give me their support and we have confirmation of urban artists such as Don Omar, Wisin, K-Rose, Illegal, Nicky Jam, Plan B, Arkangel, Farruko, Jowel and Randy, J Balvin, J Alvarez, Tony Dize and others with a special segment bachata so today I’m joined here Bachata Heightz and Optimo to be on stage with us, “Alex said with the dynamism that characterizes it.

“Our company is making it necessary to support Latin music and we are confident that both shows will be liked by the audience,” said company executive.

Alex Sensation will also bring his Mega Mezcla to Miami on April 10th called Miami Bash 2014 at the American Airlines Arena.

Tickets for the show in New York are available at Ticketmaster


El 9 de abril Alex Sensation el Dj famoso de la mega-97.9FM presentara su Mega Mezcla con algunas de las más grandes estrellas de la música latina.

Alex Sensation, reconocido como el Dj latino número uno en todos los Estados Unidos, se reunió con la prensa hispana de New York en la discoteca “Copacabana” y acompañado del gerente general de “Mega 97.9FM”, Eric García, del programador de la emisora Arturo Sosa, del artista Optimo y el grupo Bachata Heightz, expuso de manera amena algunos detalles de lo que será el evento del 9 de abril pero mantuvo en secreto algunas “grandes sorpresas” que darán el toque mágico a esa noche.

“Al igual que en años anteriores mis amigos artistas me van a dar su apoyo y tenemos la confirmación de artistas urbanos como Don Omar, Wisin, K-Rose, Ilegales, Nicky Jam, Plan B, Arkangel, Farruko, Jowel y Randy, J Balvin, J Álvarez, Tony Dize y otros con un segmento especial de bachata por lo que hoy me acompañan aquí Bachata Heightz y Optimo que estarán en tarima con nosotros”, dijo Alex con el dinamismo que lo caracteriza.

“Nuestra empresa está haciendo necesario para apoyar la música latina y estamos seguros de que ambos espectáculos van a ser del agrado de los asistentes”, dijo el ejecutivo de la compañía.

Alex Sensation también traerá su Mega Mezcla a Miami el 10 de abril, Alex y sus amigos volarán a Miami para presentar un show similar (MiamiBash 2014) en el American Airlines Arena.

Los tickets para el show en Nueva York están disponible en Ticketmaster

Sources: Big Time Media & SBS Broadcasting

Víctor Manuelle continues making musical history with another #1 on Billboard

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Victor Manuelle publicity photo courtsey of Sony Music US Latin

Salsa king  Víctor Manuelle continues to make his way in the record industry with his most recent single, “Una Vez Más,” which made it to the top position of Billboard’s Tropical Airplay.

March has been a winning month for the Puerto Rican salsa king. On March 18, the singer and composer will be recognized at the 22nd American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Latin Music Awards in New York City as Tropical Album Solo for his song “Ando en las Nubes.”

“Una Vez Más,” his latest song, turns Víctor Manuelle into one of the most prolific artists in the history of Latin music. It happens that this wonderful song is his 23rd single to climb to #1 on Billboard’s Latin Music Chart.

“Una Vez Más,” a duo with Mexican star Reik, was a hit from the moment it was launched. It is part of the artist’s new production entitled “Víctor Manuelle – Me Llamaré Tuyo Reloaded,” which was released on February 25.

The salsa king will continue climbing new heights in April and May of this year, as he tours Latin America and the United States.


El astro de la salsa Víctor Manuelle está indetenible en la industria discográfica ahora con su más reciente sencillo promocional “Una Vez Más”, que lo sube al tope de la lista Tropical Airplay de la prestigiosa revista Billboard.

Marzo ha sido un mes de grandes satisfacciones a nivel artístico para el salsero boricua, ya que este 18 de marzo, el cantante y compositor recibira un reconocimiento en la ceremonia de entrega del Premio ASCAP a la Música Latina, en Nueva York, por tu tema “Ando por las Nubes”.

Ahora su más reciente tema en promoción, “Una Vez Más”, convierte a Víctor Manuelle en uno de los artistas más prolíficos en la historia de la música Latina.  Y es que esta inigualable pieza es su sencillo número 23 que logra esa posición en las listas del renglón Tropical de la revista Billboard.

“Una Vez Más”, a dúo con Reik, se convirtió en uno de los favoritos del público desde el momento de su estreno. El mismo forma parte de la nueva cosecha musical del  intérprete, titulada “Víctor Manuelle–Me Llamaré Tuyo Reloaded”, la cual salió al mercado el pasado 25 de febrero.

“El Sonero de la Juventud” seguirá indetenible en abril y mayo, con presentaciones por Latinoamérica y los Estados Unidos.

Source: Sony Music Latin

Romeo Santos to Perform at Yankee Stadium

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Romeo Santos, Félix Cabrera and Yankee executives photo courtsey of John Sepulveda

On the eve of the release of his new album, “Formula, Vol 2″ bachata singer Romeo Santos announced that on July 12 he will perform a concert at Yankee Stadium, the iconic stadium in the Bronx, New York. The production comes courtesy of entrepreneur Felix Cabrera.

The concert at the stadium in his native Bronx, is “a dream come true,” said Dominican-American singer of Puerto Rican descent in a press conference.

Cabrera, who already took Romeo to Madison Square Garden and other arenas in the U.S. and had historical shows with a full house, meant that the artist will surpass his own record at Yankee Stadium, which has a capacity of  50 thousand people without counting the public that will be seated in the field. “It will be a memorable concert that will reaffirm that Romeo is one of the larger Latin artists,” declared Felix Cabrera.

Although the stadium has already hosted known performers such as Beyoncé, Eminem, Madonna, Paul McCartney, so far no Latino solo singer has had the opportunity to give a concert in that scenario, but the legendary salsa band Fania All Stars was made in the old stadium (now demolished) in 1973.

“Performing at Yankee Stadium will not only be representing the music I make but the entire community and Latinos ,” he said in Spanish Romeo Santos, who was born and raised in New York’s Bronx County has a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother.

“I am proud of my race and my genre,” said the singer, who during the press conference in the same Yankee Stadium was given a team jersey baseball Yankee named to the back “July 12″ the date of his concert .

“I will sing songs of this new album , ” Formula , Vol 2 ” , my previous album, ” Formula , Vol 1″ and the famous Aventura ” . Moreover, “some singers will come to accompany me during the concert, which will be a plus ,” said the singer.

On the new album, “Formula Vol. 2,” Santos collaborated with other singers such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart and Marc Anthony.

According to Santos, “Formula , Vol 2″ features other Latin rhythms and try the salsa with Marc Anthony , but he remembered that already used this kind before, since it is considered to be a ” salsa singer at heart.”


Romeo Santos y el empresario Félix Cabrera Foto cortesía de John Sepulveda

El día antes del lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum, “Formula, Vol. 2″, el cantante de bachata Romeo Santos anunció que el 12 de julio se llevará a cabo un concierto en el Yankee Stadium, el emblemático estadio del Bronx, Nueva York. La producción viene por cortesía de empresario Félix Cabrera.

El concierto en ese estadio, en su Bronx natal, es “un sueño hecho una realidad”, aseguró el intérprete estadounidense de ascendencia dominicano-puertorriqueña en una rueda de prensa.

Por su lado Cabrera, quien ya llevó a Romeo al Madison Square Garden y otras arenas de Estados Unidos en históricos shows a casa llena , significó que el artista superará su propio récord en el Yankee Stadium, que tiene una capacidad para 50 mil personas sin contar el público que acogería el terreno. “Será un concierto memorable que reafirmará que Romeo es uno de los artistas latinos de mayor dimensión”, proclamó Félix Cabrera.

A pesar de que en el estadio ya han actuado intérpretes de renombre como Beyoncé, Eminem, Madonna o Paul McCartney, hasta el momento ningún cantante latino en solitario ha tenido la oportunidad de dar un concierto en ese escenario, aunque la mítica banda de salsa Fania All Stars se presentó en el antiguo estadio (ya demolido) en 1973.

“En el Yankee Stadium no sólo representaré a la música que hago sino a toda la comunidad y a los latinos”, subrayó en español Romeo Santos, que aunque nació y se crió en el condado neoyorquino del Bronx tiene un padre dominicano y una madre boricua.

“Me siento orgulloso de mi raza y de mi género”, apuntó el cantante, quien durante la conferencia de prensa realizada en el mismo Yankee Stadium le fue entregada una camiseta del equipo de béisbol de los Yankee con el nombre a la espalda “July 12″ (12 de julio), fecha de su concierto.

“Cantaré canciones de este nuevo álbum, “Formula, Vol. 2″, de mi disco anterior, “Formula, Vol. 1″, y del famoso grupo Aventura”. Además, “vendrán algunos cantantes que me acompañarán durante el concierto, lo que supondrá un plus”, destacó el cantante.

En el nuevo álbum que lanza el cantante, Formula Vol. 2, Santos colaboró con otros cantantes como Drake, Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony o Kevin Hart.

Según apuntó Santos, en “Fórmula, Vol. 2″ se arriesga con otros ritmos latinos y prueba con la salsa de la mano de Marc Anthony, aunque que recordó que ya usado este género antes, puesto que se considera un “salsero de corazón.”

Source: John Sepulveda, English translation by Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony Concludes his Vivir Mi Vida Tour with Historic Performance In The Rounds

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Marc Anthony performs during his sold out show at Barclays for the end of his Vivir Mi Vida tour February 15, 2014 photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony brought the sold out crowd to its feet on Saturday, February 15, 2014 during his closing show of his successful “Vivir Mi Vida” Tour at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, NY. The performance was conducted in the rounds with a rotating stage giving audience members the best seat in the house regardless of where they sat that evening.

“This is a little weird it’s like I drank four beers, it’s moving,” he said about the rotating stage. “This is the first time I’ve done a show in the rounds the first [time it’s been done] in the building” he announced.

He opened his show with cross-over hit, “I Need To Know” and followed it up with fan favorites like, “Hasta Ayer,” “Valió la pena” and “Contra La Corriente.”

The Puerto Rican singer seemed jovial; bouncing from different parts of the stage prompting him to say, “I’m still getting used to this. I close my eyes, sing a verse and I end up over there,” he said pointing to the opposite side of the stage. “It’s not the first time that’s happened I’m usually drunk” he joked. “I’m kidding” he admitted.

He closed out the evening with an encore performance of “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” and “Vivir Mi Vida.”


Marc Anthony cantando "Mi Gente" durante su gira "Vivir Mi Vida" foto por: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony trajo el estadio lleno a sus pies el Sábado, 15 de febrero 2014, durante su espectáculo de su exitosa gira “Vivir Mi Vida” en el Barclays Center en Brooklyn, NY. El concierto se llevó a cabo en las rondas con un escenario giratorio dándole al público el mejor asiento de la casa, independientemente de donde se sentaron esa noche.

“Esto para mí es un poco raro es como que me tome cuarto cervezas, se está moviendo,” dijo sobre el escenario giratorio. “Esta es la primera vez que he hecho un espectáculo en las rondas de la primera [vez que se ha hecho] en el edificio”, anunció.

Él abrió su espectáculo con su éxito, “I Need To Know” y siguió con favoritos de los fans como: “Hasta Ayer”, “Valió la pena” y “Contra La Corriente.”

El cantante puertorriqueño parecía jovial; saltando desde diferentes partes del escenario que le hizo decir: “Yo todavía me estoy acostumbrando a esto”, admitió “Cierro los ojos, canto un verso y termino por allá”, dijo apuntando en el lado opuesto del escenario. “No es la primera vez que sucede por lo general estoy borracho, estoy bromeando,” admitió.

Él cerró el espectáculo con las canciones, “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” y “Vivir Mi Vida.”

The Evolution of Romeo Santos: Bachata Novice to Masterful Force to Be Reckoned With

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Anthony “Romeo” Santos first burst into the scene with Bachata music group Aventura; a multi-platinum, bilingual, record-breaking group that revitalized and reinvented the Bachata genre by incorporating hip-hop, R&B and other Latin rhythms in their music.

The group consisted of brothers Lenny Santos (guitarists/arranger/producer) and Max ‘Mikey’ Santos (Bassist) along with Henry Santos (backup singer/composer) and Romeo. “This group sounded awful at first,” admitted Romeo back in 2010 during a panel discussion at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The first couple of shows weren’t well received; the group was criticized for their choice in music and the singer’s unique voice. After their 2002 breakout single, “Obsesión” (Obsession) the guys began to crank out hit after hit.

The songs that followed surpassed the success of their break-through single, songs like “Hermanita” (Little Sister), “Llorar” (Cry), “Angelito” (Little Angel), “La Boda” (The Wedding) and “Un Beso” (A Kiss) became instant classics and fan favorites, but it wasn’t until “Ella y Yo” (“Her and I”) the collaboration with reggaetón superstar Don Omar that they’d have their first taste of cross-over success. Their appeal transcended generations; children, teens and parents alike helped catapult the Dominican foursome into superstars.

In 2007 Aventura embarked on the Kings of Bachata Tour and became the first Bachata act to sell out Madison Square Garden. The concert DVD would eventually be certified 8x Multi-Platinum by the RIAA.

They quickly established themselves as the “Kings of Bachata” and it was only a matter of time before Romeo, the primary singer-songwriter and composer would break out on his own.

In November 2011 Romeo released his first solo album, “Formula Vol.1” his first single of his solo career; “You” reached the number one spot in record time taking the number one spot away from Mexican group Maná. His follow-up single featured R&B superstar Usher, “Promise,” also became a chart topper and by the time his album dropped it had become “One of The Most Anticipated Releases of the fall” in 2011.

“Formula Vol. 1” peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and Billboard Tropical Albums charts and was the best-selling Latin album of 2012. It was certified three times platinum (Latin field) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipping 300,000 copies and had sold 291,000 copies in the U.S. by March 2013.

Romeo's highly anticipated second album appropriately titled, “Formula Vol. 2” is set to be released on February 25th 2014

Now just days away from the release of his highly anticipated second album appropriately titled, “Formula Vol. 2” (the album is set to be released on February 25th 2014) one can’t help but wonder can he do it again? HELL YES!  The leadoff single’s video, “Propuesta Indecente” (Indecent Proposal) received more than two million views in the first two days.

On January 16th Romeo launched a “Tweet To Unlock” campaign among his fans.  Fans Tweeted #FormulaVol2 and each count build up to the reveal of the release date, special guest artists and the album cover art.  It was revealed that the album will contain collaborations with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, Tego Calderón, and Kevin Hart.

Not bad for a Dominican-Puerto Rican kid from the Bronx. Romeo Santos we salute you.

See article “This Won’t Be The Last You Hear From Aventura” to read about their 2010 Billboard Latin Music Conference experience


Anthony “Romeo” Santos primero entró en la escena con el grupo de bachata Aventura, un grupo bilingüe, multi-platino que revitalizó y reinventó el género de la bachata con la incorporación de hip-hop, R & B y otros ritmos latinos en su música.

El grupo estaba formado por los hermanos Lenny Santos (guitarrista / arreglista / productor) y Max “Mikey” Santos (bajista), junto con Henry Santos (vocalista / compositor) y Romeo. “Este grupo sonaba horrible al principio”, admitió Romeo en 2010, durante una redonda de prensa en la Conferencia Billboard de la Música Latina en San Juan, Puerto Rico. El primer par de espectáculos, no fueron bien recibidas, el grupo fue criticado por su música y la voz única del cantante. Después de su primer sencillo en el 2002, “Obsesión” los chicos realizaban éxito tras éxito.

Las canciones que siguieron sobrepasaron el éxito de su desintegración a través de un solo, canciones como “Hermanita,”  ”Llorar,” “Angelito,” “La Boda,” y “Un beso” se convirtieron en clásicos instantáneos y favoritos de los fans, pero no fue hasta que “Ella y Yo” la colaboración con la superestrella del reggaetón Don Omar que fue el primer éxito que transcendió géneros. Su atractivo trascendía generaciones; niños, adolescentes y padres ayudaron a catapultar el cuarteto Dominicano a superestrellas.

En el 2007 Aventura embarcó en la gira “Kings of Bachata” y se convirtió en el primer acto de Bachata en vender el Madison Square Garden por completo. El concierto en DVD con fue certificado 8x multi-platino por la RIAA.

Ellos se establecieron rápidamente como los “Reyes de la Bachata” y sólo era cuestión de tiempo antes que Romeo, el cantante y compositor principal se lanzarse como solista.

"Formula Vol.1 " alcanzó el puesto número uno en la lista Billboard Top Latin, Billboard Tropical y fue el álbum más vendido en América del año 2012.

En noviembre de 2011 Romeo lanzó su primer álbum como solista, “Fórmula Vol. 1″, su primer sencillo de su carrera como solista, “You” alcanzó el puesto número uno rápidamente y tomando el puesto del grupo mexicano, Maná. Su siguiente sencillo destacado R & B superestrella Usher, “Promise”, también se convirtió en un éxito y pronto su álbum se había convertido en “uno de los lanzamientos más esperados de la temporada” en el 2011.

“Formula Vol.1 ” alcanzó el puesto número uno en la lista Billboard Top Latin, Billboard Tropical y fue el álbum más vendido en América del año 2012. Fue certificado tres veces platino (en América ) por la Asociación de la Industria de Grabación de América ( RIAA ) por la vendida de 300,000 copias en Marzo del 2013 vía vendido 291,000 copias en los EE.UU.

Ahora tan sólo unos días antes de la salida de su segundo álbum muy esperado apropiadamente titulado ” Fórmula Vol. 2 ” (el álbum está programado para ser lanzado el 25 de febrero de 2014) uno no puede dejar de preguntarse ¿puede hacerlo de nuevo? ¡CLARO QUE SÍ! El vídeo del sencillo, “Propuesta Indecente ” recibió más de dos millones de visitas en los dos primeros días.

El 16 de enero Romeo lanzó una campaña “Tweet para desbloquear” entre sus fans. Los fanáticos usaron twitter y escribieron #FormulaVol2 y cada conteo se acumulan para el estreno de la fecha de lanzamiento , artistas invitados y la caratula del álbum. Se reveló que el álbum contendrá colaboraciones con Drake, Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony , Carlos Santana, Tego Calderón , y Kevin Hart.

No está mal para un chico dominicano – puertorriqueño del Bronx . Romeo Santos te aplaudimos.

The Return of Romeo Santos “The King of Bachata” Is Coming…

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Fans Will Unlock Long-Awaited New Album Details through Twitter on January 16th. Mark Your Calendar For Thursday, January 16th – As A “Tweet To Unlock” Campaign Will Begin Among Romeo Santos Fans.  Each Fan Tweet With #FormulaVol2 Will Build Counts To Reveal The Release Date, Special Guest Artists & Album Cover Of Romeo’s Highly-Anticipated Follow-Up Album: “FORMULA Vol. 2”

The Video For Romeo Santos’ Recent Chart-Topping Hit Propuesta Indecente Has now surpassed  the astonishing mark of 143 million views.

By the end of 2013, Romeo Santos was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the most influential artists in social networks within their list “Social 50″ with Beyoncé, One Direction, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars.


Lo Nuevo del “Rey de  la Bachata” Romeo Santos llega muy pronto. Fanáticos y seguidores de Romeo podrán descubrir detalles de su nuevo álbum FORMULA Vol. 2” vía Twitter este 16 de Enero

Ahora a marcar en tu calendario el próximo 16 de Enero y pendiente a la campaña en Twitter. Cada tweet de los fans con #FormulaVol2 ayudara a revelar el dia de lanzamiento, artistas invitados y caratula de su nuevo disco “FORMULA VOL.2”

Su más reciente video “Propuesta Indecente” recientemente fue certificado por VEVO al alcanzar 100 millones de visitas. Convirtiéndolo en el primer video de bachata en lograr esta hazaña. Actualmente sobrepasa los 143 millones.

Para finales del 2013,  Romeo Santos fue nombrado por la revista Billboard como uno de los artistas más influyente en las redes sociales dentro de su lista “Social 50” junto a  Beyoncé, One Direction; Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars.

Copyright © 2014 Romeo Santos, All rights reserved.

Marc Anthony Kicks off 2014 with the premiere of his music video Cambio De Piel in salsa and ballad versions

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Marc Anthony ushers us into 2014 with the premiere of the music video for his latest single, “Cambio de Piel” (Change of Skin). The song and music video are available in salsa and ballad versions, giving fans that extra something that Marc Anthony has always been known for.

“Cambio de Piel” is written by Julio Reyes, and is the second single from Marc Anthony’s 2013 album 3.0, which is his first salsa production in nearly a decade. This album has become a landmark in Latin music, receiving awards, breaking sales records and enjoying widespread acclaim, while remaining near the top of the sales charts, months after its release.

These sensual videos were filmed on-location at exclusive and romantic settings in Cancún. Directed by David Rousseau, which premiered on Friday, January 10th at Univision’s Primer Impacto. Last year, 2013, was filled with historic achievements for Marc Anthony, starting of course with the release of his record-shattering hit “Vivir Mi Vida” (Live My Life). His Vivir Mi Vida world tour played to sold-out venues across the Americas. Due to overwhelming demand, Marc Anthony recently announced that he would extend the tour into summer 2014.

Follow Marc Anthony and get the details on his upcoming concerts at


Marc Anthony está de estreno y es que el 2014 comienza con el lanzamiento del nuevo video musical de su más reciente sencillo “Cambio de Piel” con versiones en salsa y balada.  Los fans del ícono musical ganan por partida doble en este nuevo proyecto ya que el video fue elaborado en ambos géneros.

“Cambio de Piel” de la autoría de Julio Reyes, es el segundo sencillo en promoción de su primera producción de salsa  en casi 10 años 3.0 estrenada el pasado verano.  Este proyecto le ha brindado al artista premiaciones, records de venta y difusión a nivel internacional y a meses de su incursión en el mercado continúa como uno de los favoritos del público.

El sensual video fue filmado en una exclusiva y romántica locación en Cancún, México bajo la dirección de David Rousseau y fue visto en exclusiva en el programa Primer Impacto a través de la cadena Univision, el viernes 10 de enero.

El 2013 estuvo lleno de grandes logros para el intérprete de “Vivir Mi Vida”.  Su gira mundial bajo el mismo título fue un éxito rotundo agotando boletos en todos y cada uno de los mercados en donde se presentó.  Tanto es así que al final del 2013 se  anunció que dicha gira se extenderá hasta el verano de 2014.

Para seguir a Marc Anthony y obtener detalles de sus próximos conciertos del 2014 visita

Source: Sony Music Entertainment - US Latin

Uniting Genres: Victor Manuelle and Reik team up for new single, “Una Vez Mas”

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Bringing together salsa and pop, the legendary Puerto Rican sonero Víctor Manuelle teams up with the Mexican pop-rockers of Reik on “Una Vez Más” (One More Time), a song that easily crosses borders.

Available tomorrow, “Una Vez Más” comes in two versions, pop-ballad and salsa. With heartfelt vocal performances, Víctor Manuelle moves into pop territory, while Reik garners recognition among tropical-music fans.

This song is the first single from the forthcoming album by Víctor Manuelle, Me Llamaré Tuyo – Reloaded, available on February 25, 2014. The album is an expanded version of his 2013 album that includes his hits “Ando Por Las Nubes” (I Walk Among the Clouds), the title track and “Una Vez Mas,” among others.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeve, Sony Music artists Víctor Manuelle and Reik give us a two-flavored treat on “Una Vez Más.” Its lyrics tell the universal story of a love that got away: “I’m tied to your memory, that’s why I look for you again though I know I won’t find you. I’ll always come back for you one more time.”

These two greats of their respective genres got together again recently to film this song’s music video, which debuts in early February.


Uniendo los géneros de salsa y pop, el sonero puertorriqueño Víctor Manuelle hace mancuerna con el grupo mexicano Reik en “Una Vez Más,” una canción que traspasa fronteras.

“Una Vez Más” estará disponible mañana en dos versiones, salsa y balada-pop. Con arreglos bien elaborados e interpretaciones cargadas de sentimiento, Víctor Manuelle se adentra al pop, mientras Reik se da a conocer entre los fans de la música tropical.

Esta canción es el primer sencillo del próximo álbum de Víctor Manuelle, Me Llamaré Tuyo – Reloaded, una versión expandida del disco original que incluye sus éxitos “Ando Por Las Nubes” y “Me Llamaré Tuyo” además de canciones nuevas como “Una Vez Más” el cual estará a la venta el 25 de febrero.

Con todo el sentimiento que caracterizan los artistas de Sony Music, Víctor Manuelle y Reik, “Una Vez Más” nos toca el alma con su letra sobre un amor que se fue: “vivo atado a tu recuerdo, por eso hoy vuelvo a buscarte aunque sé que no he de hallarte, siempre vuelvo por ti una vez más.”

Estos gigantes consagrados de sus respectivos géneros volvieron a juntarse recientemente para el rodaje del video musical de este tema, el cual está por estrenarse a principios de febrero.

Source: Sony Music Entertainment - US Latin

Hear Shakira’s new single ft. Rihanna now!

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Today sees the release of Shakira’s brand new single, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” – featuring none other than Rihanna! – from her upcoming new album, which is out March 25th! You can download the track from iTunes worldwide right now – or you can click here to listen to the song in full.

The new February issue of Glamour Magazine features Shakira on its cover, with an exclusive interview inside. Where she says, “I’m Not on Earth Just to Shake It and Shake It Endlessly”

Click here to read a sneak preview of the interview, in which Shak chats about the new single and her upcoming return as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. You can also see a behind-the-scenes video from the Glamour shoot by clicking here.

The new issue of Glamour is available from U.S. newsstands now, or download it for iPad worldwide from iTunes here.

It’s already shaping up to be an exciting year for the singer.

Source: Shakira HQ

Two Latin Greats Two Outstanding Albums; Alejandro Fernandez & Marc Anthony have a stellar 2013

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Alejandro Fernandez's "Confidencias" was selected as one of the Best Albums of 2013 by

Alejandro Fernandez’s 15th studio album “Confidencias” became the highest selling album in his career which spans over 20 years, according to Billboard the album debuted at No. 1 on Top Latin Albums with 21,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. For the platinum-selling Mexican superstar 2013 has been a banner year in his career. After Confidencias’ debut the album has gone #1 on 19 countries.  ‘Confidencias’ is only the second Latin album to breach the top 20 of the Billboard 200 this year; Earlier, Marc Anthony’s “3.0″ debuted at No. 1  with 39,000 copies.

July 2013 marked the release of Marc Anthony’s first salsa album in almost a decade, “Marc Anthony 3.0” and climbed to the #1 position just hours after its release.  His breakout single “Vivir Mi Vida” made history by becoming the longest running salsa tracks on the Billboard charts of all times.

Marc Anthony 3.0 named "Best Album of 2013" by

Both artists have had an outstanding year with their tours; Marc Anthony’s “Vivir Mi Vida” tour concludes on February 15, 2014 in his hometown, in New York City, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. While Fernandez recently wrapped up his US dates of his “Confidencias World Tour” after two sold out performances at the Nokia in Los Angeles.

But the similarities do not end there both artists’ albums appear on Sinister Girlz’s “Best of 2013” list with Anthony coming out on top, Sinister declared Marc Anthony 3.0 “The Best Album of 2013.”


Alejandro Fernandez during his press conference in Los Angeles 9/12/13 Photo Credit: Sergio Angon & Marc Anthony during his album listening party in New York City photo by: Leslie DJ

El 15o álbum de Alejandro Fernández, “Confidencias,” se convirtió en el álbum más vendido en su carrera que abarca más de 20 años, de acuerdo a Billboard el álbum debutó “en el N º 1 en la lista de Top Latin Albums con 21,000 copias, según Nielsen SoundScan. Para la súper estrella mexicana el 2013 ha sido un año excepcional en su carrera. Después del debuto de Confidencias el álbum ha salido en  el lugar número 1 en 19 países. ‘Confidencias’ es el segundo álbum latino de romper el top 20 de la lista Billboard 200 de este año, Marc Anthony “3.0″, debutó en el N º 1 con 39,000 copias.

Julio 2013 marcó el lanzamiento del primer álbum de salsa de Marc Anthony, en casi una década, “Marc Anthony 3.0″ y se subió a la posición # 1 apenas unas horas después de su lanzamiento. Su sencillo “Vivir Mi Vida” hizo historia al convertirse la canción de salsa en las listas de Billboard más largos de todos los tiempos.

Ambos artistas han tenido un año excepcional con sus giras; la gira “Vivir Mi Vida” de Marc Anthony concluye el 15 de febrero de 2014 en su ciudad natal, en la ciudad de Nueva York, en el Barclays Center en Brooklyn. Mientras que Fernández recientemente concluyó sus fechas de su EE.UU. “Confidencias World Tour” después de dos localidades agotadas en el Nokia de Los Ángeles.

Pero las similitudes no terminan ahí álbumes de ambos artistas aparecen en la lista de Sinister Girlz “Best of 2013″, con Anthony que sale en la parte superior, Sinister declaró Marc Anthony 3.0 “El mejor álbum de 2013″.

Daddy Yankee Among The First Group of Artists To Receive Certified Gold or Platinum Albums In Spain for Music Streams on Digital Platforms

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Daddy Yankee Source: Nevarez Communications

International superstar Daddy Yankee is among an elite group of artists who will receive one of the first Gold or Platinum albums in Spain as a result of the number of streams their songs incurred on streaming digital platforms available in the country such as Spotify, Deezer, and Xbox Music. The Latin Grammy winning urban artist will receive a gold certified album for his featuring in the song “More Than Friends” by Romanian singer-songwriter, Inna.

As of this week, Spain’s association of music producers, Promusicae will honor this new format of distinction to those songs which have surpassed 4 & 8 million number of spins in Spain respectively on the various online music streaming services.

Coincidentally, just last month, Daddy Yankee became one of the first Latin artists to release a digital only album titled “King Daddy” which debuted #1 on iTunes in it’s first day of release. As the music industry continues to evolve with technological advances, artists such as Daddy Yankee remain ahead of the curve and prove why they set the standards of success in the industry by continuing to revolutionize the game.

Daddy Yankee’s success in Spain and throughout Europe comes as no surprise, being one of the top selling acts in the world. His European tour this year took him to 12 different cities, including 3 sold-out shows in Spain.


La superestrella internacional Daddy Yankee se encuentra entre un grupo selecto de artistas que recibirán uno de los primeros discos de oro o platino en España como resultado de la cantidad de canales en que sus canciones incurren en las plataformas digitales disponibles en el país, tales como Spotify, Deezer, y Xbox Music. El ganador al Latin Grammy recibirá un álbum certificado disco de oro por su participación en la canción “More Than Friends” con la cantante rumano, Inna.

A partir de esta semana, la asociación de Productores de Música de España Promusicae concederá estas distinciones a aquellas canciones que hayan superado los 4 & 8 millones de escuchas en España, respectivamente, a través de los distintos servicios de música online.

Coincidentemente, el mes pasado, Daddy Yankee se convirtió en uno de los primeros artistas latinos en lanzar un único álbum digital titulado “King Daddy” que debutó # 1 en iTunes en su primer día de lanzamiento. A medida que la industria de la música sigue evolucionando con los avances tecnológicos, los artistas como Daddy Yankee permanecen a la vanguardia y demuestran por qué marcan la pauta del éxito en la industria al seguir revolucionando el juego.

El éxito de Daddy Yankee en España y en toda Europa no es sorpresa alguna, siendo uno de los espectáculos de mayor venta en el mundo. Su gira europea de este año lo llevó a 12 diferentes ciudades, incluyendo 3 shows con entradas agotadas en España

Source: Nevarez Communications

Information is Sought in Jenni Rivera Plane Crash

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Latina singer and reality TV star Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in December 2012. (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

On December 9th, 2012, a Learjet 25 plane carrying Mexican-American singer and TV star Jenni Rivera and her team, which included Jacob Yebale and Mario Macias, crashed in Mexico’s mountainside, killing Rivera, the 2 crew members and 4 members of her team.  With the one year anniversary of this catastrophe approaching, little to no information has been released by Mexican authorities as to what may have caused this crash.

The head of the Aviation Litigation, Attorney Monica Kelly, of Ribbeck Law Chartered is representing a Jenni Rivera’s family member and several relatives of Jacob Yebale and Mario Macias.  Jacob Yebale was at the time of his death, Jenni Rivera’s make up artist; and Mario Macias was one of her attorneys in Mexico.  Mrs. Kelly of Ribbeck Law explains that the family member of Jenni Rivera, who Ribbeck Law currently represents, has waited long enough to find out the cause of the plane crash.  Mrs. Kelly explained that her client “is seeking to find out the cause of the plane crash and to bring justice to Jenni Rivera’s children.  The Mexican authorities in charge of the investigation have refused to provide any details of their investigation and it is time for this family member to take the lead to punish the responsible parties.” Notes Mrs. Kelly.

She added that the time has come to seek justice for all those who perished.  “Nearly one year after Mexican Authorities launched an investigation into this crash, virtually no information as to a potential cause has been released,” notes Kelly.  “It is time for our clients to demand that justice be made by the courts on this heartbreaking issue and get to the bottom of why a plane would suddenly plunge 28,000 feet with no answers.”

Mrs. Kelly added that herself and a team of aviation experts met with the Mexican authorities in charge of the investigation earlier this year but that still the Mexican authorities have not provided any factual information to her experts.  “We specially brought Max Vermij, an aviation investigation expert who has investigated more than 1,000 plane accidents and incidents to help the Mexican authorities.  However, the Mexican authorities have not send to our any of the pictures or maps or anything that help him with his own investigation.”  Monica Kelly added.

Mrs. Kelly explains that a thorough investigation is needed to bring to light any malfunctions or technical glitches that may have contributed to the crash.  “We will leave no stone unturned in our quest for the truth,” adds Mrs. Kelly.


El 9 de diciembre del 2012, un avión Learjet 25 llevaba a bordo a la cantante mexicano-estadounidense y estrella de televisión Jenni Rivera y a su equipo, que incluía a Jacob Yebale y Mario Macias. El avión se estrelló en la ladera de la montaña de México, matando a Rivera, a los 2 miembros de la tripulación y a los 4 miembros de su equipo. A punto de cumplirse el primer aniversario de la catástrofe, casi nada de información ha sido liberada por parte las autoridades mexicanas en cuanto a lo que pudo haber causado este accidente.

Al frente de este litigio de aviación se encuentra la abogada Monica Kelly del bufete de abogados  Ribbeck Law Chartered. La abogada Kelly está representando a un miembro de la familia Rivera, a varios familiares de Jacob Yebale y a Mario Macias. Jacob Yebale fue en el momento de su muerte, el maquillista de Jenni Rivera y Mario Macías era uno de sus abogados en México. La abogada Kelly de Ribbeck Law explica que el miembro de la familia de Jenni Rivera, a quien Ribbeck Law  representa en la actualidad, ha esperado el tiempo suficiente para averiguar la causa del accidente aéreo. La abogada Kelly explicó que su cliente está buscando la causa del accidente aéreo y también hacer justicia a los hijos de Jenni Rivera. Las autoridades mexicanas encargadas de la investigación se han negado a dar detalles de lo que han hecho hasta este momento y es hora de que esté miembro de la familia pueda tomar la iniciativa para castigar a los responsables del accidente, dijo la abogada Kelly.

Añadió que ha llegado el momento de buscar la justicia para todos aquellos que perecieron. Casi un año después de que las autoridades mexicanas pusieron en marcha una investigación sobre el accidente, prácticamente no hay información en cuanto a una posible causa, señalo la abogada Kelly. Es hora de que nuestros clientes reciban la justicia por parte de los tribunales sobre este tema tan desgarrador y llegar al fondo de por qué un avión de repente se desploma a 28.000 pies sin respuestas. La abogada Kelly agregó que ella y un equipo de expertos en aviación se reunieron con las autoridades mexicanas a cargo de la investigación a principios de este año, pero que aún las autoridades mexicanas no han proporcionado ninguna información sobre los hechos a sus expertos. Trajimos especialmente al Sr. Max Vermij, experto investigador en aviación, que ha investigado más de 1.000 accidentes aéreos, para ayudar a las autoridades mexicanas. Sin embargo, las autoridades mexicanas no han enviado ninguna muestra de imágenes, mapas o cualquier cosa para ayudar en la investigación, añadió la abogada Kelly.

La abogada Kelly explica que es necesaria una investigación a fondo para sacar a luz cualquier mal funcionamiento o fallas técnicas que pueden haber contribuido al accidente. “No vamos a dejar ninguna piedra sin mover en nuestra búsqueda hacia  la verdad”, agregó la abogada Kelly.

Source: Iris Corral Consulting Firm

Miguel Bosé Person of The Year at the Latin Grammy Awards

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onstage during the 2013 Person of the Year honoring Miguel Bose at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on November 20, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last night was definitely one of the more special ones music superstar, Miguel Bosé , who was honored by the biggest stars of Latin music during the ceremony for ‘ Person of the Year 2013 ‘ Latin Grammy Awards which were held at the Mandalay Bay hotel in the city of Las Vegas.

The night began with an acoustic set of classic “Linda” played by three of the best Latin American Songwriting, Santiago Cruz, Gian Marco and Alex Cuba , to the end, with the special version of “Amigo” (Friend) who played Carlos Vives and Carlos Santana, all the artists invited to pay this tribute were given the task of leading the best expedition to the great musical path Bosé.

The night was full of great surprises full of emotions. Julieta Venegas and Juan Campodónico gave a beautiful version of ” Amante bandido ” , like Ricky Martin with the song ” Bamboo ” and Laura Pausini with the classic “Te Amare” (I Will Love You)  Ximena Sariñana and Draco touched everyone present with his great rendition of ” Júrame ” (swear). Meanwhile , Jesse & Joy and Pablo Alboran did an outstanding job with his medley of ” Olvídame tú” (Forget You) , ” El hijo del Capitán Trueno”( The Son of Captain Thunder) “Como un lobo” (Like a wolf) while Alejandro Sanz melted all hearts to interpret ” Si tú no vuelves” (If you do not come back).

The alternative sound of the night belonged to the duo who performed and Natalia Lafourcade and Illya Kuryaki who sang ” morenamia ” and Juanes performed a wonderful solo version of ” Nada particular.”
For Miguel Bosé, this tribute was not only strong and pleasant emotions, but also an occasion to celebrate and somehow revive the musical legacy left embodied in the history of Latin music through its more than 36 year career .


La noche de ayer fue sin duda una de las más especiales para el astro de la música, Miguel Bosé, quien fue homenajeado por las estrellas más grandes de la música latina durante la ceremonia de ‘Persona del Año 2013′ del Latin Grammy que se llevó a cabo en el Mandalay Bay hotel en la ciudad de Las Vegas.

Desde que comenzó la noche con un set acústico del clásico “Linda” interpretado por tres de los mejores cantautores latinoamericanos, Santiago Cruz, Gian Marco y Alex Cuba, hasta el final, con la versión especial del tema “Amiga” que interpretaron Carlos Vives y Carlos Santana, todos los artistas invitados a rendir este homenaje se dieron a la tarea de dirigir la mejor expedición a la gran trayectoria musical de Bosé.

La noche estuvo cargada de grandes y emotivas sorpresas. Julieta Venegas y Juan Campodónico rindieron una hermosa versión del tema “Amante bandido”, al igual que Ricky Martin con la canción “Bambú” y Laura Pausini con el clásico “Te Amaré”.   Ximena Sariñana y Draco conmovieron a todos los presentes con su grandiosa interpretación del tema “Júrame”. Por su parte, Jesse & Joy y Pablo Alborán hicieron un trabajo excepcional con su medley de “Olvídame tú”,  ”El hijo del Capitán Trueno” y “Como un lobo”, mientras que Alejandro Sanz derritió todos los corazones al interpretar “Si tú no vuelves”. El toque alternativo de la noche estuvo a cargo del dueto que realizaron Illya Kuryaki y Natalia Lafourcade quienes cantaron “Morenamía” y  Juanes realizó en solitario una maravillosa versión del tema “Nada particular”.

Para Miguel Bosé, este homenaje no solo fue de fuertes y gratas emociones, sino también una ocasión para celebrar y de cierta manera revivir el legado musical que ha dejado plasmado en la historia de la música latina a través de sus más de 36 años de carrera.

Source: The 3 Collective

Julio Reyes Copello, Ganador de Los Premios GRAMMY Latino 2013

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El productor y compositor colombiano, Julio Reyes Copello recibió 3 Estatuillas en los Premios GRAMMY Latino 2013 celebrados en Las Vegas: ganador en las categorías de  Grabación del Año por “Vivir Mi Vida” de Marc Anthony, Mejor Album Vocal Pop Contemporáneo por Alejandro Sanz’ La Música No Se Toca y Mejor Ingeniería de Grabación por el disco homónimo en vivo de Kany García.

“No tengo palabras que describan lo feliz que me siento. Agradezco enormemente a la academia por este premio,” afirma emocionado Julio Reyes Copello ante la prensa.

Las canciones y álbumes de Reyes Copello han obtenido nueve nominaciones a los GRAMMY Latinos y dos triunfos en los Premios GRAMMY Americanos (Mejor Álbum de Pop Latino por los discos Amar Sin Mentiras de Marc Anthony y Sin Frenos de La Quinta Estación.) En sus años de carrera ha tenido 19 números uno en las listas Billboard y cuenta también con múltiples premios internacionales, entre ellos nueve Premios ASCAP.

Reyes Copello ha dirigido la orquestra sinfónica de Londres en varias ocasiones y ha participado también como compositor de música en películas de los directores Farhad Mann y Levar Burton, y en la serie Americana Hawthorne producida por Jada Pinkett Smith y Will Smith.

El Maestro Reyes Copello abrió este año The Arthouse Records, con sede en Miami, contando con los mejores estudios de grabación y tiene como próximos lanzamientos dos grandes talentos, Juan Pablo Vega y Brika

Para mas sobre Reyes Copello visite


Colombian producer and composer, Julio Reyes Copello received 3 awards at the 2013 Latin GRAMMY Awards held last night in Las Vegas winning the categories of Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album for Alejandro Sanz’ La Música No Se Toca, Record of the Year for Marc Anthony’s  ”Vivir Mi Vida,” and Best Engineered Album for Kany Garcia’s the self-titled album.

“I have no words to describe how happy I feel. I am enormously grateful to the Academy for these awards, ” said Julio Reyes Copello excited to the press.

With his songs and produced albums, Reyes Copello has received nine nominations at the Latin GRAMMY and two American GRAMMY Awards (Best Latin Pop Album for Marc Anthony’s Amar Sin Mentiras and Sin Frenos by La Quinta Estación.) During his career Copello has had 19 number one on the Billboard charts and multiple international awards, including nine ASCAP Awards.

Reyes Copello has conducted the London Symphony Orchestra on several occasions and has also participated as a music composer on Farhad Mann and Levar Burton’s films as well as the American series Hawthorne produced by Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.

Master Reyes Copello opened The Arthouse Records this year, based in Miami, with a top-of-the-line recording studio and is currently working on the upcoming releases of two great talents, Juan Pablo Vega and Brika.

source: 21 Sunshine Entertainment

Carlos Vives se convierte en el ganador de la noche de los Latin GRAMMY

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El cantautor colombiano, Carlos Vives cierra con broche de oro un maravilloso año 2013 al demostrar una vez más el éxito rotundo de su regreso a los escenarios.  En la noche de ayer, arrasó en la edición no. 14 de la entrega anual de los Latin GRAMMY al ser el artistas que más premios se llevó en las siguientes categorias: Canción del Año (Volví a nacer), Mejor Álbum de Fusión Tropical (Corazón Profundo) y Mejor Canción Tropical (Volví a nacer).

Yo le quiero dar las gracias a la academia,  el regreso ha sido más de lo que esperábamos este año.  Se lo quiero dedicar a todos los niños de Latinoamérica y por su puesto a mi país Colombia.” expresó el artista.

Ademas de arrasar con los premios, Vives encendió la tarima de Latin Grammy al interpretar el éxito que marco el regreso del cantante a los escenarios, “Volvi a Nacer” con el cual puso a todos los asistentes a bailar y gozar. Estas distinciones de la Academia Latina de la Grabación se suman a los muchos otros logros que este querido cantante, productor, compositor, y actor ha recibido en este increíble e histórico retorno a la música.

Vives, que abrió puertas para que el vallenato y otros ritmos folclóricos de su país se dieran a conocer en todo el mundo, ha celebrado este año no sólo la aclamada gira Corazón Profundo (título de su nuevo álbum), sino el hecho de que su más reciente sencillo, Bailar Contigo, ¡ha llegado a la posición número 1 de la lista musical Billboard Latin Airplay Chart!

Así es: Bailar Contigo es el tercer éxito de Corazón Profundo que ocupa el puesto no. 1 luego que los primeros dos sencillos, Volví a nacer y Como le gusta a tu cuerpo, también alcanzaran ese lugar. Vives, junto con su banda La Provincia, se ha convertido en verdadero ícono de la música latina.

La celebración no. 14 de los premios Latin GRAMMY se transmitió en vivo por la cadena de TV Univisión desde el Mandalay Bay Events Center de Las Vegas.

Para más información sobre Carlos Vives, por favor visite:

source: nevarezpr

BAJOFONDO Ganadores de Dos Grammy Latino En Las Catergorias Álbum Instrumental Del Año Y Mejor Cancion Alertenativa

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Bajofondo, una de las bandas más reconocidas a nivel internacional y acreedores de múltiples galardones, se llevó la noche de ayer dos Latin Grammy, en las categorías “Álbum Instrumental Del Año” por su último disco, PRESENTE y “Mejor Canción Alternativa” por su tema PENA EN MI CORAZÓN. La ceremonia se llevó a cabo el día de ayer en el centro de convenciones del Mandalay Bay Hotel en la ciudad de Las Vegas y fue transmitida en vivo por la cadena Univision.

Bajofondo irrumpió en la escena musical como un huracán: el debut, Tango Club, ganó un Grammy Latino en el 2003, y el concepto se convirtió en una banda completa con la adición del baterista Adrián Sosa en Mar Dulce (2007), que contó con invitados como Elvis Costello, Julieta Venegas y Nelly Furtado, entre otros.

PRESENTE es Bajofondo como nunca antes han sido escuchados. Este álbum es el regalo más grande (en tamaño y ambición) que la banda ha entregado a fanáticos y aquellos que los acaban de descubrir: 21 canciones épicas que combinan orgánicamente una multitud de géneros. El equipo de producción de Santaolalla y el guitarrista/programador Juan Campodónico una vez más capturó los puntos en común y aspectos únicos de la música que vive en ambos márgenes del río, pero esta vez con un acercamiento decididamente internacional, convirtiendo a PRESENTE en el disco más ambicioso de BAJOFONDO hasta la fecha.

Para más sobre la banda visite

Source: The 3 Collective

Alejandro Fernandez’s Confidencias World Tour Electrifies Brooklyn, NY

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Alejandro Fernandez during his Brooklyn, NY stop of his Confidencias World Tour November 21, 2013 photo by: Leslie DJ

I sang, I danced and cried Alejandro Fernandez went all out during his triumphant return to New York. After many years of mainly performing on the west coast on Thursday, November 21st “el potrillo” brought his “Confidencias World Tour” to the metropolitan area at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The stage was set, lights dimmed as his band of musicians made it onto the stage, the crowd rose at the sight of the Mexican idol. He opened his set with, “Cóncavo Y Convexo” off his recent album, “Confidencias.” It never gets old whenever he sings the line, “Cada parte de ti tiene forma ideal y si estas junto a mí, coincidencia total de cóncavo y convexo así es nuestro amor, en el sexo” (Every part of you has ideal shape and if these next to me, all matching concave and convex so is our love in our sex) the audience melts and screeches with delight.

Alejandro Fernandez performs his mariachi hits during his Barclays, NY "Confidencias World Tour" photo by: Leslie DJ

He performed all of his pop hits first, “Que Voy Hacer Con Mi Amor,” “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti,” “Te Voy A Perder” and “Si Tu Supieras” the second portion of the show was reserved for his mariachi hits. Among crowd favorites were, “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella,” “Matalas” and “Nube Viajera” during the mariachi portion a crazed woman in red ran onstage and hugged the singer, he went along with it and even as she clung to him and attempted to kiss him, he danced a couple of steps with her before security escorted her out.

Interruption aside the concert was perfect. New York loves Alejandro Fernandez. Alejandro if you’re reading this: regresa pronto que Nueva York te ama (come back soon New York loves you).


Alejandro Fernandez Confidencias World Tour, Brooklyn, NY 11-21-13 foto por: Leslie DJ

Cante, Baile y llore Alejandro Fernández entrego su alma en su gran regreso a Nueva York. Después de años en anuencia por fin anoche el 21 de Noviembre “el potrillo” regreso a Nueva York. Su gira “Confidencias World Tour” se realizó en el Barclays Center en Brooklyn.

El escenario estaba listo, las luces se apagaron mientras su banda de músicos subía al escenario, la audiencia se levantó a la vista del ídolo Mexicano. Él abrió el espectáculo con “Cóncavo Y Convexo” de su reciente álbum, “Confidencias”. Nunca pasa de moda cada vez que canta la línea, “Cada parte de ti tiene forma ideal y si estas junto a mí, coincidencia total de cóncavo y convexo así es nuestro amor, en el sexo” la audiencia se derrite y grita de alegría.

Realizó todos sus éxitos de pop primero, “Que Voy Hacer Con Mi Amor”, “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti”, “Te Voy A Perder” y “Si Tú Supieras”, la segunda parte del espectáculo fue reservada para sus éxitos de mariachi. Entre favoritos del público fueron: “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella,” “Matalas” y “Nube Viajera” durante la parte de mariachi una mujer enloquecida vestido de rojo corrió al escenario y abrazó a la cantante, Fernández todo un caballero se sonrió, incluso mientras ella se aferraba a él y trató de besarlo, él bailó un par de pasos con ella antes de que la seguridad la acompañó fuera.

Sin contar la breve interrupción de esa fanática el concierto fue perfecto. Nueva York ama a Alejandro Fernández. Alejandro, si estás leyendo esto: Regresa pronto que Nueva York te ama.

Marc Anthony’s “Vivir Mi Vida Tour” Ranked #2 on Pollstar

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The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

Salsa international superstar Marc Anthony ranked #2 this past week behind Taylor Swift raking in $1,186,546  with an average ticket price of $85.53.

Marc Anthony has sold over 12 million albums worldwide, making him one of the most influential artists of his time and a true ambassador of Latin music and culture.  He has been awarded countless Standard gold and platinum certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).  He is a 5 time Grammy winner. His influence was significantly recognized when he was included in the Top 10 List of influential New Yorkers compiled by New York Magazine.

He was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C. in September 2009.  Marc is also a minority owner in the Miami Dolphins. In 2011 he returned to the hit TV series HawthoRNe (TNT) while also launching his new clothing and accessories line at Kohl’s. July 2013 marked the release of his first salsa album in almost a decade, “Marc Anthony 3.0” and climbed to the #1 position just hours after its release.

His new single “Vivir Mi Vida” made history by becoming the longest running salsa tracks on the Billboard charts of all times.  The Grammy award and American Music Award nominee is currently touring all over the world.  For more information on Marc Anthony, please visit

Source: The Associated Press & Blanca Lasalle

Alejandro Fernandez Sell Out The MGM Grand

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Alejandro Fernandez performs songs from his new album "Confidencias" during his MGM Grand performance on September 15, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. Photo by: Leslie DJ

It’s that time of year again; when I max out my credit card, pack my bags and head West for my yearly date with Alejandro Fernandez. This year El Potrillo performed in front of a Sold Out crowd in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Alejandro Fernandez takes in the crowd's applause during his MGM Grand performance photo by: Leslie DJ

Just hours before Mexico’s Independence Day attendees were handed Mexican flags upon entry to the venue. The Sunday night performance featured a mixture of cuts from Fernandez’s new album “Confidencias” and his pop hits, “Se Me Va La Voz” and “Que Voy Hacer Con Mi Amor.”  Fernandez also performed new arrangements of fan favorites like “Si Tu Supieras.”

That was only the beginning the second portion of the show featured his mariachi band and he reentered the stage dressed in traditional mariachi attire and performed to the standing crowd, “Mexico Lindo” and a medley of other traditional rancheras as the arena was showered in green, white and red confetti.

The nearly three hour performance was full of singing, dancing and Mexican pride. Attendees left the arena singing and chanting, “Viva Mexico!”


Alejandro Fernandez se presenta en el MGM Grand en Las Vegas el 15 de Septiembre foto por: Leslie DJ

Es esa época del año otra vez, cuando cargo mi tarjeta de crédito, empaco mis maletas y viajo al oeste para mi cita anual con Alejandro Fernández. Este año El Potrillo realizó frente a un lleno total en el MGM Grand de Las Vegas.

Apenas unas horas antes del día de la independencia de México entregaron banderas Mexicanas a los asistentes en la entrada a la arena. La presentación del domingo incluyo una mezcla de cortes del nuevo álbum de Fernández “Confidencias” y sus éxitos del pop, “Se Me Va La Voz” y “Que Voy Hacer Con Mi Amor.” Fernández también realizó nuevos arreglos de canciones favoritos de los fans como, “Si Tú supieras.”

Eso fue sólo el comienzo,  la segunda parte de la muestra contó con su mariachi y él Potrillo volvió al escenario vestido de charro  y realizado las canciones con a la multitud de pie. El cantante realizo, “México Lindo”  y hasta un popurrí de otras rancheras tradicionales mientras la arena se bañaron en verde, blanco y confeti rojo.

El rendimiento de casi tres horas fue lleno de canto, baile y orgullo Mexicano. Los asistentes salieron del escenario cantando, “¡Viva México!”

Romeo Santos new video Propuesta Indecente receives two million views in its first two days

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The King of Bachata Romeo Santos premiered his new video for his new single, “Propuesta Indecente” (Indecent Proposal) this week and in two days the video has received more than two million viewers. The video was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Eiza Gonzalez as the lead actress. This video took two days of filming on the steps of the National Library in Buenos Aires and San Miguel Palacio, with over 50 extras on the scene.

The song “Propuesta Indecente” debuted # 1 in digital sales, # 1 in Mexico and is one of the most requested on the radio of Puerto Rico and the United States.

“Propuesta Indecente” was produced and written by Romeo Santos and talks about everything that can happen when you combine seduction and mischief cups, “an adventure is more fun if you smell danger,” sings The King of Bachata in this song.

It’s safe to say that the King stays King.


El Rey de la Bachata Romeo Santos estreno esta semana el video de su nuevo senillo “Propuesta Indecente” y en dos días tiene más de dos millones de espectadores. Filmado en Buenos Aires, Argentina tuvo como protagonista a la actriz Eiza González. Este video tuvo 2 días de filmación en las escalinatas de la Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires y el Palacio San Miguel con más de 50 extras en escena.

La canción “Propuesta Indecente” debuto # 1 en ventas digitales, # 1 en México y es una de las más solicitadas en las radios de Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos.

“Propuesta Indecente” fue producida y escrita por Romeo Santos y habla de todo lo que puede pasar cuando se combinan la seducción, las copas y la travesura: “una aventura es más divertida si huele a peligro”, nos canta El Rey de la Bachata en este tema.

Es seguro decir que el rey permanece Rey.

September 12, 2013 is proclaimed as Alejandro Fernandez Day in the City of Los Angeles

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Pictured above are (L-R): Luis Estrada, General Manager, Universal Music Latino & Machete Music; Alejandro Fernandez; and Victor Gonzalez, President, Universal Music Latin Entertainment. Photo Credit: Sergio Angon

Latin GRAMMY winner and multiplatinum selling Mexican superstar Alejandro Fernandez was at the GRAMMY Museum at LA LIVE today celebrating the worldwide success of CONFIDENCIAS, his latest album for Universal Music Latino. Victor Gonzalez, President, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, presented Fernandez with Gold and Platinum plaques for sales of the album in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Los Angeles City Councilman Curren D. Price Jr. , 9th District, read the Los Angeles City Council Proclamation declaring today “Alejandro Fernandez Day” in the City of Los Angeles. “El Potrillo” then presented the GRAMMY Museum with the sombrero from his “charro” suit worn on the cover of his acclaimed, pivotal 1995 release “Que Seas Muy Feliz,” which will be on display in the museum’s permanent collection.

In a Q&A dialogue with the audience, Fernandez also revealed details about his upcoming tour, Confidencias World Tour, and discussed the new production CONFIDENCIAS. “I am very happy and grateful for all that is happening around my album CONFIDENCIAS and my new tour. And the surprises do not stop.  This recognition and affection of the public is what motivates me.  I’m excited to start the tour and share the new production with my fans and audience.” expressed Alejandro.

Photo Credit: Sergio Angon

The 11-city U.S. leg of the tour begins at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on November 16, and continues to Atlanta, GA (11/17); New York, NY (11/21); Chicago, IL (11/24); McAllen, TX (11/27); Dallas, TX (11/29); Houston, TX (11/30); Laredo, TX (12/1); El Paso, TX (12/4); San Jose, CA (12/6); and Los Angeles, CA (12/7).  Tickets for Confidencias World Tour, produced by Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), are now on sale and can be purchased via or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

The Confidencias World Tour tour promises an unprecedented production from one of the most iconic voices in Mexican musical history. The dazzling show pays homage to Mexico via Fernandez’s exceptional mariachi, orchestra and vocal prowess, featuring a collection of his greatest hits, including traditional “rancheras”, pop hits and songs from his new album CONFIDENCIAS.

Renewed musical arrangements and innovative technology featuring mobile structures in which more than 230 robotic lights dance along with a giant screen give life to breathtaking scenes from Mexico accompany “El Potrillo” throughout his country. The images portray some of Mexico’s most important and beautiful resources: Its people, its traditions, its architecture and its folklore. The costumes are also fascinating, including handmade looms from the Mexican state of Chiapas, shawls from Michoacan, and traditional “charro” suits from Jalisco. On September 15th, at MGM Grand Garden Arena, he will bring the new production to his 11th annual El Grito performance in Las Vegas.

CONFIDENCIAS has become this year’s most dominant Latin album on an international level.  Debuting at #1, it is Alejandro Fernandez’s biggest-selling debut in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Within the first week of its release, it was certified Platinum in Mexico and Colombia; and Gold in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, United States, and Spain. The album also debuted at #1 on iTunes in 19 countries. CONFIDENCIAS continues to be the highest-selling Latin album in the United States and Puerto Rico. Recorded in Los Angeles last summer, the album is available in two formats, standard and deluxe, with 11 tracks and 15 tracks plus a DVD, respectively. Featuring duets with Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart and Vicente Fernandez, CONFIDENCIAS was produced by the late legendary producer Phil Ramone.   The first single and video from the album, “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti,” features Christina Aguilera and is the theme song to Univision’s new prime time soap, La Tempestad. The video has been a huge success, racking up more than 3M views the weekend of its release and hitting #1 in 17 countries.


Photo Credit: Sergio Angon

Alejandro Fernández, ganador del Latin GRAMMY y con ventas acumuladas de millones de discos, estuvo hoy en el GRAMMY Museum del LA LIVE en la ciudad de Los Angeles celebrando el éxito mundial de su más reciente producción discográfica CONFIDENCIAS, bajo el sello Universal Music Latino. Victor Gonzalez, Presidente de Universal Music Latin Entertainment,  le entregó a Fernández placas de oro y platino por las altas ventas en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.

El concejal del Distrito 9 de la Ciudad de Los Ángeles, Curren D. Price Jr., declaro el 12 de septiembre del 2013 “Día de Alejandro Fernández” en Los Angeles. El Potrillo hizo una emotiva donación a directivos del GRAMMY Museum. El sombrero de charro que utilizó en la portada de su aclamado álbum “Que Seas Muy Feliz” (1995), el cual estará expuesto en el museo para deleite de todo su público.

En el segmento Q&A, Fernández reveló detalles sobre su nueva gira Confidencias World Tour, y sobre su nueva producción discográfica CONFIDENCIAS. “Me siento muy contento y agradecido por todo lo que está pasando, mi disco CONFIDENCIAS, y la gira que estamos iniciando. Y no paran las sorpresas, estos reconocimientos y el cariño del público es lo que motiva. Estoy ansioso por comenzar la gira, por disfrutar y compartir con todos mis confidentes,” expreso Alejandro.

La gira arranca el 16 de noviembre en el American Airlines Arena de la ciudad de Miami, y continuara por Atlanta, GA (11/17); New York, NY (11/21); Chicago, IL (11/24); McAllen, TX (11/27); Dallas, TX (11/29); Houston, TX (11/30); Laredo, TX (12/1); El Paso, TX (12/4); San José, CA (12/6); y Los Ángeles, CA (12/7).  Los boletos para la gira Confidencias World Tour, producida por Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), están a la venta y se pueden adquirir a través de o llamando al 1-800-745-3000.

Photo Credit: Sergio Angon

Confidencias World Tour, la nueva gira de Alejandro Fernández, una de las voces más emblemáticas en la historia musical de México, promete una producción sin precedentes. Este gran espectáculo rendirá homenaje a México a través de la grandiosa voz de Fernández quien en compañía de su mariachi y músicos, presentará una colección de sus más grandes éxitos, incluyendo las rancheras tradicionales, sus éxitos Pop, y canciones de su nuevo álbum CONFIDENCIAS.

En esta nueva gira, el público se deleitara con  renovados arreglos musicales y una extraordinaria producción que cuenta con una innovadora tecnología de estructuras móviles en donde más de 230 luces robóticas acompañan las alucinantes imágenes que se reflejan en una pantalla gigante. Las imágenes muestran los recursos y los patrimonios más valiosos de México: su gente, sus tradiciones, su arquitectura y su folclore. El vestuario también formará parte importante de esta producción, con telares hechos a mano del estado de Chiapas, chalinas del estado de Michoacán y trajes de charro tradicionales del estado de Jalisco. El 15 de septiembre, llevará este espectáculo al MGM Grand Garden Arena, durante el onceavo aniversario de su presentación en las celebraciones de El Grito que se llevan a cabo todos los años en la ciudad de Las Vegas.

CONFIDENCIAS se ha convertido en el lanzamiento Latino más contundente del año a nivel internacional. Debutando #1, es el máximo debut en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico de la carrera de Alejandro Fernández. Dentro de la primera semana de su lanzamiento, el álbum llego a ventas de platino en México y Colombia; y ventas de oro en Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Estados Unidos, y España. CONFIDENCIAS también debutó #1 en iTunes en 19 países. CONFIDENCIAS sigue dominando las listas de ventas en los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. Grabado en Los Ángeles el verano pasado, CONFIDENCIAS está disponible en dos versiones, standard  y deluxe, con 11 temas y 15 temas más  un DVD, respectivamente. Producido por el legendario Phil Ramone, el disco contiene duetos con Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart y Vicente Fernández. El álbum reúne varios de los clásicos más destacados de Latinoamérica y España con nuevos arreglos realizados por Ramone acompañados por la poderosa interpretación de Fernández. El primer sencillo y video del álbum “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” a dúo con Christina Aguilera, es el tema principal de la nueva novela de Univisión, La Tempestad, que se transmite actualmente en horario estelar. El exitoso video tiene un acumulado de más de 12 millones de visitas desde su estreno y la canción debuto #1 en 17 países.

Source: d.baron media relations

He’s back: Marc Anthony Returns with his Vivir Mi Vida Tour

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Marc Anthony brings the house down during Nassau Coliseum performance photo by: Leslie DJ

“It’s good to be home” proclaimed Marc Anthony to the Nassau Coliseum crowd on Sunday evening. The New Yorker brought the house down during his tri-state area stop of his Vivir Mi Vida world tour. He kicked off the tour de force performance with his cross over hit “I Need To Know” and followed it up with fan favorite, “Y Hubo Alguien.”

Marc Anthony performs to a sold out crowd on September 1, 2013 photo by: Leslie DJ

The crowds outpour almost brought the singer to tears the cheering was so loud he had to take a moment to soak it all in.  All he could say was, “wow.”

It was the perfect way to spend the Sunday before Labor Day. The Coliseum was completely sold out; as patrons tried to locate their seats I overheard a security guard state, “those are the box seats for the Islanders, we never sell those” another one piped up and said, “oh, we sold everything tonight,” and escorted the attendees to their seats.

The crowd was on its feet for the majority of the concert; singing, dancing and waving the Puerto Rican flag.

Anthony performed all of his hits, “Hasta Ayer,” “Contra La Corriente,” “Mi Gente,” and closed the evening out with encore performances of “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” and his current hit, “Vivir Mi Vida.”


Marc Anthony cantando durante su gira mundial, "Vivir Mi Vida" en Long Island, NY foto por: Leslie DJ

“Es bueno estar en casa,” declaró Marc Anthony en el Nassau Coliseum el domingo. El newyorkino trajo la casa abajo durante la parada en Long Island de su gira mundial, “Vivir Mi Vida.” Comenzó el espectáculo con su éxito, “I Need To Know” y siguió con una de las canciones favorito de los fans, “Y Hubo Alguien.”

El amor del publico casi llevó al cantante a llorar, los aplausos era tan fuerte que tuvo que tomar un momento para absorber todo y lo único que pudo decir fue: “wow.”

Era la manera perfecta de pasar el domingo antes del Día del Trabajo. El Coliseo estaba completamente lleno, mientras patrones trataron de localizar sus asientos oí un miembro de seguridad decir, “esos son los asientos para los Islanders, no vendemos esos.” Otro elevó la voz y dijo: “oh, vendimos todo esta noche,” y escoltado a los asistentes a sus asientos.

Anthony realizó todos sus éxitos, “Hasta Ayer”, “Contra La Corriente”, “Mi Gente”, y cerró la noche con sus éxitos, “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” y su éxito actual, “Vivir Mi Vida.”

Alejandro Fernandez’s new album Confidencias, Produced By Phil Ramone, Set for an AUG 27th Release

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Latin Grammy winner and multi-platinum selling artist Alejandro Fernandez will release his new album CONFIDENCIAS on August 27th, on Universal Music Latino. Recorded in Los Angeles last summer, the album will be available in two formats, standard and deluxe, with 11 tracks and 15 tracks plus a DVD, respectively. Featuring duets with Christina Aguilera, Vicente Fernandez and Rod Stewart, “Confidencias” was produced by the late legendary producer Phil Ramone.  CONFIDENCIAS will be available for pre-order on iTunes starting tomorrow. After a 5 day Tweet to Unlock campaign, fans revealed the album cover today by Tweeting #confidenciasAF.

The album gathers some of the most relevant classic tunes from Latin America and Spain with new arrangements by Ramone, powerfully performed by Fernandez. The first single and video from the album, Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti, features Christina Aguilera and is the theme song to Univision’s new prime time soap, La Tempestad, launching today. The video has been a huge success, racking up more than 3M views the weekend of its release and the single has gone #1 in 17 countries.

Alejandro brings two worlds together on “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” on which he sings in Spanish, while Rod Stewart sings in English.  For the first time in more than 20 years, Alejandro went into the studio to record with his father, Vicente Fernandez. Their version of “Me olvidé de vivir” is an emotional standout on the album.

When Fernandez and Ramone recorded CONFIDENCIAS, it was Ramone’s idea to assemble a big band to get “the swing”, and to have Alejandro record live with the orchestra, which is unusual for the talented singer. “Phil asked me to come in to the studio, from the beginning, to meet the musicians and watch them record,” says Fernandez.  “He was very talented, sensible, perfectionist… a true genius. It was an honor to have worked with such an endearing person.”

During the recording, Ramone said “These songs are some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, and he is one of the great artists of all time. We really enjoy each other’s company and the musicians love him, it was quite an adventure.”


1.       Te quiero, Te quiero

2.       A pesar de todo

3.       Cóncavo y convexo

4.       Hoy tengo ganas de ti feat. Christina Aguilera

5.       Procuro olvidarte

6.       Porque te vas

7.       Nobody knows you when you’re down and out feat. Rod Stewart

8.       Cenizas

9.       Desahogo

10.     Me olvidé de vivir feat. Vicente Fernández

11.     Olvidarte

For more information about Alejandro Fernández, visit:



Alejandro Fernández,  ganador del Latin Grammy y con ventas acumuladas de millones de discos, lanzará su nuevo álbum CONFIDENCIAS el 27 de agosto, bajo el sello Universal Music Latino. Grabado en la ciudad Los Ángeles el verano pasado, el álbum estará disponible en dos versiones, standard y deluxe, con 11 temas y 15 temas más un DVD, respectivamente. CONFIDENCIAS contiene duetos con Christina Aguilera, Vicente Fernández y Rod Stewart y fue producido por el fallecido legendario productor Phil Ramone.  A partir de mañana, CONFIDENCIAS estará disponible para pre-orden a través de iTunes. Luego de la campaña especial – tuitea para revelar la portada de ‘CONFIDENCIAS’- realizada durante 5 días, los fans pudieron develar hoy la carátula del álbum a través de sus tuits usando el hashtag #confidenciasAF.

El álbum reúne varios de los clásicos más destacados de Latinoamérica y España con nuevos arreglos realizados por Ramone acompañados por la poderosa interpretación de Fernández. El primer sencillo del álbum “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” es un dueto con Christina Aguilera. El video musical del tema ha tenido un éxito instantáneo en las redes sociales, acumulando más de 3 millones de visitas el fin de semana de su estreno y la canción ocupó la posición número 1 en ventas en 17 países.

Alejandro une dos culturas en el tema “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” un clásico del blues en donde él canta en español mientras que Rod Stewart canta en inglés. Además, por primera vez, después de 20 años, Alejandro entró a grabar al estudio con su padre, Vicente Fernández. La versión que realizaron juntos del tema “Me Olvidé De Vivir” es uno de los temas más destacados y apasionados del álbum.

Cuando Fernández y Ramone grabaron CONFIDENCIAS, Phil Ramone tuvo la idea de armar un ‘big band’ para así lograr el ‘swing’ deseado y también insistió en que Alejandro grabara en vivo con la orquesta, algo inusual dentro del proceso de grabación del artista. “Phil quiso que viniera al estudio desde el principio, que conociera a los músicos y los viera grabar,” comenta Alejandro. “Phil era un ser muy talentoso, perfeccionista, con una gran sensibilidad… un verdadero genio. Fue un placer trabajar con una persona tan entrañable como él.”

Durante la grabación, Ramone comentó “Estas son unas de las más hermosas canciones que he escuchado en mi vida y él es uno de los grandes artistas de todos los tiempos. Disfrutamos mucho de nuestra compañía, los músicos quedaron encantados con él, fue una verdadera aventura.”


1.       Te quiero, Te quiero

2.       A pesar de todo

3.       Cóncavo y convexo

4.       Hoy tengo ganas de ti feat. Christina Aguilera

5.       Procuro olvidarte

6.       Porque te vas

7.       Nobody knows you when you’re down and out feat. Rod Stewart

8.       Cenizas

9.       Desahogo

10.     Me olvidé de vivir feat. Vicente Fernández

11.     Olvidarte

Para más información sobre Alejandro Fernández, visite:

Source: d.baron media relations

Marc Anthony 3.0: Marc Anthony Unveils New Album to Elite group of listeners

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Marc Anthony unveils his new album Marc Anthony 3.0 to exclusive crowd in New York City photo by: Leslie DJ

It was a who’s who of the Latin press; all of the major Spanish language news channels were represented. Attendees gathered in a midtown loft in New York City for the unveiling of Marc Anthony’s highly anticipated salsa album, “Marc Anthony 3.0”

The catered event featured numerous hor d’oeuvres, drinks and two cakes with the singer’s album cover and likeness. Marc Anthony’s music filled the room as members of the press and fans (an elite group of Sirius XM subscribers) entered the premises.

Marc Anthony deconstructs his new album during exclusive listening session in New York City photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony was greeted by flashbulbs and a rousing round of applause. He greeted the crowd and took a seat and began to let the audience in to his creative process for the record. Anthony explained it was an emotional unveiling because he had been, “living this this album in my head for a long time.” “The title 3.0 represents a new me, a rebirth,” he later explained during a Q&A session for Sirius XM.

As cuts from the album played Marc sang along, bopped his head and even danced in this seat, you can almost see the performer in him wanting to take the stage and perform them live. “It is incredibly weird to be sitting here and being stared at. There’s nothing normal about this, just wanted to get that off my chest,” he said with a nervous chuckle.

His hit single, “Vivir Mi Vida” has remained on the #1 spot of the Billboard Latin charts for 10 consecutive weeks. Not bad for a former stutter from East Harlem, “When you’re small, skinny, a stutter, wear glasses and from East Harlem you better learn to fight or sing. So I learned both just in case they didn’t like the song I sang.”

“Marc Anthony 3.0” marks the triumphant return of the living salsa legend, “you can’t fool anybody anymore you can’t phone it in, there are too many options,” he said regarding making a good salsa record. The album is vibrant and with songs you wouldn’t necessarily expect from the singer; it’s a whole new level of Marc Anthony and fans and music enthusiasts alike will be delighted with this record.

“There’s so much more to do, I’m not even close [to being done]…I work like I’m just starting—always, there’s nothing to rest on.” He also revealed an English language album is in the works and should be released sometime later this year.

Marc Anthony Brings Salsa to the Barclays Center

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Marc Anthony performs during his February 16th 2013 Barclays Center show photo by: Leslie DJ

It was a night full of surprises, duets, and a good time. Marc Anthony returned to the New York stage this time he brought his salsa to the home of the Brooklyn Nets, the Barclays Center. The Saturday, February 16th concert proved that the beloved singer still has the goods. The arena was packed and included stars like Rosario Dawson who danced along to his hits from the front row.

Marc Anthony and Tito El Bambino performing "Por Que Le Mientes” at the Barclays Center photo by: Leslie DJ

As Marc Anthony made his way onto the arena from backstage the opening bars of his cross-over, English-Language hit, “I Need to Know” began to play. The crowd rose to its feet and deafening cheers filled the room. He performed all of his hits including, “Y Hubo Alguien,” “Hasta Ayer” and “Por Que Le Mientes” his recent duet with Tito El Bambino who made a surprise appearance. But the surprises wouldn’t end there, soon after Marc Anthony would be joined by Bachata King, Romeo Santos who joined him for a rendition of Anthony’s hit “Nadie Como Ella.” Romeo teased the crowd with his dance moves and briefly gyrated like a male stripper driving female audience members mad.  Anthony without missing a beat turned his back towards the audience and began shaking his money maker as well.

Just when the show seemed like it couldn’t get any better Marc Anthony welcomed Pitbull on stage for their hit, “Rain Over Me.” The Cuban hit-maker enthralled with his suave vocals and overall charisma.

Marc Anthony closed the stellar evening out with fan favorite “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien.”


Marc Anthony shows Romeo Santos how it's done, shaking his money maker, during Marc Anthony's Barclays Center show photo by: Leslie DJ

Fue una noche llena de sorpresas, duetos y un buen rato. Marc Anthony volvió al escenario de Nueva York esta vez llevó su salsa a Brooklyn, al Barclays Center. El concierto del sábado, 16 de Febrero demostró que el querido cantante todavía puede comandar un público.  La arena estaba llena y estrellas como la actriz Rosario Dawson bailo desde la primera fila.

Pitbull and Marc Anthony perform "Rain Over Me" during Barclays Center show February 16th 2013 photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony hizo su camino a la arena mientras su éxito en Ingles, “I Need To Know” comenzó a tocar. La audiencia se levantó a sus pies y fuerte gritos lleno el escenario. El cantante realizó todos sus éxitos como, “Y Hubo Alguien,” “Hasta Ayer” y “Por Que Le Mientes” su reciente dueto con Tito El Bambino, quien sorprendió el público cuando subió a la tarima.

Pero las sorpresas no acabaron ahí, después Marc Anthony se unió con el rey de la Bachata, Romeo Santos, quien lo acompaño para una interpretación de “Nadie Como Ella.” Romeo volvió las mujeres locas con sus movimientos de baile. Marc Anthony no se quedó atrás y comenzó a menearse también.

Justo cuando el espectáculo parecía que no podía ponerse mejor Marc Anthony invito a Pitbull al escenario para interpretar el éxito, “Rain Over Me.” Pitbull, el cantante Cubano, encanto con su voz y carisma.

Marc Anthony cerró la noche con broches de oro con su éxito, “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien.”

In Memmorium: Jenni Rivera “La Diva De La Banda”

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Photo courtsey of Vladimir Gómez, Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.

The Latin community is distraught over the sudden loss of Mexican-American Singer Jenni Rivera. On Sunday, December 9th the twittervese exploded with tweets regarding the “Diva de La Banda” ‘s disappearance. The singer boarded a plane in Monterrey, Mexico after a concert early Sunday morning and was reported missing about 10 minutes later. U.S. authorities have confirmed that the Mexican-American superstar, along with her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her lawyer, makeup artist and the flight crew were killed in the plane crash in northern Mexico.

Fans hold vigil for Jenni Rivera photo courtsey of Vladimir Gómez, Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.

She was known for her soulful delivery and honest lyrics and sold 15 million records in the male-dominated genre Banda, a regional style influenced by the norteno, cumbia and ranchero styles.

Fans in numerous cities gathered to pay homage to the late star.

“The staff of the radio stations of Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) the entertainment division of the SBS Entertainment Company and the television channel mega TV, express our deepest consternation for the disappearance of the ‘Diva of la Banda’ Mrs Jenni Rivera, and six passengers, 62 miles south of Monterrey in Mexico. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family Rivera and with the families of the other six crew members” said Vladimir Gómez the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc., in an issued statement.


La comunidad Latina esta de luto por el fallecimiento de la cantante Mexicana Jenni Rivera. El Domingo, 9 de diciembre Twitter explotó con tweets sobre la desaparición de la “Diva de La Banda”. La cantante abordó un avión en Monterrey, México, después de un concierto el domingo temprano por la mañana y desapareció 10 minutos después. Las autoridades los Estados Unidos han confirmado que la superestrella junto con su publicista, Arturo Rivera, su abogado, artista de maquillaje y la tripulación murieron en el accidente de avión en el Norte de México.

Photo courtsey of Vladimir Gómez, Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.

Ella era conocida por su bella voz y  vendió 15 millones de discos en el género dominado por los hombres de Banda, un estilo regional influenciado por los estilos de la cumbia, norteño y ranchero.

Fanáticos en numerosas ciudades se reunieron para rendir homenaje a la estrella.

El personal de las emisoras radiales de Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) la división de entretenimiento de la empresa SBS Entertainment y la cadena televisiva MegaTV, manifestamos nuestra más profunda consternación por la desaparición de la “Diva de la Banda” la Sra. Jenni Rivera, y seis pasajeros, a 62 millas al sur de Monterrey en México. Nuestros pensamientos y oraciones están con toda la familia Rivera y con las familias de los otros seis tripulantes.

Source: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. and The Associated Press

The Latin Alternative Collective Las Cafeteras continues to break ground in the U.S.

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Click photo to view their video "La Bamba Rebelde"

“It’s Time”, affirms Latin folk-fusion group Las Cafeteras, which is also the title of their next album due out at the end of October.  The title, indicative of the group’s rapid rise within the Latin music scene, also corroborates the fact that a group with this much creativity and honesty hadn’t been seen in years.

Las Cafeteras have been recognized for their innovative style and social conscious lyrics, which speak on social justice and human rights issues. In fact, their music can be thought of as a soundtrack to a movement that fights for a better and fairer world. “We are inspired by those looking for a change and who understand that art can create, influence, and motivate that change to happen,” state Las Cafeteras.

That sincerity and sensitivity has seeped into their music allowing these young L.A. natives to make a name for themselves in the U.S.  After being recognized by specialized media like LA Record, LA Weekly, Remezcla, KCRW, and NPR, this indie group embarked on an extensive tour that led them to perform in various cities across the U.S. and share the stage with renown Mexican world music songstress, Lila Downs, during her shows in Anaheim and Los Angeles.

On both occasions, Las Cafeteras garnered praise from the audiences fascinated by both their style, a combination of Afro-Mexican rhythms and beats influenced by Hip Hop, and stomping “zapateado” dancing.

Earlier this year, Las Cafeteras gave spectacular performances in Philadelphia and the Mariachi Square Station in Los Angeles alongside Chicano Batman, in Amoeba Music in Los Angeles and in the Viva San Jose Festival, which took place on September 16th.  In addition, the group had two shows in Texas in September in San Antonio on the 28th with Bombasta and Los Nahuatlatos, and in Austin on the 29th with Zomountch Krudas and Cubensi followed by a lecture and workshop for their fans.  This past weekend they performed in Santa Barbara at Casa de la Raza, the notable Eagle Rock Music Fest in Eagle Rock, CA and at the CA African-American Museum (CAAM) where they won over music enthusiasts and new fans alike.

Las Cafeteras have grown steadily since the release of their debut EP “Live at Mucho Wednesdays” in 2009.  Thereafter, they took their show to countless events and venues, including The Mayan, LAMC, Santa Barbara Bowl, Royce Hall at UCLA, African-American Museum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Eagle Rock Music Festival, Plaza de la Raza, Queens Museum of Art, UCSB, Loyola University (Chicago), The Rock (Berkely) and Roosevelt High.

They have also shared the stage with prominent artists such as Ozomatli, Ruben Albarran of Café Tacuba, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Kinky, Aterciopelados, David Wax Museum, Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), Lila Downs, Culture Clash, La Santa Cecilia and Fool’s Gold, among others.

Their musical maturity, influenced by their experiences and career, has grown steadily and it’s evident in the new album “It’s Time”, which has already been critically acclaimed by specialized media. Their originality and razor sharp story telling is embodied in the different songs included in the album, especially its first single, “La Bamba Rebelde” (The Rebellious Bamba), an insight into the Chicano perspective.  The fusion of styles and rhythms in “It’s Time” has been noted for its eclecticism and versatility.

“We want to tell our stories. Our greatest desire is to inspire others to do the same”, declare Las Cafeteras.

Upcoming dates from the “It’s Time” Tour:

Oct 26:           Grand Annex – San Pedro, CA

Oct 27:           Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead- Los Angeles, CA

Nov 2:             Dia de los Muertos- Cal Poly Pomona, CA


El Colectivo Latino Alternativo Las Cafeteras Continúa Su Consolidación En Estados Unidos

Haz click para ver el video "La Bamba Rebelde"

“Es Hora” afirma el grupo latino folk-fusión Las Cafeteras desde el título de su próximo álbum, que saldrá a finales de octubre.  El titulo del album es una indicación del ascenso de una de las agrupaciones más creativas y honestas que ha visto la escena de música en la industria Latina en los últimos años.

Las Cafeteras han sido reconocidos por un estilo inovador que se nutre de temas contemporáneos como la justicia social y los derechos humanos. De hecho, su música podría pensarse como la banda sonora de un movimiento que lucha por un mundo mejor y más justo. “Nos inspiramos en aquellos que buscan un cambio y en quienes entienden que el arte puede crear, influir y motivar para que ese cambio suceda”, afirman Las Cafeteras.

Esa sinceridad y sensibilidad se ha trasladado al plano artístico y les ha permitido a estos jóvenes de L.A. consolidarse en los Estados Unidos. Luego de ser reconocidos por medios especializados como LA Record, LA Weekly, Remezcla, KCRW y NPR, este colectivo independiente se embarcó durante el último mes en una notable gira en varias ciudades por los E.U. y les ha llevado a compartir recientemente el escenario con la prolífica cantante mexicana Lila Downs -una de las mayores referentes en el género world music- durante sus shows en Anaheim y Los Ángeles.

En ambas oportunidades, Las Cafeteras se ganaron la admiración de una audiencia fascinada por una propuesta que sobresale por su combinación de ritmos afro-mexicanos y beats de Hip Hop, tanto como su baile zapateado.

También se han destacado los conciertos en Philadelphia y en la estación Mariachi Plaza de Los Angeles -donde se presentaron junto a Chicano Batman-, así como sus sorprendente shows en Amoeba Music y en el Viva San Jose Festival, que tuvo lugar el último 16 de septiembre. Además, el grupo ofreció dos presentaciónes en Texas el 28 y 29 de septiembre, en San Antonio junto a Bombasta y Los Nahuatlatos y en Austin junto a Krudas Cubensi y Zomountch que se complementó con una plática y un workshop para sus seguidores.  Este fin de semana pasado se presentaron en Santa Barbara en Casa de la Raza, en el festival prestigioso, Eagle Rock Music Fest en California, y en el CA African-American Museum (CAAM)  donde el público los recibió con mucho cariño.

Las Cafeteras han crecido en forma sostenida desde el lanzamiento de su vibrante EP debut “Live at Mucho Wednesdays” en 2009. De allí en adelante, llevaron su música a incontables eventos y venues, como The Mayan, LAMC, Santa Barbara Bowl, Royce Hall en UCLA, African-American Museum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Eagle Rock Music Festival, Plaza de la Raza, Queens Museum of Art, UCSB, Loyola University (Chicago), La Peña (Berkely) y Roosevelt High.

También compartieron el escenario con artistas de la talla de Ozomatli, Ruben Albarran de Café Tacuba, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Kinky, Aterciopelados, David Wax Museum, Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine), Lila Downs, Culture Clash, La Santa Cecilia y Fool’s Gold, entre otros.

La madurez musical, otorgada por la experiencia de una carrera que ha crecido en forma sostenida, se plasma en  “It’s Time”, este nuevo trabajo de estudio que los medios especializados ya han aclamado. La originalidad de su propuesta musical y narrativa se materializa en las diferentes canciones que componen “It’s Time” y especialmente en su primer sencillo, “La Bamba Rebelde”, un viaje directo a la perspectiva chicana con una fusión de estilos que destaca por su eclecticismo y versatilidad.

“Todo lo que intentamos hacer es contar nuestras historias. Nuestro mayor deseo es inspirar a otras personas para que hagan lo mismo”, afirman hoy Las Cafeteras.

Próximas Fechas Tour Nacional de Promoción “It’s Time”

Oct 26:  Grand Annex – San Pedro, CA

Oct 27:  Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead- Los Angeles, CA

Nov 2:    Dia de los Muertos- Cal Poly Pomona, CA

Source: Digital girl inc.

45,000 Latin music fans celebrate Polito Vega

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From L to R Love Jones Girlz, Polito Vega, Ricardo Arjona and Alejandro Sanz backstage during Megaton Mundial press conference photos by: Leslie DJ

It was a historical evening at Citi Field 45,000 Latin music fans gathered to honor and celebrate the king of radio Polito Vega during his Megaton Mundial. The biggest stars of Latin music were in attendance and all of the genres were represented; Bachata, Pop, Merengue, Reggaeton, Salsa and Vallenato.

The festivities were kicked off by up-and-coming girl group Love Jones Girlz who were thrilled to be a part of the show that featured artists like Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Sanz and Wisin & Yandel. “This is the biggest crowd we’ve performed in front of to date,” the ladies confessed backstage during the Q&A session in the media room. Their debut album “Addicted to Lip Gloss” will be in stores later this month and the ladies promised a mixture of up-tempo dance tracks and ballads. They also plan to release a Spanish-language version of their album.

Polito Vega was greeted by cheers and a round of applause in the media room backstage. The 71-year-old Puerto Rican instrumental for maintaining “Mega 97.9 FM” and “La Nueva 93.1 FM, la Variedad de NY” as the top Spanish radio stations in New York for more than 53 years was humbled by the public’s adoration. The evening’s honoree confessed he almost didn’t make it to the  festivities due to the sudden passing of his wife. The radio personality said his friends and family convinced him to attend the event. After a couple of months of bereavement Vega said he’s returning to the radio, that he’s ready to come back and say his signature catch phrase, “andandooo” (moving).

The Megaton Mundial de Polito Vega went on without a hitch. Salsa greats like Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Willie Colon were among the stellar performers but nothing compared to the electrifying set by Reggaeton superstars Wisin & Yandel. Singing some of their biggest hits and cuts from their latest album, “Los Lideres” (The Leaders) audiences were enthralled and nearly lost their minds when rapper 50 cent made a surprise appearance and took the stage alongside the dynamic duo.

The concert brought together the hottest acts in Latin music for one night only but if SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System) president Raul Alarcon has his way he’ll make the event an annual occurrence.


45,000 Aficionados a la música Latina celebran Polito Vega

Polito Vega durante la conferencia de prensa durante el Megaton Mundial de Polito Vega en Citi Field

Fue una noche histórica para aficionados de la música Latina,  45,000 personas se reunieron en Citi Field para honrar y celebrar al rey de la radio Polito Vega durante su Megatón Mundial. Las grandes estrellas de la música Latina estuvieron presentes y representaron todos los géneros; Bachata, Pop, Merengue, Reggaeton, Salsa y Vallenato.

Las festividades arrancó con el grupo nuevo Love Jones Girlz que estaban encantadas de ser parte del show que incluyó artistas como Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Sanz y Wisin & Yandel. “Este es el mayor publico al que nos hemos presentado,” las damas confesaron durante la sesión de preguntas en la sala de prensa. Su primer álbum “Addicted to Lip Gloss” (Adicta al brillo de labios) estará en tiendas en Octubre y las damas prometieron una mezcla de pistas de baile y baladas. También planean lanzar una versión en español de su álbum.

Polito Vega fue recibido con fuerte aplausos en la sala de prensa. El Puertorriqueño de 71 años de edad ha sido instrumental en mantener “Mega 97.9 FM” y “La Nueva 93.1 FM, la Variedad de NY”, como las emisoras mas pegadas y triunfantes en Nueva York por más de 53 años. El homenajeado de la noche confesó que casi no fue a las festividades por el fallecimiento de su esposa. La personalidad de la radio dijo que sus amigos y familiares le convencieron  que asistiera el evento. Después de un par de meses de duelo Vega dijo que volverá a la radio y siguiera “andandooo.”

El megatón Mundial de Polito Vega pasó sin problemas. Los grandes de la salsa; Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa y Willie Colón estaban entre los artistas más esperados de la noche pero nada comparado como la llegada de superestrellas del Reggaeton Wisin y Yandel. Cantando algunas de sus más grandes éxitos y cortes de su último disco, “Los Lideres” la audiencia fue cautivada y se volvieron locos cuando el rapero 50 cent hizo una aparición sorpresa y tomó el escenario junto con el dúo dinámico.

El concierto reunió a los actos más populares de la música Latina por sólo una noche pero el Presidente de SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System) Raul Alarcon quisiera hacer el evento anual.

Alejandro Fernandez Brings His Show to Los Angeles

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Alejandro Fernandez @ Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk Universal City, CA Photo by: Leslie DJ

Alejandro Fernández

Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk

Universal City, CA

Thursday, September 13, 2012  8:15pm

“El Potrillo” took the stage in front of thousands adoring fans on Thursday’s Los Angeles show. The Mexican-singer beamed as the crowd rose to its feet and greeted him with deafening cheers. Fully dressed in mariachi attire Alejandro Fernandez began a nearly three hour show at the Gibson Amphiteatre at Universal CityWalk and sang his ranchero hits, medleys and his chart-topping pop tunes. The songs included, “Se Me Va la Voz,” “Estuve,” “Canta Corazón” “Me Dediqué A Perderte” Y “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella.”

He performed with his signature charisma and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands. Few mariachi and ranchero singers could cross over onto pop music as successfully as he has. Yet it seems completely natural when he returns from a swift wardrobe change wearing a simple tee and leather pants and proceeds with the pop portion of the show.

After his final encore he closed the evening with up-tempo hit “Sueño contigo” without a doubt all in attendance that night left the Amphiteatre humming his tunes in their sleep. Few artists could get me out of my house let alone board a plane cross country specifically to see him. His vocal virtuosity is unparalleled and it’s his showmanship that keeps audiences coming back for more.


Alejandro Fernández Lleva su Espectáculo a Los Ángeles

Alejandro Fernandez @ Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk Universal City, CA Photo by: Leslie DJ

“El Potrillo”  tomo el escenario antes de miles de espectadores durante su espectáculo musical el jueves pasado en Los Ángeles. El cantante Mexicano fue recibido con fuertes gritos y aplausos. Totalmente vestido de Mariachi Alejandro Fernández comenzó un show de casi tres horas en el Gibson Amphiteatre at Universal CityWalk y interpreto sus éxitos de ranchero, popurrís de varias canciones y sus mas recientes éxitos.  Las canciones incluyeron, “Se Me Va la Voz,” “Estuve,” “Canta Corazon” “Me Dediqué A Perderte” Y “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella.”

El cantante carismático tuvo la audiencia en la palma de sus manos. Pocos cantantes de mariachi y ranchera podrían cantar música pop tan exitosamente como lo ha hecho. Sin embargo, parece completamente natural cuando regresa de un cambio de vestuario, vistiendo en una camiseta y pantalones de cuero y continúa con la porción pop del show.

Fernández cerró la noche con la canción, “Sueño contigo” sin duda todos los asistentes salieron cantando sus canciones y seguro las cantaron en su sueños. Pocos artistas podrían sacarme de mi casa y menos abordar un avión desde Nueva York a Los Ángeles específicamente a verlo. Su virtuosismo vocal es incomparable y su teatralidad es lo que mantiene audiencias volviendo por más.

Funky Miami Trio: Locos Por Juana Poised for Superstardom

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Praised by the Miami Herald for their “funky Miami-style fusion with exuberant energy and danceability” Locos Por Juana is poised for superstardom. With their recent appearance at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York City and their new single and video, “Afro Sound” featuring Palenke Soultribe earning them new fans there’s no stopping this multi-talented, bilingual powerhouse. We recently caught up with the trio and got the lowdown on the band’s origins, the Miami music scene and their new album, “Somos de la Calle” (We’re from the Streets).

Sinister Girlz: I know you guys were recently in New York City for the Latin Alternative Music Conference what was the experience like? Did you attend any of the panels or mingle with some of this year’s featured artist?

Locos Por Juana: The Experience in NYC for the LAMC was really nice, is amazing always to have the support of Thomas Cookman and see really good friends and colleagues, we attend some of the Panels and we had a great conversation with Calle 13 about Music and Life.

Sinister Girlz: How did Locos por Juana form? And who is this Juana and how did she get a band named after her?

Locos Por Juana: Locos por Juana formed after high school 3 friends making Music and having fun searching for our identity as Colombians in the USA, Juana became this amazing Character that lives in each one of us. Juana is the representation of the image of how Strong powerful and Magical women can be, Juana is the Goddess that every man Pray and everybody desires.

Sinister Girlz: Was music something that you knew from an early age you wanted to do?

Locos Por Juana: Yeah I think we all Knew in the band that Music was our life, and since we were little kids Music has always been around giving us happiness and joy.

Sinister Girlz: Were your family and friends supportive of your music career?

Locos Por Juana: Yes we have an amazing Family that always believe in our music and without Family support it becomes more hard but nothing is impossible in life.

Sinister Girlz: Your music incorporated many different sounds how would you classify the band‘s overall sound or genre?

Locos Por Juana: Our Sound is the sound of the Immigrants in this country, it is the call of the Unification of all races in this place that we made our home in the USA. Our sound is ONESOUND.

Sinister Girlz: Are there any artist that you like that you’d hope to collaborate with in the future?

Locos Por Juana: We hope to collaborate some day with Jay-Z, Damian Marley, Petrona Martinez

Sinister Girlz: I know you guys are from Miami and it seems like the Miami music scene is very welcoming of Latin artists and Latin rhythms because of this there seems to be many Latin artists trying to make a name for themselves over there, was if difficult for you guys to break out stand out from the pack?

Locos Por Juana: Well I think that our Music speaks for itself, I think we never try to compete or stand from any pack, I think we became the leaders of a new generation of Music born in Miami from the necessity to do something different out of the ordinary.

Sinister Girlz: Have you ever had to work hard to win over an audience? What did you do?

Locos Por Juana: I think every Artist has that tale of working hard because the audience is tough. Personally, I love that challenge because it is more important for us to win your heart and believe me we will work hard to make you love us.

Sinister Girlz: Let’s talk about the album “Somos de la Calle” what can new audiences expect from that album?

Locos Por Juana: Somos de la Calle is our Story as a band Representing Miami and All the Colombian immigrants in the USA. This album is Special for us because it is dedicated to the people of the street; for the homeless especially the children, it is a Social Political Message to embrace change in our life as a Society.

Sinister Girlz: So what’s next for you guys? Will Locos Por Juana be touring throughout the summer?

Locos Por Juana: Yes we finishing a big USA & Canada Tour, working hard in new Music and new Amazing Collaborations so there’s a lot of Locos por Juana for a Long time.

Maná’s Drama Y Luz Tour Rocks The Garden

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Maná performing live during their Drama y Luz Tour in NYC photo by: Leslie DJ

After a SOLD OUT show at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night “The World’s Most Successful Latin Rock Group,” Maná, does it again the following night, performing nearly a three hour show.  With a musical career spanning over three decades it’s no wonder the band got the show started promptly at 8:30pm.

Fher Olvera & Juan Calleros of Maná perform during a sold out show at Madison Square Garden in NYC photo by: Leslie DJ

The band opened with “Oye Mi Amor” (Listen My Love) off their second studio album “¿Dónde Jugarán los Niños?” (Where Will the Children Play?) and followed it with fan favorite “Dejame Entrar” (Let Me In) from their fourth studio album, “Cuando los Ángeles Lloran” (When the Angels Cry).

They performed all of their hits including oldies like, “Rayando el sol” (Scraping the Sun), “Eres Mi Religion” (You’re My Religion) and current chart topper, “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” (True Love Forgives).

Like with every Maná show each member is given their time to shine whether it’s Sergio enthralling the crowd with a riveting guitar solo or Alex shinning behind his rotating and elevated drum kit as he drums his heart out, it is clear that the driving force behind the band is pure talent.

Over the years Maná has triumphed with their catchy melodies, beautiful love songs, socially conscious lyrics and guitar driven rock that transcends all language barriers.

The Second Leg of The Drama Y Luz U.S. Tour makes its way across the West Coast early next week with stops in Sacramento and Los Angeles which includes two SOLD OUT shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Después de una noche completamente vendida en Madison Square Garden en Nueva York el grupo más exitoso en Rock Latino, Maná, volvió la noche siguiente realizando casi tres horas de sus éxitos. Con una carrera musical que abarca más de tres décadas es obvio porque el show comenzó puntualmente a las 8:30 pm.

Alex demuestra su talento durante la gira Drama y Luz en Nueva York foto por: Leslie DJ

La banda abrió con “Oye Mi Amor” de su segundo álbum “Dónde Jugarán los Niños?” y lo siguió con “Déjame Entrar tu” de su cuarto álbum, “Cuando los Ángeles Lloran.” Interpretaron todos sus éxitos incluyendo “Rayando el sol,” “Eres Mi religión” y de su mas reciente producción “El Verdadero Amor Perdona”

Como con cada show de Maná a cada miembro le llega el momento para brillar, si es Sergio con un solo de guitarra o Alex luminoso detrás de su kit de tambor elevado, está claro que la fuerza impulsora detrás de la banda es talento puro.

En los años Maná ha triunfado con sus melodías pegadizas, hermosa canciones de amor, letras conscientes y guitarra impulsada por rock que trasciende todas las barreras del idioma.

La segunda etapa de la gira por los Estados Unidos hace su camino a través de la costa oeste desde la semana que viene con paradas en Sacramento y Los Ángeles, que incluye dos conciertos completamente vendidos en el Staples Center en Los Ángeles.

Prince Royce Wins Four 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards

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Latin music’s hottest breakthrough artist, Prince Royce, reached yet another milestone last night at the twenty-fourth annual Premio Lo Nuestro Awards by taking home four awards, making him one of the biggest winners of the night alongside Shakira, who also garnered four awards.

Royce, who had received five nominations, won in the following categories: Collaboration of the year, Tropical Song of the Year, Male Tropical Artist of the Year and Contemporary Tropical Artist of the Year.

“Tonight has been a dream come true for me. I want to thank my fans who are responsible for granting me this amazing honor, as well as my record label, my work team, the radio stations and retail that continue to support me every day”, Royce expressed.

Royce also performed “Las Cosas Pequenas” (“The Little Things”), the first single off Royce’s second bachata álbum “Phase II”, which drops on April 10th. Just a week after its radio release, the song is already a hit, having debuted at # 1 on the Tropical Songs chart and # 4 on the Latin Songs chart (across all genres) in the United States & Puerto Rico according to Mediabase and Billboard.

The twenty-two year old singer/songwriter’s phenomenal success is unprecedented in the Latin music industry. Royce closed 2011 having garnered eleven #1s on Billboard’s Year End Charts, including: #1 Latin Album of the Year; #1 Hot Latin Song of the Year (for Corazón Sin Cara), #1 Top Latin Artist – Male; and #1 Hot Latin Songwriter of the Year. With his self-titled debut album, he has been certified triple platinum in the US and Puerto Rico and has received four 2011 Latin Billboard Awards; three 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards; four 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro; four 2011 Premios Juventud Awards and two Latin GRAMMY nominations (2010 & 2011).

Prince Royce is signed to Top Stop Music, an independent boutique record label and management firm founded by Gregory Elias and Sergio George.


Prince Royce, arrasó anoche en la vigésimo cuarta entrega anual de Premio Lo Nuestro recibiendo cuatro galardones convirtiéndose así, en uno de los máximos ganadores este año junto a Shakira quien recibió el mismo número de premios.

El artista quien había recibido cinco nominaciones para Premio Lo Nuestro, ganó en las siguientes cuatro categorías: Colaboración del Año, Canción Tropical del Año, Artista Masculino Tropical del Año y Artista Tropical Contemporáneo del Año.

“Esta noche ha sido un sueño hecho realidad. Estoy muy agradecido con mis fans que lograron concederme este regalo tan especial, así como con mi discográfica, mi equipo de trabajo, la radio y las tiendas que me siguen apoyando”, expresó Royce.

El astro dominicano-americano también cantó “Las Cosas Pequeñas”, el esperado primer sencillo de la segunda producción discográfica de Prince Royce, la cual saldrá al mercado el 10 de abril y se titula “Phase II”. A solo una semana de haberse estrenado en la radio, la canción ya es todo un hit, debutando en la posición #1 en los listados de canciones tropicales y #4 en los listados de música latina (a través de todos los géneros) según Mediabase y Billboard.

El éxito fenomenal del joven cantautor de 22 años no tiene precedentes en la industria de la música latina. Royce cerró el 2011 con once #1s en los listados de fin de año de Billboard, incluyendo: Album Latino #1 del Año; Canción Latina #1 del Año (Corazón Sin Cara); Artista Latino – Masculino #1 del Año y Compositor Latino #1 del Año. Con su álbum debut ha logrado disco de triple platino en EEUU y PR; cuatro Premios Billboard 2011; tres Premio Lo Nuestro 2011; cuatro Premio Lo Nuestro 2012; cuatro Premios Juventud 2011; y dos nominaciones al Latin Grammy (2010 y 2011).

Prince Royce esta firmado con Top Stop Music, un sello discográfico independiente y compañía de representación de artistas fundada por Gregory Elias y Sergio George.

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Maná Gana El GRAMMY Como Mejor Album Latino Pop, Rock o Urbano

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“El Grupo De Rock En Español Más Exitoso Del Mundo” Gano Su CUARTO Premio GRAMMY En Reconocimiento A Su Disco Multi-Platino Drama y Luz.

“We are grateful to our musical peers in the academy who appreciated the intense emotion and effort that went into the creation of Drama y Luz.  We do still feel strongly that the artistry of more members of our Latin music community should be equally reflected in the number of categories and on the award telecast itself, but we look forward to returning to STAPLES Center shortly to once again share our music with fans” – Fher Olvera of Maná

Una Vez Mas Maná Rompe Records Al Vender En Su Totalidad Un SEXTO Concierto En El STAPLES Center Como Parte De Su Gira Drama y Luz.

Tras Agotarse Las Entradas Para El Concierto Del 19 De Abril En Tan Solo 45 Minutos, El Grupo Multi-Platino Platino Agrego Un SEXTO Concierto Para El 20 De Abril, Algo Sin Precedente.  Dicho Concierto También Ya Está Agotado, Extendiendo El Record De Maná, Por La Mayor Cantidad De Conciertos Por Un Artista En El STAPLES Center (Independientemente del idioma) Con Un Total De DIEZ Noches

“Maná is a cross cultural musical phenomenon in Southern California.  The speed and amount of tickets sold for their shows at STAPLES Center is astonishing… They are the record breaking champs and one of the most important bands in California music history.” – Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live

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Ricky Martin Opens Up to Latina Magazine on Returning to Broadway, Marriage and Trying for a Girl

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Pop music sensation, Ricky Martin, takes center stage on the cover of Latina magazine’s February 2012 issue (on sale nationwide on Tuesday, January 10) and opens up about returning to Broadway for the first time in 16 years in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s beloved musical, Evita.

On returning to Broadway: “The people, the critics, are going to be expecting a lot.It has to be the best…You have to have the attitude that, ‘You know what? No one will stop me,’ ” he says. “It’s going to be a magical year.”

On trying for a little girl:  “I think that I’ll do it later on this year, so that [the kids] are not too far apart in ages,” Martin says. “A little girl! Dios mío, me muero… But we’re going to talk about that later on. It would be irresponsible to do it now.”

On marriage:  Contrary to rumors that he would marry [partner Carlos] González Abella in Spain after the country (where gay marriage is legal) granted the singer citizenship late last year, Martin declares it is too soon for a march down the aisle. “We are not talking about it, we’re not thinking about it,” he says. “But I’m so happy that in Europe we have the option. It’s amazing to think that we can say, ‘I feel like it. I’m ready. Let’s go.’ ”

On coming out:  Coming out was liberating “for myself, my family, my core fans,” Martin says. “They feel more in touch with me and I feel more in touch with them. If I feel free, they’re going to feel free and vice versa. It’s contagious.”

Source: Latina Magazine

Prince Royce Is #1 On 11 Billboard 2011 Year End Charts

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Billboard magazine’s Year End Issue’s Latin Charts illustrate the success story of Latin music’s biggest breakthrough artist in years, 22-year old singer-songwriter Prince Royce, who topped 11 Billboard Year End Latin Charts: #1 Top Latin Album, #1 Top Latin Artist- Male, #1 Top Latin Album Artist, #1 Hot Latin Song (for “Corazon Sin Cara”), #1 Hot Latin Songs Artists, #1 Tropical Albums, #1 Tropical Albums Artist, #1 Tropical Songs, #1 Tropical Songs Artist, #1 Tropical Digital Songs Artist, #1 Hot Latin Songwriter (as Geoffrey “Prince Royce” Rojas).

What makes Prince Royce’s chart standing even more astonishing are the colleagues that share the top Latin chart spots with the debut indy-label artist – industry veterans including crossover artists such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for all of this to my fans, my music label Top Stop Music, my work team, radio and retail who have supported me from the beginning. . . I appreciate the amazing opportunity to be part of this industry and I promise to keep making great music and evolving with each production,” expressed Prince Royce upon receiving news of his eleven #1s on the Billboard charts.

Prince Royce’s self-titled debut album has been certified Triple Platinum in the US and Puerto Rico, making him the only Latin music artist to achieve triple platinum status in 2011. He has also just completed his second sold out US Tour, this one alongside Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, and has also sold out two European tours in the last year and a half.

These milestones come on the heels of many others recently achieved by the Dominican-American singer/songwriter who has proven himself as the hottest new artist Latin music has seen in years.   Royce was nominated for a 2010 Latin Grammy (for Best Contemporary Tropical Album), won three 2011 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards; four 2011 Latin Billboard Awards and four 2011 Premios Juventud Awards. Royce was also nominated for a 2011 Latin Grammy for “Best Urban Song” alongside Daddy Yankee for their song “Ven Conmigo” and just last week received five 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro nominations. He recently recorded the bachata version of “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” with Maná and the track is currently #1 song on US Latin radio for the second consecutive week.

Via a joint venture between Top Stop Music and Atlantic Records, Royce has entered into an exclusive, long-term, worldwide recording deal with Atlantic Records for all future English and Spanish albums. Top Stop Music is an independent boutique record label and management firm founded by Gregory Elias and Sergio George.

Royce is currently putting the finishing touches on his next musical production. His highly anticipated sophomore bachata album will be released in April and an English-language pop album will go on sale a few months later.


Los listados de la edición de fin de año 2011 de la revista Billboard ilustran el triunfo más fenomenal de un artista nuevo en la música Latina en muchos años. El cantautor de 22 años Prince Royce, dominó los listados con la primera posición en 11 categorías: Album Latino #1, Artista Latino – Masculino #1, Artista Revelación #1, Album Latino, Artista #1, Canción Latina (“Corazón Sin Cara”) #1, Canción Latina, Artista #1, Album Tropical, #1, Album Tropical, Artista #1, Canciones Tropical, Artista #1, Canciones Tropical Digital, Artista #1, Compositor #1 (como Geoffrey “Prince Royce” Rojas”).

Lo más sorprendente del posicionamiento de Prince Royce en los listados son los colegas que lo siguen entre los primeros lugares – veteranos de la industria incluyendo artistas crossover como Shakira, Enrique Iglesias y Pitbull.

“Muchas, muchas gracias una vez más por todo esto a mis fans, mi discográfica Top Stop Music, mi equipo de trabajo, la radio y las tiendas por haberme apoyado desde el principio. . . Agradezco la gran oportunidad de poder trabajar en esta industria y prometo continuar creando buena música y evolucionar con cada producción”, expresó Prince Royce al recibir la noticia de sus once #1s en los listados de fin de año de la importante revista.

El auto-titulado álbum debut de Prince Royce fue certificado Disco de Triple Platino en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico, convirtiéndolo en el único artista de la música Latina en recibir certificación de triple platino este año. Royce también acaba de terminar su segunda gira estadounidense completamente vendida, está junto Enrique Iglesias y Pitbull.

Estos logros, se le suman a muchos más, para el cantautor dominicano americano que se ha convertido en el artista revelación más exitoso de la música latina desde que salió al mercado con su primer álbum en marzo de 2010. El álbum fue nominado al Latin Grammy® en el 2010 (por mejor Album Tropical Contemporáneo), recibió tres Premio Lo Nuestro 2011, cuatro Premios Billboard 2011, y cuatro Premios Juventud 2011. Prince Royce también recibio una nominación al Latin Grammy® 2011 por Mejor Cancion Urbana junto a Daddy Yankee por su canción “Ven Conmigo” y la semana pasada recibió cinco nominaciones al Premio Lo Nuestro. Recientemente, el astro grabó la versión bachata de “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” junto a Maná y actualmente la canción es #1 en la radio hispana de Estados Unidos por segunda semana consecutiva.

Prince Royce ha firmado un contrato exclusivo mundial a largo plazo con Atlantic Records por medio de una alianza llevada a cabo entre su discográfica original, Top Stop Music, y Atlantic, para producir y lanzar sus próximos álbumes en inglés y español. Top Stop Music es una discográfica independiente y compañía de representación de artistas fundada por Gregory Elias y Sergio George.

Este mes Royce está dándole los toques finales a su próximo álbum. Su anticipado segundo álbum de bachata se estrenará en el mes de abril y un álbum de pop en inglés saldrá a la venta unos meses después.

Source: The Neiman Group and Digital Girl Inc.

Cristian Castro presents his new album “Mi Amigo El Príncipe”, the new edition of his record-breaking tribute album

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2011 LATIN GRAMMY nominee, Cristian Castro, presents his new album “Mi Amigo El Príncipe,”(My Friend The Prince) on sale today in all formats.

With “Mi Amigo El Príncipe,” Cristian consummates his tribute to his friend and musical father. A tribute that began in 2010 with the release of “Viva El Principe”, an album that has sold more than 800,000 copies worldwide and has positioned itself as one of today’s most important Latin pop albums.

“I want to infinitely thank my dear friend Cristian Castro for the beautiful way in which he has brought me closer to the new generation by recording my songs in the wonderful way in which he has done so. This gives me the opportunity to remain relevant and continue to deliver the message of love from the composers of my day to all of the youth today,” commented José José.

“Mi Amigo El Príncipe” includes some of Jose Jose’s biggest hits, reinterpreted under the production of Rafael Perez-Botija. “Lo Dudo,” (I Doubt It) “Desesperado” (Desperate) and “Preso” (Imprisoned) are just some of the songs included in the album, which stays true to some of the arrangement characteristic of the original recordings with a contemporary twist worthy of this era.

“After the huge success of the first album, I was afraid we had hurried the best of José José’s repertoire. But it wasn’t so: When we finished, we all agreed with great amazement that the second album was better than the first. How could it be? I think that, first of all, José recorded such a huge number of songs during his career that they couldn’t be compiled in two albums, or three. Second, Cristian had  already mastered to perfection a path that he paved for himself with the first album. I think some of the versions on this album will make history,” commented Perez-Botija.

Cristian is currently in Miami where he will be presenting “Mi Amigo El Príncipe”  in an intimate cocktail in front of his fans, family, friends and media at the Gibson Showroom. Cristian will sing some of songs from “Mi Amigo El Príncipe” accompanied by his pianist.


El nominado al LATIN GRAMMY 2011, Cristian Castro, presenta su nueva producción discográfica “Mi Amigo El Príncipe”, el cual estará a la venta partir de hoy en todos los formatos.

Con “Mi Amigo El Príncipe”, Cristian consuma su tributo a su amigo y padre musical. Un tributo que dio inicio en el 2010 con el lanzamiento de “Viva El Príncipe”, un álbum que hoy a vendido más de 800,000 copias a nivel mundial y se ha consolidado como uno de los discos de pop latino más importantes de la actualidad.

“Quiero agradecerle infinitamente a Cristian Castro, hermano querido, la manera tan hermosa en que me ha acercado a la nueva generación al interpretar  las canciones que yo grabe anteriormente de una manera tan maravillosa como él lo ha  hecho, lo cual me da la oportunidad de seguir vigente y de continuar entregando el mensaje de amor de los compositores de mi época a todos los jóvenes”, comento José José.

“Mi Amigo El Príncipe” incluye algunos de los más grandes éxitos de José José, reinterpretados bajo la producción de Rafael Perez-Botija. “Lo Dudo”, “Desesperado” y “Preso” son solo algunas de los temas contenidos en esta producción, que guarda parte de los arreglos característicos de las grabaciones originales con un con un toque contemporáneo digno de esta época.

“Después del enorme éxito del primer álbum de Cristian cantando los éxitos de José José, tuve miedo de que hubiéramos apurado lo mejor de su repertorio. No fue así: Cuando terminamos, todos coincidimos con estupefacción en que el segundo álbum era mejor que el primero. ¿Cómo pudo ser? Pienso que, en primer lugar, José grabó durante su carrera tal número de gigantescas canciones que no caben en dos álbumes, ni en tres. En segundo lugar, Cristian a la hora de interpretarlas ya dominaba a la perfección un camino que con gran esfuerzo había logrado abrir en el primer álbum. Algunas versiones que están en este álbum pienso que pasarán a la historia,” comento Perez-Botija al respecto.

Actualmente, Cristian se encuentra en Miami donde presentará su disco en un coctel intimo ante sus seguidores, familiares, amigos y medios de comunicación en el Gibson Showroom de dicha ciudad. Cristian cantará algunos de los temas de “Mi Amigo El Príncipe” acompañado por su pianista.

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Meet Mr. Pauer

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Mr. Pauer - Video Entrevista / EPK from Mr. Pauer on Vimeo

Mr. Pauer (Toto González) is a DJ/producer and remixer born in the caribean city of Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, who resides in the city of Miami, FL. For over 18 years. Through his long career as a musician (drums, keyboards, guitar), the DJ and producer is considered one of the pioneers of the new wave of electronic Latin music and forerunner of the rhythms of the world.

The musical influences of Mr. Pauer have a variety of styles that go from rock, electro, new wave and the house, to the tropical, cumbia and afro rhythms creating a dynamic musical explosion, both in their recent production nominated to a Grammy Latin “Soundtrack”, in their live shows.

¨I grew up in Venezuela listening in English and Spanish rock. My mother listened to boleros, my father listened to Venezuelan traditional music, my older siblings listened to American pop of the 80’s, and to socialize had to learn to dance salsa and merengue. “” Magically through the years, began unwittingly to connect these rhythms creating a variety of sounds that are identified with the culture and period in which I grew up,” says Mr. Pauer, who defined his musical style as ¨Electrópico”


Mr. Pauer (Toto González) es un DJ/productor y remixer nacido en la cuidad caribeña de Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, quien reside en la cuidad de Miami, FL. hace más de 18 años. A través de su larga trayectoria como músico (Bateria, teclados, guitarra), DJ y productor, es considerado uno de los pioneros de la nueva ola de la música Latina electrónica y precursor de los ritmos del mundo.

Las influencias musicales de Mr. Pauer tienen una variedad de estilos que van desde el rock, electro, new wave y el house, hasta lo tropical, cumbia y ritmos afro creando una explosión musical dinámica, tanto en su reciente producción nominada a un Grammy Latino “Soundtrack”, como en sus shows en vivo.
¨Yo crecí en Venezuela escuchando rock en inglés y en español. Mi madre escuchaba boleros, mi padre escuchaba música tradicional venezolana, mis hermanos mayores escuchaban pop americano de los 80’s, y para socializar tuve que aprender a bailar salsa y merengue. Mágicamente a través de los años, empecé inconscientemente a conectar estos ritmos creando una variedad de sonidos que se identifican con la cultura y época en la que crecí,” dice Mr. Pauer, quien define su estilo musical como ¨Electrópico”

Mr. Pauer – Video Entrevista / EPK from Mr. Pauer on Vimeo.

Latina Magazine Celebrates 15th anniversary with Star-Studded Bash in NYC

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Latina Magazine Red Carpet from left to right 24 Horas, Nayer, Pitbull & Natalie Morales photos by: Leslie DJ

Latina Magazine’s 15th anniversary celebration brought out all of the stars on Monday night’s exclusive event. The bash was held in midtown’s Espace and featured red carpet appearances by “In The Heights” Tony Award winning composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, TV personality Natalie Morales, Bachata group 24 Horas, pop singer Kat Deluna, Maxwell and Pitbull.

Kat Deluna strikes a pose on the Latina Magazine 15th anniversary celebration red carpet photo by: Leslie DJ

We chatted with Kat Deluna, the last time we spoke with her was when she unveiled her own Latina magazine cover back in April of 2008 since then she’s flourished into a full-fledged pop star and is riding high on her recent success with club banger “Drop It Low.”

“I’m excited to be part of Latina Magazine’s 15th celebration, I’m even more excited because I get to party it up in New York but I get to perform in LA, in the LA version on October 5th,” she revealed.

With “Drop It Low” on heavy rotation on the airwaves and the booty shaking video nearing on three million views I had to ask how she manages to shake it so well, “that’s Kat Deluna, I’m Kathleen today,” she said of her fearless alter ego. “…she just gets into the song. She always wants to move it and shake it.” She broke down the dance steps, “people think it’s in the hips but it’s in the leg work. I’m telling you if you try it and [start by] shaking the legs everything else will shake.”

Her sophomore album, “Viva” is set to drop sometime later this year and she promises, “It’s still the Kat Deluna sound. It’ll be like Euro-pop with Latin influence and pop but a little edgier. I’m doing something very different. I got inspired by real music…music of two decades ago and I mix it in with my sound.”

In the future she hopes to collaborate with Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera. “I’m an opera singer originally so I would love to do a ballad with [Andrea Bocelli] and [with] Christina Aguilera I think that both [of our] strong voices can be beautiful together.”

When Nayer made her way down the carpet she turned heads with her sequined silver dress. The “Give Me Everything” singer revealed how her role in the chart-topper came about, “Pitbull had this song and he called me and said, ‘listen come over here, I need you to come listen to this song.’ I get to the studio and go, ‘oh my god I love this.’ I believed in the record the moment I heard it,” she said.

Now she’s ready to branch out on her own, “I’m currently promoting my single it’s called ‘Suave’ it’s produced by Red One and it features Pitbull and Mohombi and I’m fortunate to perform it tonight and I’ll also be doing ‘Give Me Everything’ tonight so I’m excited.”

Latina Magazine’s 15th anniversary issue featuring “15 Women We Love” including Shakira, Zoe Saldana, Salma Hayek and Selena Gomez is on newsstands now.

Dj Alex Sensation Bids Farewell to the Summer Season with a Concert at Six Flags

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DJ Alex Sensation with salsa singer Victor Manuel Photo credit: Carlos Plaza

Six Flags Great Adventure and DJ Alex Sensation bid farewell to the summer season with a big family friendly concert where some of the biggest and brightest international stars performed.

The talented young group,  Zona D’ Tambora participated in the event, later Gocho performed his hit “Dandole” and closing the concert was international singer Victor Manuel who captivated the crowd with a performance of his greatest hits.

Taking advantage of the great day and weather Alex was able to share the amusement park’s attractions with his family and as always he greeted his fans and took photos and signed autographs.

“This has been a great summer full of concerts and big events where the public has always enjoyed the performances and have come out to support La Mega Mezcla,” stated DJ Alex Sensation.


Six Flags Great Adventure recibió al Dj Alex Sensation para el cierre del verano con un gran concierto familiar donde se presentaron grandes artistas de talla internacional.

El grupo Zona D’Tambora, jóvenes llenos de talento participaron de este gran evento que con su imagen innovadora impactaron al público, luego llego Gocho con su éxito “Dándole” y cerrando el concierto el cantante internacional Victor Manuel el cual cautivo al público deleitándolo con sus mejores éxitos y una actuación arrolladora en el escenario.

Aprovechando este gran día en donde el clima fue excelente y compartiendo con su familia las atracciones del parque, Alex como siempre recibió a sus fanáticos los cuales lo abordaron en todo momento que tuvieron oportunidad de manera masiva, para solicitarle fotos y autógrafos

“Este a sido un gran verano lleno de conciertos y de grandes eventos en donde el público siempre a estado presente para disfrutar y apoyar La Mega Mezcla,” citó El DJ Alex Sensation.

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Chino & Nacho Premiere the Music Video for Their New hit “El Poeta” first single from their new album “Supremo”

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International idols CHINO & NACHO will premiere the music video for their new single “El Poeta” tomorrow, Friday, September 16. The video will premiere on the internet’s number one music video destination VEVO and will also be streamed on the duo’s new site “El Poeta” is the first official single from the Latin pop-urban star’s new album”Supremo” which will be available in stores and for digital download on October 18, 2011.

The music video was filmed in the city of Mexico DF under the direction of acclaimed music video director Gustavo Garzon. The video interprets the emotionally driven lyrics of “El Poeta” by following the story of an impossible relationship of a forbidden love that develops between Chino’s character and his beautiful love interest while the video’s “poet”, Nacho illustrates the story with his one of a kind lyrics and narration.

“El Poeta” has become a hit at radio stations throughout the US, Puerto Rico and in Latin America where the Venezuelan duo’s unique mix of pop, salsa, merengue and reggaeton are proving more successful than ever. The song will be included in the Chino & Nacho’s sophomore album which also includes collaborations with pop hit-maker Jay Sean and tropical artist Luis Enrique. The duo’s Latin Grammy debut album “Mi Nina Bonita” featured the #1 international mega-hit “Nina Bonita” and other hits such as “Tu Angelito” and “Lo Que No Sabes Tu”. These hits helped solidify the group’s place as one of the most important new groups in Latin music and as true international idols.

For more info on Chino Y Nacho visit:


Los ídolos internacionales CHINO & NACHO estrenarán el video de su nuevo sencillo “El Poeta”, este viernes 16 de septiembre. El estreno será por la plataforma digital número uno de videos, VEVO y también será transmitido por la nueva página del dúo, . “El Poeta” es el primer sencillo oficial de “Supremo”, el nuevo álbum de los astros del género pop-urbano latino el cual saldrá a la venta este próximo 18 de Octubre en todos los formatos.

El videoclip fue grabado en la ciudad de México DF bajo la dirección del aclamado director Gustavo Garzón. El video ilustra las letras emocionantes de “El Poeta”, mostrando la historia de una relación imposible de un amor prohibido que se desarrolla entre el personaje que interpreta Chino y su hermosa protagonista de la cual él se enamora, mientras el “poeta” del video, Nacho, narra la historia con sus letras románticas.

“El Poeta” se ha convertido en un éxito radial en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y toda América Latina, donde la mezcla única de pop, salsa, merengue y reggaeton del dúo Venezolano sigue comprobando que es más exitosa que nunca. El tema será parte de la segunda producción de Chino & Nacho la cual también incluye colaboraciones con el artista de pop internacional Jay Sean y el salsero Luis Enrique.

El álbum debut, ganador del Latin Grammy “Mi Nina Bonita” ha sido un suceso gracias los mega éxitos internacional “Nina Bonita”, “Tu Angelito” y “Lo Que No Sabes Tú”. Estos éxitos solidificaron el lugar de Chino & Nacho como uno de los grupos más importantes de la música Latina y como verdaderos ídolos internacionales.

Para más información de Chino & Nacho visita:

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Gerardo Ortiz Performs on Acceso Total

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Exclusively for Acceso Total, Gerardo Ortiz gives an extraordinary live performance at L.A.’s El Rey Theater. It’s simply a must see show, in which Gerardo thrills his fans with some of his biggest hits! Plus, he opens up about the new album “Entre Dios y el Diablo!”


Exclusivamente para Acceso Total, Gerardo Ortiz ofrece una extraordinaria presentación en vivo en el teatro El Rey en Los Ángeles. ¡Es un espectáculo que simplemente no te puedes perder, pues Gerardo canta sus mejores éxitos! Además, ¡habla de su nuevo álbum “Entre Dios y el Diablo”!

Los Monólogos de La Vagina Llega a New York

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Luego del éxito arrollador en la ciudad de Miami, Florida, llega a la ciudad de New York -por primera vez en español- “Los Monólogos de La Vagina”, original de Eve Ensler y dirigidos por el venezolano Manuel Mendoza. Reuniendo a las más importantes estrellas latinas del mundo de la televisión, el cine y el teatro, este espectáculo se apoderará de la Gran Manzana a partir del 23 de septiembre, en el teatro del Museo del Barrio, solo por 15 funciones.

Tras 4 meses de temporada y más de 20 mil personas que disfrutaron de este espectáculo, ahora le toca al público neoyorkino, disfrutar del novedoso montaje propuesto por Mendoza, quien aprovecha al máximo el maravilloso texto de Ensler y extrae todo el potencial actoral de cada una de las actrices que conforman el elenco, logrando una conexión directa con el público y convirtiendo a la pieza en una velada mágica donde las emociones se desbordan al máximo. El elenco que acompaña a esta pieza, está conformado por 11 de las más importantes figuras de mundo del espectáculo. Charytin, Alba Roversi, Maritza Rodríguez, Giselle Blondet, Albita, Blanca Soto, Marisol Calero Roxana Garcia, Celines Toribio, Sonya Smith, Marisol Correa y María Conchita Alonso. Mujeres de diferentes nacionalidades pero con una característica en común: Talento – verdad – histrionismo en cada una de las presentaciones.

La llegada de Los Monólogos de la Vagina a la ciudad de New York marca el inicio de la Gira Nacional de este espectáculo, que pretende recorrer las principales ciudades de la unión americana para llevarle una alternativa de entretenimiento de calidad a toda la comunidad hispana radicada en este país.

“Todos estamos muy emocionados de iniciar esta gira en New York”, aseguró Mendoza quien también puntualizó “Los Neoyorkinos se van a disfrutar este espectáculo”. Por su parte Raúl González, quien se aparta de su rol en el mundo de la televisión para ser Productor Ejecutivo de la pieza junto a Mendoza. González sostiene que “Estamos felices de cumplir este sueño y hacer teatro en español para toda esa comunidad latina maravillosa que se merece una alternativa de calidad”. Además, con esta gira, Gónzalez y Mendoza sellan una importante sociedad con Morris Gilbert, empresario mexicano de vasta trayectoria con más de 20 años de experiencia en el mundo del entretenimiento. Y quién se suma a este proyecto como productor ejecutivo.

La cita es a partir del 23 de septiembre cuando este grupo de destacadas mujeres del mundo latino se apoderen -por tan solo 3 semanas- de las tablas del teatro del Museo del Barrio, para exaltar el honor de ser mujer y demostrarnos porque las mujeres de New York no hablarán por la boca. Para más información y boletos vista o llama al 718-688-4912.


Los Monólogos de la vagina fue estrenada en New York en 1996 en inglés. Su autora, Eve Ensler, escribió el texto después de entrevistar a cerca de 200 mujeres para conocer sus historias y sus distintas visiones sobre el sexo, la discriminación, las relaciones amorosas, o la violencia doméstica. Desde entonces la obra se ha traducido a un total de 45 idiomas, se representa en teatros de todo el mundo y ha sido el origen de una serie de televisión producida en Estados Unidos.


Escritor, productor y director venezolano. Dió inicio a su carrera escribiendo y produciendo la obra teatral Féminas. Más de 20 producciones teatrales le dan el respeto y reconocimiento en su natal Venezuela. Pero Miami lo recibe y lo consagra como uno de los directores jóvenes más destacados del momento. Además crea y desarrolla contenidos para televisión, cine y teatro. Preside Su más reciente proyecto Los Monólogos de la Vagina.


Presentador de televisión, empresario (Goal Entertainment) y productor ejecutivo de obras teatrales. Actualmente Raúl González es el Co-presentador del programa matutino Despierta América de la cadena Univision. Durante su carrera González ha recibo una decena de premios incluyendo Presentador del año de People en español en el 2010.

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Juan Gabriel Celebra 40 años de carrera artística

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“Sea mi Condena” es el sencillo de lo que será el nuevo álbum con el que Juan Gabriel inicia los festejos por los 40 años de carrera  artística del cantante mexicano.

Este nuevo CD llevará por nombre 1 ES JUAN GABRIEL y contiene temas como “Sea mi Condena,” “Un Placer Conocerte,” “Juro Que Nunca Volveré,” “El día que me acaricies llorare” entre otros. 1 Es Juan Gabriel es la primera de tres producciones que saldrán a la venta antes de que finalice el 2011, con los motivos de sus 40 años de trabajo del también productor.

Y conmemorando sus 40 años, el representante de espectáculos, Pedro Michelena anunció que el ídolo número uno del mundo hispano llevará su gira artística por todo Suramérica, Centroamérica y Europa en otoño de 2011 y principios de 2012.

Juan Gabriel  complacerá en esta gira  a todos sus seguidores con su nuevo show y con sus inolvidables  canciones  que una vez fueron y son sus  grandes éxitos  en Música Ranchera.

Indiscutiblemente Juan Gabriel el ídolo del Mundo Hispano, se prepara a tener un contacto directo con todos sus amigos y admiradores de su música y su carrera artística con su gira  # 1 Es Juan Gabriel 40 Años.

Una Trayectoria, Un Ídolo, Por Siempre el número uno.

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Mexican Songstress Premieres Her Song “Mr Hollywood” in MTV’s New Series POPLAND!

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September 6th marked the premiere of MTV’s highly-anticipated daily- scripted series POPLAND! in Latin America and the U.S. Written by Marcelo Camaño (Vidas Robadas, El Capo, Montecristo) and Claudia Bono (Niñas Mal and the teen comedy Enséñame a Vivir), POPLAND! takes us on a journey to get a closer look into the paparazzi world through the eyes of an aspiring photographer named Carla. Raised in a small town, Carla is an intelligent, loyal, charismatic and ambitious 18-year-old who dreams big and achieves bigger. She launches herself into the big city and lands the job of a lifetime at the most popular celebrity gossip site in the city, There she quickly learns that VIP access and exclusive shots come at a price. Although the competitive world of the paparazzi puts Carla’s career on thin ice, her persistence and determination never let her down.

POPLAND! features both established and emerging talent from Latin America and the US, including Sara Cobo (Mexico), Jon Ecker (U.S.), Ricardo Abarca (Mexico) and Manuela Gonzalez (Colombia). Pablo Homan, former member of Kudai and leader of the band Lillyput will also participate in the series.

The theme song “Click” was written by Latin stars Anahí, Bryan Amadeus (Moderatto) and Ale Sergi (Miranda!). The Mexican rocker LILO will premiere her song “Mr. Hollywood” from her new album Te Quiero Confesar which will be released early in 2012. “Mr. Hollywood” is a song about despair in which LILO confesses to her partner that their relationship is not half of what it used to be and that because of his ego…he will never be a rockstar. To listen to “Mr. Hollywood” please click here:

For more information on the series click here:


El 6 de Septiembre marco el estreno de la esperada y nueva serie de MTV, POPLAND! en Latinoamérica y los Estados Unidos. Escrita por Marcelo Camaño (Vidas Robadas, El Capo, Montecristo) y Claudia Bono (Niñas Mal y la comedia teen Enséñame a Vivir), POPLAND! dará una mirada al mundo de los paparazzi a través de la lente de una aspirante a fotógrafa llamada Carla. Nacida en un pequeño pueblo, Carla es una chica de 18 años inteligente, leal, carismática y ambiciosa con grandes sueños. Ella se lanza a la gran ciudad y al poco tiempo, consigue el trabajo de paparazzi para uno de los sitios web de chismes de celebridades más populares, POPLAND! Carla pronto se dará cuenta que los accesos VIP y una vida exclusiva siempre tienen un precio. Aunque el competitivo mundo paparazzi pone la carrera de Carla en juego, su persistencia y determinación no la defraudarán.

POPLAND! cuenta con un elenco compuesto por actores con experiencia y talento emergente de América Latina y Estados Unidos como Sara Cobo (México), Jon Ecker (Estados Unidos), Ricardo Abarca (México), Manuela González (Colombia), entre otros. Pablo Holman, ex integrante de Kudai y líder de la banda Lillyput, tendrá una participación especial en la novela.

Las superestrellas latinas Anahí, Bryan Amadeus (Moderatto) y Ale Sergi (Miranda!), están a cargo de “Click”, tema musical principal de la telenovela. La rockera Mexicana LILO estrenará el tema “Mr. Hollywood” de su nuevo álbum Te Quiero Confesar que saldrá a la venta a principios del 2012. “Mr. Hollywood” es un tema de despecho en lo cual LILO le confiesa a su pareja que su relación ya no es la mitad de lo que fue y por su ego jamás será una estrella. Para escuchar “Mr. Hollywood” haga click aquí:

Para más información de la telenovela haz click aquí:

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Romeo Santos and Usher will unveil their “PROMISE” this Friday, September 2nd

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Photo Credit: Omar Cruz

A Collaborative Duet With Fellow Multi-Platinum Superstar USHER, “Promise” Is The Second Advance Single From Romeo Santos’ Forthcoming Debut Solo Album “FORMULA Vol. 1” – Set For Release on November 8th.

The Album’s First Single “YOU” Has Already Continued Santos’ Chart-Topping Reign As The King Of Bachata, Debuting At #1 On “Hot Latin Songs” And Holding The Peak Position For Seven Straight Weeks As Latin Music’s Top Song Of Summer

Now, The Vocalist & Principal Composer of Aventura Should Likewise Be A Force On Multiple Format Charts Over The Coming Months With Billboard Heralding “Formula Vol. 1” As “One Of The Most Anticipated Releases Of The Fall”

The Magazine’s Recent Preview Of Key Fall Albums Includes ROMEO SANTOS Alongside Artists Such As 50 Cent, Drake, Mary J. Blige, Lady Antebellum, And Evanescence As “The Season’s Top Records”

Last Week, Romeo And Usher Came Together In New York To Film The “Promise” Music Video With Acclaimed Director Anthony Madler (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, Usher, Fergie, The Killers & More). See A Brief Look Behind The Scenes With This Link And Look For The Full Video To Debut Later In September:


El Nuevo Sencillo De ROMEO SANTOS “Promesa” Se Estrenará El Próximo Viernes, 2 De Septiembre A Nivel Radial Y Simultáneamente Estará Disponible En Diferentes Puntos De Venta Como iTunes y Amazon “Promesa” Es El Segundo Sencillo Del Gran Anticipado Disco Debut De Romeo Santos, El Tema Es Un Dúo Con USHER Las Súper Estrella Poseedora De Discos Multi-Platinos  – El Nuevo Disco Como Solista De ROMEO SANTOS “ FORMULA Vol. 1” Será Lanzado El 8 De Noviembre

El Primer Sencillo “YOU” Al Igual Que Otros Temas Del Rey De La Bachata Debuto #1 En La Lista “Hot Latin Songs” Y Mantuvo Dicha Posición Por 7 Semanas Consecutivas Convirtiéndola En La Mejor Canción Del Verano

La Revista Billboard Comentó Que “Formula Vol. 1” es “Uno De Los Lanzamientos Mas Anticipados Del Otoño” Demostrando Así Que  El Vocalista Y Compositor Principal De Aventura Tendrá Presencia En Las Carteleras Sin Importar El Formato

La Revista Incluyo A ROMEO SANTOS En La Lista De Discos Clave Para Este Otoño Junto A Artistas Como 50 Cent, Drake, Mary J. Blige, Lady Antebellum y Evanescense Como Los Disco “Mas Importantes De La Temporada”

La Semana Pasada Remeo Y Usher Se Reunieron En Nueva York Para Filmar El Video “Promesa” A Cargo Del Director Anthony Madler (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, Usher, Fergie, The Killers entre otros). El Video Se Estrenará En Septiembre, Para Ver Breves Imágenes Detrás De Cámara Durante La Filmación Oprime Aquí:

Wisin y Yandel Hacen Historia Nuevamente Con Lleno en Central Park

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Wisin y Yandel durante Pepsi Musica Sabado de Verano en Central Park photo by: Leslie DJ

Pantys, bolsos y banderas llenaron la tarima durante la presentación del dúo dinámico, Wisin y Yandel. Los reggaetoneros  una vez mas hicieron historia con su presentación en el parque central de Nueva York durante la serie de Pepsi Música Sábado de Verano con un lleno total.

Wisin y Yandel firman autógrafos durante concierto photo by: Leslie DJ

Horas antes del espectáculo fantásticos fuero advertidos por Twitter que sin boletos no podían entrar la zona, aunque el concierto era gratis, los organizadores le pidieron la cooperación del publico en anticipación de  un lleno.

Wisin y Yandel abrieron el show con “Abusadora” y “Ahora Es” y pronto se encontraron aparando pantys y varios artículos de ropa. Los Vaqueros agradecidos por sus seguidores complacieron los fantásticos firmando autógrafos y tomándose fotos con las cámaras de sus fans.

El dúo canto todos sus éxitos incluyendo “Me Estás Tentando,” “Rakata,” “Mírala Bien” y “Te Siento.”


Panties, purses and flags filled the stage during the dynamic duo’s performance, reggaeton superstars, Wisin y Yandel. The reggaeton stars once again made history with their performance at Central Park in New York during the Pepsi Music Summer Saturday event with a crowd at full capacity.

Hours prior to the event fans were urged via Twitter to stay home if they did not have a ticket although the event was free un-ticketed patrons would be turned away in anticipation of a large turnout.

Wisin & Yandel opened the show with hits, “Abusadora” and “Ahora Es” and soon found themselves catching panties and various articles of clothing. The singers showed their appreciation by signing autographs of items tossed onstage and taking pictures with their fans’ cameras.

The duo performed all of their hits including, “Me Estás Tentando,” “Rakata,” “Mírala Bien” and “Te Siento.”

Henry Santos Se Lanza Como Solista y Demuestra Su Talento

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Henry Santos durante Pepsi Musica Sabado de Verano en Central Park photo by: Leslie DJ

Durante el espectáculo en el parque Central el sábado pasado Henry Santos de Aventura fue recibido con muchos gritos y fuerte aplausos. El cantante Dominicano parecía sorprendido por el apoyo de la audiencia diciéndole que estaba agradecido por su apoyo  y le dijo, “todo lo que tengo es por todos ustedes.” Y con una grande sonrisa comenzó su trayectoria cantando éxitos como “9:15″ y “Voy Malacostumbrado.”

La presentación era parte de la serie Pepsi Música Sábado de Verano, Henry junto a Wisin y Yandel llenaron el parque central con fanáticos de la música urbana y bachata. Ni el calor o pronostico de lluvia pudo desviarlo.  Todos en atenencia estaban celebrando la música latina.

Antes de lanzar el tema” Princesita ” Henry selecciono una chica de la audiencia y le regalo una rosa y la invito a la tarima para la serenata.  Su presentación demostró su talento como solista.


During his Central Park performance this past Saturday Henry Santos of Aventura fame was welcomed with deafening cheers and a round of applause. The Dominican singer seemed surprised by the crowd’s reaction saying he was grateful for their support stating, “everything I have I owe to all of you.” With a bright smile he began his set which included hits performed by him during his days with Aventura.

The performance was part of the Summer Stage concert series in Central Park known as the Pepsi Music Summer Saturday. Henry along with Wisin & Yandel filled the park to capacity with fans of urban music and bachata. Neither the heat or forecast of rain could put a damper on the crowd’s spirits. Everyone in attendance was there to celebrate Latin music.

Before launching into his next song, “Princesita” Henry hand selected a lucky young lady from the crowd, handed her a rose and serenaded her. His appearance demonstrated his talent as a solo artist.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony To Embark on Epic Search Through 21 Countries This July for ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN

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As part of their transcontinental quest to find the world’s most extraordinary talent across North and South America for ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN, the greatest live show ever to celebrate Latin music, artistry and dance, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony today announced they will launch an epic 21-country search starting this July.

In partnership with acclaimed show director Jamie King (, American Idol creator Simon Fuller, Facebook, YouTube, and BlackBerry®, Jennifer and Marc personally invited the nearly one billion strong Latin American community to join in the celebration.

“Very soon the world’s heart will beat to the tune of Latin rhythms and we’re looking forward to experiencing history in the making,” said Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. “It is with great pride that we embark on this amazing and very personal mission to discover and celebrate the most captivating talent the world has ever seen.”

Starting on June 1st, those interested in helping discover ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN will have the unprecedented opportunity to nominate their country’s most amazing talent on Facebook (; Simultaneously, the most authentic, genuine and talented entertainers of all ages across the Americas will be able to submit their audition exclusively on ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN’s YouTube channel (

Nominations and Submissions will be meticulously reviewed each week leading up to Marc and Jennifer’s visits to the various regions.

From mid July through the end of August, Marc and Jennifer will travel to remote villages and major cities throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Uruguay, and the US, among others.

This extraordinary undertaking will be documented in a groundbreaking television series, ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN, that will capture the drama and intense emotions of the incredible stories and personal journeys that Jennifer and Marc uncover.

¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN will be filmed in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and broadcast simultaneously on leading television networks across 21 countries in North America, Central America, and South America.

Details on in-country visits and network partners will be announced at a later date.

For more information on ¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN, please visit

Source: Mark Young, The Fame Factory

Romeo Makes History: As the first artist to hit the #1 spot in their first week of release

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Romeo reconfirms his talent as a singer/songwriter as he reaches number one in record time with the release of the first single in his solo career, taking the top 1 spot from the Mexican group Maná. Without a doubt it has been a memorable release week that will set records in the music industry.

“We are very happy with both the fans and media’s response to the first single, “You.” Romeo is without a doubt a superstar. His album is great and the single’s debut is just the beginning. Welcome to Sony, Romeo,” says Afo Verde, President, Sony Latin America.

“You” was premiered worldwide on May 9, provoking an immediate reaction in the music industry as it reached the Top of the main music chart – Top Latin, Tropical and Latin Rhythm. Demonstrating once more that Romeo has an unique singing and composing style, the success of singer/songwriter is not limited to one adventure, but instead transcends beyond that and establishes him as the King of Bachata. His writing has long distinguished him among other composers, as is the case with his new single, “You,” a song that’s characterized by Romeo’s playfulness and sensuality.

“You” is an original song, that’s catchy and shows off Romeo’s innovative style. For his part, in response to this tremendous success, Romeo expresses his gratitude: “I have to thank all my fans that have supported me as part of Aventura and apparently continue to do so as a soloist. You motivate me to keep working harder every day. I also appreciate the immense support I’ve received from the radio programmers and DJ’s who continue on my adventure with me. In conclusion, many thanks to all those who reacted whether positively or negatively, because the worst would only be to pass unnoticed. May God bless you and we are only warming up with “You,” you have no idea what I have coming for you. My album FORMULA will be historic with God’s help and with yours’.”

FORMULA combines bachata, R&B, up tempo ballads and other musical fusions, sung in both Spanish and English and which will no doubt join the long list of successes the artist has achieved throughout his career as a composer and singer. And who is this YOU that Romeo sings to?

Here we present you to her:


Eres virtuosa más que fiel

Algo grandioso inigualable y un quince en escala de 1 a 10

Tienes el aura y el poder

Que conduce al infinito a todo hombre que te suele conocer


Eres mi droga y me causas efecto

Veo arcoiris, estrellitas y el Eden

Sueño despierto

Soy adicto a tu sexo

Extasis divino, medicina del placer

Tus labios me saben a miel

Y tus fluidos son el nectar que mi lengua saborea cuando hay sed

No hay errores en tu ser

Y como Dios no se equivoca

Te prefiero cien por ciento en desnudez

Eres vino tinto

Mi trago predilecto

Derrama por mi cuerpo

absórbete en mi piel

Y que esta noche se demore en exceso

Que minutos se hagan horas

Devorándote mujer


Eres afrodisiaco exquisito

Me excitas sin fin


Has domado un salvaje

Me entrego a tu aroma sutil


Has borrado las ansias de aquel hombre infiel

Y por tí soy feliz

Yo por tí pierdo el aliento

Siento fuego por dentro

And baby you

You are my lady

It’s more than sexual

You make me complete

Siempre fui un enigma que nadie pudo entender

Navegando entre mujeres

A ver quien me pueda complacer

Y llegaste tú

Mi loca amante

Me haces bien


Eres afrodisiaco exquisito

Me excitas sin fin


Has domado un salvaje

Me entrego a tu aroma sutil


Han borrado las ansias de aquel hombre infiel

Y por tí soy feliz

Yo por tí pierdo el aliento

Siento fuego por dentro

And baby you

You are my lady

It’s more than sexual

You make me complete

Siempre fui un enigma que nadie pudo entender

Navegando entre mujeres

A ver quién me pueda complacer

Y llegaste tú

Mi loca amante

Me haces bien


Romeo reafirma su talento como cantautor alcanzando el primer lugar de forma contundente y en tiempo record en el primer disco de su carrera como solista, superando esta semana en el chart al grupo Maná.  Sin dudas,  ha sido una salida memorable que establece pautas en la industria de la música.

“Nos da mucha felicidad la respuesta de los fans y medios de comunicación al primer single “You”. Sin dudas, Romeo es una superestrella. Su disco es genial, este debut es solo el comienzo. Bienvenido a Sony, querido Romeo”, Afo Verde presidente Sony Latinoamérica.

“You” tuvo su estreno mundial el pasado 9 de mayo, provocando un impacto en la industria de la música logrando colocarse en la cima del chart principal – Top Latin, Tropical y Latin Rhythm. Queda demostrado una vez más que Romeo posee un estilo único al interpretar y componer, pues el éxito del cantautor no se limita únicamente a una aventura, sino que trasciende mucho más allá. Su manera de escribir lo ha distinguido entre otros y ese es el caso de “You”, un tema caracterizado por la picardía y sensualidad de Romeo.

“YOU” es un tema particular, contagioso donde Romeo demuestra su estilo original. Por su parte, ante la gran acogida y rotundo éxito, Romeo manifestó: “Tengo que agradecer a todos mis seguidores que me respaldan desde Aventura y ahora como solista. Ustedes me motivan a seguir trabajando cada día más fuerte. También agradezco el inmenso apoyo que he recibido de todos los programadores de radio y los Dj’s que continúan con mi aventura. En conclusión mil gracias a los que opinaron positivo o negativo porque lo peor es pasar por desapercibido. Que Dios me los bendiga y con “YOU” solo estamos calentando motores no se imaginan con lo que vengo. Mi disco FORMULA con Diosito y con ustedes adelante será algo histórico.”

FORMULA, lo nuevo de Romeo, donde se combina la bachata, R&B, baladas “up tempo” y otras fusiones, interpretadas tanto en español como en ingles, se sumará a una larga lista de éxitos y de número uno que el artista ha ganado a través de su trayectoria como autor. ¿Y quien es esa YOU a la que le canta Romeo?

Aquí te la presentamos:


Eres virtuosa más que fiel

Algo grandioso inigualable y un quince en escala de 1 a 10

Tienes el aura y el poder

Que conduce al infinito a todo hombre que te suele conocer


Eres mi droga y me causas efecto

Veo arco iris, estrellitas y el Edén

Sueño despierto

Soy adicto a tu sexo

Éxtasis divino, medicina del placer

Tus labios me saben a miel

Y tus fluidos son el néctar que mi lengua saborea cuando hay sed

No hay errores en tu ser

Y como Dios no se equivoca

Te prefiero cien por ciento en desnudez

Eres vino tinto

Mi trago predilecto

Derrama por mi cuerpo

absórbete en mi piel

Y que esta noche se demore en exceso

Que minutos se hagan horas

Devorándote mujer


Eres afrodisíaco exquisito

Me excitas sin fin


Has domado un salvaje

Me entrego a tu aroma sutil


Has borrado las ansias de aquel hombre infiel

Y por ti soy feliz

Yo por ti pierdo el aliento

Siento fuego por dentro

And baby you

You are my lady

It’s more than sexual

You make me complete

Siempre fui un enigma que nadie pudo entender

Navegando entre mujeres

A ver quien me pueda complacer

Y llegaste tú

Mi loca amante

Me haces bien


Eres afrodisíaco exquisito

Me excitas sin fin


Has domado un salvaje

Me entrego a tu aroma sutil


Han borrado las ansias de aquel hombre infiel

Y por ti soy feliz

Yo por ti pierdo el aliento

Siento fuego por dentro

And baby you

You are my lady

It’s more than sexual

You make me complete

Siempre fui un enigma que nadie pudo entender

Navegando entre mujeres

A ver quién me pueda complacer

Y llegaste tú

Mi loca amante

Me haces bien

Source: DigitalGirl inc.

Mana on Acceso Total

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MANÁ, the kings of Latin pop-rock, give an exclusive first peek of their new album “Drama y Luz” on Acceso Total, and perform their new single “Lluvia al Corazón” live! This is your front row seat to an awesome performance by the band, plus your chance to hear all about the album directly from them. Don’t miss it!


MANÁ, los reyes del pop-rock latino, ofrecen un primer y exclusivo vistazo a su nuevo álbum “Drama y Luz” en Acceso Total, y ¡cantan en vivo su primer sencillo “Lluvia al Corazón”! Es tu boleto en primera fila para ver esta padrísima presentación de la banda, además tu oportunidad de escuchar de sus propios labios todo sobre el nuevo álbum. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Max & Lenny From Aventura Announce Their New Project: D’Element

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Lenny and Max from the world famous phenomenom bachata group Aventura, have embarked on a new musical project called, D’Element. Although they continue in the tradition of bachata, D’Element is a fusion of dance rhythm and techno sounds.

Lenny “Len Melody” Santos,  guitarist and musical director of Aventura and groundbreaking producer in the the bachata genre and Max “Mikey” Santos (aka “el Trueno”) bassist, rapper, and master of the FUNK, continue to expand their innovative sound and dominance in the converging worlds of Latin, Urban, and Pop music.

D’Element consists of four members, Max and Lenny Santos, and two Dominican vocalists,  Sammy Genao, a finalist from the television show Objetivo Fama, and Aileen Rosario, a runner-up on P. Diddy’s “Making the band 2″ reality show. The group will perform with a full live band.

The close knit brothers decided to name their new project D’Element, because for them it is a new element musically that has not been heard before.

“We are starting fresh, but we are positioned high which for us is something marvelous!” comments Max Santos of the new project.

“The sound is now more upbeat and energetic. We are try to put our part in on every song we are recording,” says Lenny regarding their style.

D’Element is currently preparing to shoot the video for their first single called “You and Me” which is already playing on radio stations throughout the US and Latin America. They will also be gearing up for a summer club tour in support of their new record which will be out in stores later this year.


Los hermanos Lenny y Max  del grupo fenómeno Aventura, se han embarcado en un nuevo proyecto musical, el grupo D’Element, que continúa con la tradición de la bachata, pero con fusiones con el ritmo dance y tecno.

Lenny, “Len Melody” Santos, guitarrista y director musical de Aventura y productor innovador del género bachatero y Max “Mikey” Santos (alias “el Trueno”) bajista, rapero y maestro del funk, continúan expandiendo su sonido innovador y su dominio de los convergentes mundos musicales Latino, Urbano y Pop.

D’Element consiste de cuatro integrantes,Max y Lenny Santos, y dos vocalistas dominicanos, Sammy Genao, finalista del programa de televisión Objetivo Fama, y Aileen Rosario, finalista en el reality show de P. Diddy “Making the band 2″. El grupo se presentará con la banda completa en vivo.

Los hermanos decidieron nombrar su nuevo proyect D’Element, porque para ellos es un elemento nuevo musicalmente hablando que no se ha escuchado antes.

“Estamos comenzando de nuevo, pero empezando de una posición alta que es algo maravilloso”, dijo acerca de su nuevo proyecto Max Santos.

“Ahora el espectáculo será más movido. En cada canción tratamos de ponernos todos”, comentó Lenny del nuevo grupo.

El grupo  se encuentra preperarandose para filmar el video musical de si primer sencillo titulado “You and Me” ya tocando en radio nacional por todo los Estados Unidos y Latino America. D’Element tambien se embarcara en una gira de clubs por todo los Estados Unidos en Junio y su nuevo disco saldrá a finales de este año.

Source: Nevarez Communications

Romeo Santos of Aventura fame set to debut new single “You” on May 7th via “La Mega Mezcla”

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The world premiere of Romeo’s new single, “You” will debut exclusively on New York radio station, La Mega 97.9, during Alex Sensation’s “Mega Mezcla.” Once again Alex Sensation proves to be among the favorite DJ of great artists. This Saturday on May 7th the DJ will be debuting Romeo Santos’ first single “YOU.” Fans will have the opportunity to hear this first before the official world premiere on May 9th.

The public is anxious to hear Antony Romeo Santos’ first single which launches the Aventura singer’s solo career.


Nuevamente el DJ Colombiano Alex Sensation y su programa “La Mega Mezcla” se anota un hit como el DJ preferido de los grandes artistas. Este sábado 7 de mayo será la presentación mundial del primer sencillo como solista de Romeo Santos con su primer sencillo “YOU” sus fanáticos tendrán la oportunidad de escuchar este tema a través del programa de Alex.

El estreno mundial será el próximo 9 de mayo, Todo el público de la ciudad de New York y el mundo a través de la Internet están ansiosos de escuchar la producción como solista que les trae Antony Romeo ya que este integrante del grupo Aventura se lanza como solista con esta su primera producción.

Mana: The Most Important and Influential Latin Rock Band In The World Returns

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“Lluvia al Corazon” was written by Fher Olvera and Sergio Vallin, who next to Alex and Juan gave shape to “Drama y Luz”. The new album was recorded for several months in different cities: Los Angeles, CA, Brazil and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

After five years, MANA returns with “Drama y Luz” on April 12; a proposal filled with evolution, quality and constant renovation. Millions of fans worldwide are entering MANA’s official website and social networks, anxiously waiting for news on the new album from the most influential Latin rock band of all times.

Little by little “Drama y Luz”, the new album from MANA, is unveiled; five years have passed since the release of their last studio album. This amazing new production has generated a huge expectation worldwide, like only MANA can.

March 14 marks the official release of MANA’s new single “LLUVIA AL CORAZON”, from their long awaited new album, will invade radio stations worldwide and will be available digitally in online stores on March 15.


Poco a poco se va conociendo más de “DRAMA Y LUZ”, nuevo disco de Maná, quienes luego de cinco años de no lanzar un álbum inédito, ahora nos presentan una súper producción, la cual a un mes de su lanzamiento ha creado una inmensa expectativa a nivel mundial, que solo una banda como Maná pueden lograr.

Por ello oficialmente el próximo 14 de marzo se escuchará en más de mil estaciones de radio en todo Hispanoamérica “Lluvia al corazón”; carta de presentación de este álbum. De igual manera se podrá adquirir digitalmente en todas las tiendas de música más importantes del mundo a partir del 15 de marzo.

“Lluvia al corazón” es un tema de la autoría de Fher Olvera y Sergio Vallín quien al lado de Alex y Juan dieron forma a “DRAMA Y LUZ”.

“DRAMA Y LUZ” fue grabado durante varios meses entre las ciudades de Los Ángeles, Carlifornia, Brasil y Puerto Vallarta, México.

Luego de cinco años de espera llega Maná “DRAMA Y LUZ” el 12 de abril. Una propuesta donde nos muestran nuevamente evolución, calidad y constante renovación.

Sus millones de seguidores en el mundo entero se mantienen atentos a través de sus redes sociales en la búsqueda de nuevas noticias en torno a este gran lanzamiento de la banda de rock en español más influyente en los últimos tiempos.

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Enrique Iglesias Sells out MSG

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Global superstar Enrique Iglesias has sold out Madison Square Garden for his appearance this Saturday, February 5!  Iglesias is currently doing select dates on his global tour in support of his current release, Euphoria, selling out shows in Puerto Rico, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.  From the US, Iglesias heads to 5, soon-to-be-sold-out shows in Mexico and then continues with the same success in Europe.

Said Iglesias, “I’m delighted to see the response and affection from all of my fans.  I cannot wait to see them on this tour!”

Iglesias recently made history for the most #1’s on the Billboard Dance by a male artist surpassing Prince and Michael Jackson with his current hit and double-platinum single “Tonight,” which follows his triple-platinum single “I Like It.”

For more information regarding dates, please visit

With more than 58 million copies sold worldwide, 22 #1 tracks on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs Chart, unbeatable records, countless awards and thousands of sold out concerts around the globe, Enrique Iglesias continues to be one of the most successful artists in modern music.  Iglesias is currently promoting his latest release, Euphoria, a star-studded affair featuring guest appearances by Akon, Juan Luis Guerra, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher and Wisin & Yandel and produced by RedOne (Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige), Mark Taylor (Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears) and Enrique’s long-time collaborator, Carlos Paucar. The album is the first Enrique Iglesias album to feature songs in both Spanish and English.

Source: BWR Public Relations

Joey Montana on Acceso Total

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Check out Joey Montana performing his hit singles “Tus Ojos No Me Ven” and “La Melodía,” and a few more tunes, live on Acceso Total! Plus, catch the exclusive interview where he chats about his album “Flow con Clase,” his influences, his success and much more! You can’t miss it!

Acceso Total is also currently offering a free MP3 downloads of  track “Tus Ojos No Me Ven.” You can find the download on the same webpage where it says “Free Downloads.”

NOTA Releases Their Single “My Girl (Te Amo)” a Remake of Temptations Classic

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A cappella singing sensation Nota, releases both Spanish and English versions of their single, “My Girl (Te Amo).”

After reaching the first and second sales spot on iTunes with their self-titled debut album, Nota, and their Christmas EP, Nota’s A Cappella Christmas, one of the most acclaimed a cappella groups releases their own version of the Temptation’s classic “My Girl.”

The “My Girl (Te Amo)” video was shot in Puerto Rico and will be released in early February.

Also, on January 17th an exclusive interview with Nota, where the audience and fans will learn about the story behind and the success of these young and talented artists, will be aired on Don Francisco Presenta on the Univision Network.

After all their success in 2010, Nota celebrates the beginning of this new year with the release of their own bilingual version of this all time classic.

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Don Omar on Acceso Total

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Don Omar makes an exclusive appearance on Acceso Total! Check out the one on one with the king of reggaetón, where this super talented singer-songwriter discusses his career, his inspirations and his latest album “Meet the Orphans,” which includes the smash hit “Danza Kuduro.”

Accesso Total is currently offering two free MP3 downloads on their site, Don Omar’s track “Blue Zone” as well as Nelly Furtado’s single “Fuerte.” You can find the downloads on the site on the “Free Downloads” tab.

They are also holding a contest where five (5) lucky fans will have the chance to win a signed poster of Don Omar. To see the contest rules visit our facebook on “Fans Only!” tab:

CAPITOL LATIN/EMI Celebrates Selena’s Life and Music with New Performances DVD Including Never Before Released Footage

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15 years after her tragic and untimely death at the age of 23, Selena’s musical legacy will be commemorated by Capitol Latin/EMI this Thanksgiving, in partnership with her family’s company, Q-Productions. On Monday, November 22, a new DVD titled Selena: Performances will be released.  Featuring nine previously unreleased performances in 5.1 and DTS Surround Sound, plus interview clips from appearances “The Queen of Tex Mex” made on “The Johnny Canales Show” in 1993 and 1994, the new DVD spotlights Selena’s huge musical talents and superstar charisma.

At the age of 12, Selena made her debut TV appearance on “The Johnny Canales Show.”  Host Johnny Canales became a close friend and follower of the singer, and she returned to his show many times for performances and interviews.  On the new Performances DVD, Canales shares some of his personal recollections of Selena’s life and career and her reign as the queen of American Tejano music.

She was an unmistakable figure, a leading voice of Latinos in the United States and around the world, known simply as Selena. This icon of popular music, whose songs and vibrant personality catapulted her to global superstardom, is a beloved idol to millions of fans.

Selena was born April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Her story exemplifies an artist’s struggle and perseverance. Coming from a family of humble origins, she had to work from an early age, but nothing could have predicted that in time she would be known on a first-name basis worldwide, and that so many of her songs, including “Si Una Vez,” “Amor Prohibido,” “El Chico del Apartamento 512,” and “Como la Flor” would become instant hits.

Selena began performing professionally at the age of 9, backed by a second generation of her father Abraham’s band, Los Dinos.  The band’s members included Selena’s sister, Suzette, who played drums, her brother, Abraham, who played bass and wrote or co-wrote many of Selena’s songs, and lead guitarist Chris Perez, whom Selena married in 1992.

In 1987, when she was just 16 years old, Selena was honored with two major Tejano Music Awards, for Performer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year.  In 1989, she was the first artist to be signed by EMI Latin, and the following year, she released her self-titled debut album.  Her next album, Ven Conmigo, released in 1991, was the first Tejano album to be certified gold by the RIAA, with U.S. sales totaling more than 500,000 copies.

Selena’s 1993 concert album, Live, won the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Album.  In 1994, she released the double-platinum certified Amor Prohibido, which held the #1 position on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart for 20 weeks and was a fixture on the chart for 145 total weeks.

At the start of 1995, Selena was at work in the studio, recording a new album with English and Spanish lyrics.  Dreaming Of You was conceived by Selena as a bridge to connect more closely with her many English-speaking fans. Tragically, Selena was killed before the album’s release, just three weeks after she set the still-standing attendance record at Houston’s Astrodome with her final concert.  As people around the world were united in shocked mourning for one of popular music’s most promising and brightest young stars, Selena’s previously released albums re-entered the charts and she set new, as-yet-unbroken records for the most concurrent titles at the top of the Top Latin Albums chart with the entire Top 4 (April 22, 1995) and Top 5 (May 6, 1995).

Released in July 1995, Dreaming Of You debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums, Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop charts and was certified triple-platinum by the RIAA upon its release. The album reigned at #1 for 44 weeks on the Top Latin Albums chart, and its title track and “I Could Fall In Love” were high-ranking hits across multiple Billboard singles and radio airplay charts.

Released in March 2010, La Leyenda gathers Selena’s top hits and fan favorites for a career-spanning celebration of her vibrant music and life, and is presented in three distinct configurations: a 4CD box set including 82 tracks, a 2CD deluxe edition featuring a selection of 30 stellar tracks from the box set, and a single-disc collection of 15 essential tracks.

Today, Selena’s Amor Prohibido and her Ones hits collection consistently rank among the Top 20 titles on Billboard’s Top Latin Catalog chart.

Had she lived, Selena would celebrate her 40th birthday next April 16.

SELENA: Performances [DVD]

(performances listed in bold)

1. Intro

2. Como la Flor

3. Band Relationships

4. Las Cadenas

5. Loss of Selena

6. Missing My Baby

7. Selena Interview 1

8. Que Creías

9. Opening Doors

10. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

11. Selena Interview 2

12. No Me Queda Más

13. Favorite Song

14. Amor Prohibido

15. Memorable Show

16. Si Una Vez

17. Selena Interview 3

18. El Chico del Apartamento 512

19. Why People Love Selena


15 años después de su fatal e inesperado fallecimiento, el legado musical de la prodigiosa Selena será agasajado éste Día de Acción de Gracias por la casa discográfica Capitol Latin/EMI y la empresa de su familia Q-Productions con el lanzamiento de Selena: Performances. El 22 de noviembre saldrá al mercado el DVD con 5.1 y DTS Surround Sound el cual incluye nueve joyas musicales al igual que entrevistas de “La Reina del Tex Mex” en el programa “El Show de Johnny Canales”.

A la edad de 12 años, Selena hizo su debut en televisión en “El Show de Johnny Canales”. El presentador se convirtió en un gran amigo y seguidor de la cantante, y ella volvió al programa muchas veces y realizo impresionantes presentaciones y entrevistas. En el DVD “Selena: Performances”, Canales comparte algunos de sus recuerdos personales de la vida de Selena y la carrera y reinado de la Reina de la música Tejana.

Fue una figura inconfundible, la voz de los latinos en los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y de las multitudes, es: Selena. Este ícono de la música popular , cuyas canciones y vibrante personalidad la posicionaron como una estrella global, quien sigue siendo un ídolo amada por millones.

Selena nació un 16 de abril de 1971 en Lake Jackson, Texas, fue ejemplo de lucha y perseverancia, pues su familia era de origen humilde, y desde muy pequeña se vio obligada a trabajar, nada hacia presagiar entonces que con los años se le conocería alrededor del mundo con su primer nombre Selena,  y que con temas como “Si Una Vez”, “Amor Prohibido”, “El Chico del Apartamento 512″ y “Como la Flor” alcanzaría el éxito.

Selena comenzó su carrera artística profesionalmente a la edad de 9 años, respaldada por la segunda generación de la banda de su padre Abraham; Los Dinos. La banda estaba integrada por su hermana Suzette en la batería, su hermano Abraham en el bajo quien también escribió y co-escribió varios de los temas de Selena y Chris Pérez quien era el guitarrista y se caso con Selena en 1992.

En 1987, cuando tenía sólo 16 años, Selena fue galardonada con dos importantes Tejano Music Awards, como Artista del Año y Vocalista Femenina del Año. En 1989, fue el primer artista en ser firmado por la disquera EMI

Latin, y al año siguiente, ella lanzó su álbum debut homónimo. Su siguiente álbum, Ven Conmigo, lanzado en 1991, fue el primer álbum de música tejana en ser certificado oro por la RIAA, con ventas en EE.UU. un total de más de 500.000 copias.

Su primer álbum en concierto lanzado en 1993 y titulado Live, recibió el Grammy en la categoría de Mejor Álbum México Americano. En 1994, presentó Amor Prohibido, que alcanzó la categoría de Doble Platino y se mantuvo en el #1 de Top Latin Albums de Billboard por 20 semanas consecutivas y permaneció 145 semanas en las listas de popularidad.

Al inicio de 1996, Selena se encontraba trabajando en el estudio en la grabación de un nuevo álbum con letras en inglés y español. Selena intentaba construir con Dreaming of You, un puente que la conectara más directamente con sus fans de habla inglesa. Trágicamente, Selena fue asesinada antes del lanzamiento de éste proyecto y justo tres semanas después de haber roto récords de asistencia en su último concierto en el Astrodome de Houston. Un récord que por cierto, sigue sin romperse. Con el luto y la tristeza aunados a la sorpresa ocasionada por su prematura muerte, todo el material discográfico de Selena disponible hasta ese momento se reintegró a las listas de ventas y logró romper aun más récords. Teniendo en algún momento ocupados los primeros cuatro (Abril 22 de 1995) y los primeros cinco (Mayo 6 de 1995) lugares de la lista Top Latin de Billboard

Publicado en Julio de 1995, Dreaming Of You debutó en el #1 de las listas Top 200 Álbums, Top Latin Álbums y Latin Pop de Billboard. Además de recibir un certificado de la RIAA de Triple Platino. El disco se mantuvo en el lugar #1 por 44 semanas consecutivas y su primer sencillo “I Could Fall in Love” se mantuvo también en los primeros lugares tanto en ventas como en rotación radial.

Lanzado en marzo de 2010, los principales éxitos de  Selena  en La Leyenda, reúne los éxitos y temas favoritos de los fans en una colección que celebra la carrera de la cantante. La Leyenda es presentada en: una caja que incluye 4 discos y 83 temas, la edición doble con 30 temas y el disco simple e con 15 temas esenciales de la reina del Tex Mex.

Hoy, el disco de Amor Prohibido y la colección The Ones constantemente se posicionan en los 20 discos mas vendidos de Billboard en el listado de Top Latin Catalog.

Si hubiera vivido, Selena celebraría su cumpleaños número 40 el próximo 16 de abril.

SELENA: Performances [DVD]

1. Intro

2. Como la Flor

3. Band Relationships

4. Las Cadenas

5. Loss of Selena

6. Missing My Baby

7. Selena Interview 1

8. Que Creías

9. Opening Doors

10. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

11. Selena Interview 2

12. No Me Queda Más

13. Favorite Song

14. Amor Prohibido

15. Memorable Show

16. Si Una Vez

17. Selena Interview 3

18. El Chico del Apartamento 512

19. Why People Love Selena

source: AZUL Public Relations & EMI Music North America

Calle 13 sorprendió a los fanáticos en Los Ángeles cuando Residente acompaño a Shakira en el Staples Center

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Calle 13 sorprendió a los fanáticos en Los Ángeles cuando Residente acompaño a Shakira en el Staples Center foto cortesía de DIGITALGIRL INC.

Después de su reciente presentación ante 500,000 personas en una sola noche, Calle 13 sorprendió a los fanáticos en Los Ángeles cuando Residente acompaño a Shakira en el Staples Center Residente y Shakira cantaron “Gordita”  tema del nuevo disco de Shakira-

“Para el tema “Gordita” de su excelente nuevo disco, “Sale el Sol”, Shakira invito al escenario a René Pérez Joglar (a.k.a. Residente) del grupo Puertorriqueño, Calle 13.  Los dos participaron en un coqueteo donde se revela la niña callejera bajo una Shakira refinada”- Los Angeles Times

El nuevo disco tan anticipado de CALLE 13 “Entren Los Que Quieran” saldrá a la venta el 22 de noviembre. Después de impactar al mundo musical Latino con su más reciente controversial producción del vídeo “Calma Pueblo”,  Calle 13 ahora graba el video para el primer sencillo radial “Vamo a Portarnos Mal”

Después de desafiar la autoridad de los gobiernos, las corporaciones y las religiones con el tema “Calma Pueblo”, Calle 13 continua con su papel como mensajeros de la Juventud Latina con “Vamo a Portarnos Mal” dando una lección de que para vivir la vida al máximo todos debemos experimentar el desorden que viene con romper de vez en cuando las reglas de la sociedad.  Puedes escuchar el sencillo:

Source: ROGERS & COWAN- 25 de Octubre, 2010

Madison Square Garden Theatre Vibrates to Reggeaton during Sold Out Machete Music Tour

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Machete Music Tour performers during October 22nd show from top left to right Don Omar, Chino y Nacho, Ivy Queen & Cosculluela, Jowell & Randy, Flex and Angel & Khriz photos by: Leslie DJ

The Machete Music tour made a pit stop at the Madison Square Garden Theatre and thrilled a SOLD OUT crowd Friday, October 22nd. The brightest stars of the Machete Music label graced the stage during the four hour plus spectacular.

Ivy Queen proves why she's La Diva of Reggeaton during NYC show at MSG Theatre photo by: Leslie DJ

The show kicked off with a performance from up and comers 24 Horas. They were followed by DJ Alex Sensation who welcomed the crowd and presented Panamanian urban recording artist Flex who opened with his breakthrough hit “Te Quiero” and followed it with “Te Amo Tanto” showcasing his romantic styling.

By the time Chino y Nacho took the stage the crowd was all riled up, they opened their set with “Niña Bonita” and entered the stage each with roses in their hands. They serenaded the crowd then got wild declaring, “Llegaron lo que le ponen el whip cream a la fresa. Lo que le gustan a las nenas,” said Nacho.

Jowell & Randy had the crowd dancing in the aisles with their “perreo intenso” performing all of their hits including “Gargola,” “No Te Veo” and “Loco” off their most recent release, “El Momento.” El Principe, Cosculluela, got the crowd to its feet with his smash hit, “Prrrum.” While he performed his marijuana anthem, “Humo” a row of smokers lit up forming a cloud of smoke above their heads intoxicating many of the attendees behind them.

Tego Calderon brings the crowd to its feet during Machete Music Tour NYC show photo by: Leslie DJ

Tego Calderon followed and made his entrance without an introduction, simply his photo was flashed on the screen and the crowd got to its feet and began chanting his name, “Tego! Tego! Tego!” He performed many of his biggest hits including “Pa’ Que Retozen” and “Metele Sazon.”

“La Diva, La Potra, La Caballota”, Ivy Queen, proved that she’s the queen of Reggeaton. “Levántense que llego le Reina,” (Get up the Queen is here) she declared. She performed crowd pleasers like “Te He Querido, Te He Llorado,” “Que Lloren” and her latest smash hit “La Vida Es Asi.” She dedicated “Dime” to Mets shortstop Jose Reyes who was sitting in the crowd. Her performance went over so well that the crowd demanded an encore and she delivered after her final song the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Angel & Khriz bring el maltrato to NYC during Machete Music Tour photo by: Leslie DJ

With only two acts left the crowd was beginning to get antsy they were looking forward to Don Omar and MVPs Angel & Khriz. The reggeaton duo took the Madison Square Garden Theatre stage by storm performing “Na De Na,” “Ayer La Vi,” “Maltrátame,” and closed with their biggest hit “Ven Bailalo.”

The evening ended with a pulsating performance by the King of Kings, Don Omar. The special guest artist at the New York show reminded the crowd why he’s one of the most influential artists in the genre. He performed all of his hits including, “Dile”, “Hasta Abajo” and “Sale el Sol.” Judging from the crowd’s reception it’s no doubt that his new album “Meet The Orphans” due out November 16 will be another hit.

J’adore Daddy Yankee: Se Escucho El Grito Mundial Desde Francia

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Daddy Yankee cantó a un lleno total en el Zenith de París. Foto cortesía a Nevarez PR

El recientemente nominado para 3 Grammy Latinos, Daddy Yankee, llevó su fuego caribeño a la maravillosa ciudad de París, Francia, una de las tantas ciudades europeas que visitará durante su gira Mundial. Yankee fue por los miles de aficionados que asistieron al mundialmente famoso Le Zenith de París.

Los fanáticos llenaron el lugar de energía con luces, banderas y gritos cautivantes que inspiraron a la superestrella urbana a brindarles un show inolvidable. Yankee cantó clásicos como “Pose”, “Gasolina”, “Rompe” y le brindó a sus fanáticos los éxitos de su disco Mundial  tales como  “Descontrol”, “El mejor de todos los tiempos” y su más reciente sencillo “La despedida”.

El éxito de Daddy Yankee en Paris no es sorpresa ya que Mundial se encuentra entre los primeros lugares de las listas de ventas en Francia (FNAC). Daddy tiene una gran cantidad de fanáticos que son parte de su club de fans Mundial

“Me siento extremadamente bendecido. Los conciertos en Europa son todos multiculturales. Nuevamente reconfirmo que la música es un lenguaje universal y un eje unificador”, dijo la superestrella.

El cantante continúa con su gira mundial por europea en donde recibió una noticia más, su página de Facebook alcanzó los 3 millones de fanáticos. En la misma sus fanáticos pueden enterarse de las noticias actualizadas y más impactantes del artista. De igual forma pueden estar conectados con su artista favorito y saber lo que piensa. “El que piense que lo digital es el futuro se equivoca, es el presente.” comentó el artista

Ivy Queen’s Amor Puro

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La Diva, La Potra, La Caballota”, IVY QUEEN, will film the music video for her new single “AMOR PURO” tomorrow in Miami.. The video will be directed by Marlon Peña who has collaborated with the diva for some of her biggest videos ever including “Dime” and her latest hit “La Vida Es Asi”.

The video for “AMOR PURO”will showcase a different side of the Latin music superstar as the song’s lyrics focus on the meaning behind true love, a departure from the heartbreak themes that have characterized some of Ivy Queen’s classic hits. The song is the second official single from her latest album “Drama Queen” which has dominated the Billboard Latin urban sales charts for 9 consecutive weeks.

This weekend IVY QUEEN will perform her latest hits on a live edition of Sabado Gigante. This all comes as the artist prepares for her headlining performances at the Machete Music Tour 2010 where she will join the genre’s hottest stars for concert events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Charlotte and El Paso in celebration of Machete Music’s 5 year anniversary.

For your chance to win tickets to the October 22nd show at Madison Square Garden tweet @sinistergirlz I want #MacheteMusicNYCTixs or post on our Facebook wall I want MacheteMusicNYCTixs for your chance to win.

For more information on IVY QUEEN visit:


“La Diva, La Potra, La Caballota”, IVY QUEEN, filmara el video musical de su nuevo sencillo “AMOR PURO” mañana en Miami. El video será dirigido por Marlon Peña quien ha colaborado con la diva en sus videos mas populares incluyendo “Dime” y su mas reciente éxito “La Vida Es Así”.

El video de “AMOR PURO” mostrara un lado diferente de la súper estrella de la música Latina.  La letra de la canción habla de la definición del amor verdadero, algo diferente a los temas de desamor que han caracterizado los éxitos clásicos de IVY QUEEN. El tema es el segundo sencillo oficial de su más reciente producción “Drama Queen”, álbum que ha dominado las ventas urbanas según el Billboard por 9 semanas consecutivas.

Este fin de semana IVY QUEEN cantara sus mas recientes éxitos en una edición en vivo de Sábado Gigante. Esto llega mientas que la artista se prepara para sus presentaciones como el acto principal del Machete Music Tour 2010 donde se unirá a los artistas mas grandes del genero urbano para conciertos en Nueva York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Charlotte y El Paso en celebración del 5to anivervarsio de su sello, Machete Music.

Para la oportunidad de ganar boletos para el concierto en Madison Square Garden el 22 de Octubre entren nuestro concurso vía Twitter solamente tienes que escribir @sinistergirlz  I want #MacheteMusicNYCTixs  o escriban en nuestro muro de Facebook I want MacheteMusicNYCTixs para entrar el concurso.

Para mas información de IVY QUEEN visite:

Tweet to Win Tickets to 10/22 MSG Machete Music Tour Show

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Tweet to win tickets to the October 22nd Machete Music Tour Madison Square Garden show! Sinister Girlz has partnered up with Digital Girl Inc. and Machete Music to offer a lucky winner a chance to attend the New York show featuring Don Omar.

All you have to do is Tweet @sinistergirlz  I want #MacheteMusicNYCTixs starting September 22nd –October 18th for your chance to win the more you tweet the bigger are your chances of winning. Winner will be chosen at random.

Machete Music Tour includes the biggest names in reggaetón and urban music. In celebration of the label’s 5th anniversary Angel & Khriz, Ivy Queen, Tego Calderón, Cosculluela, Chino & Nacho, Jowell & Randy and Flex will take the stage on the 15 city tour including Miami, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles among others, tickets are on sale now (Don Omar will make a special appearance at the New York City show).

Machete Music is the number one entertainment company in urban and reggaetón music. For more on the tour visit

DON OMAR set to perform at the Machete Music Tour 2010

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The King of Reggaeton and multi-platinum artist DON OMAR announced today that he will join the Machete Music Tour 2010 for its launch held in New York City October 22nd at the Theatre in Madison Square Garden.

DON OMAR will be a special guest in this star studded tour alongside artists such as Ivy Queen, Chino y Nacho, Tego Calderón, Angel & Khriz, Jowell y Randy, Flex, Cosculluela, R.K.M. y Ken-Y, and JKing & Maximan.

His new single “Danza Kuduro” has gained a staggering 8 million views in just one month leading it to become the third most watched video on YouTube around the world. Currently, the single is one of the best sellers in digital and mobile stores as well as one of the most requested songs in Latin radio.

“Danza Kuduro” is the first single from “Meet the Orphans”, the new album will hit stores in November. The production also includes the chart topping mega-hit “Hasta Abajo” and appearances by reggaeton stars Plan B, Yaga & Mackie and Zion & Lennox. “Meet the Orphans” also includes collaborations from DON OMAR’s “Orfanato Music Group” artists including Kendo Kapponi and Syko

Machete Music Tour 2010:

October 22           New York        The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

October 23           Charlotte        Bojangles’ Coliseum

November 4         El Paso            El Paso Coliseum

November 5         San Francisco The Warfield

November 6         Los Angeles    Nokia Theatre LA Live

The DON OMAR’s presentation in the Machete Music Tour 2010 will be the first show during which the artist performs his new songs from “Meet The Orphans” in front of his beloved New York public.It is expected to be an unforgettable night that will make history. The King is back!

More about DON OMAR on:,,,

For tickets and more about the tour:


El Rey de la música urbana y multi-premiado cantautor DON OMAR anunció hoy que se unirá a otras estrellas del género urbano en la fecha de Nueva York del Machete Music Tour 2010.

La superestrella de la música latina será el artista invitado especial y presentará sus más grandes éxitos en una noche llena de presentaciones inolvidables junto a los artistas más pegados del género urbano incluyendo a Ivy Queen, Chino y Nacho, Tego Calderón, Angel & Khriz, Jowell & Randy, Flex, Cosculluela y más. El espectáculo se llevará a cabo el próximo 22 de octubre en el teatro del Madison Square Garden en la ciudad de New York.

DON OMAR, uno de los artistas latinos más reconocidos por sus éxitos dentro de la música urbana y uno de los mayores vendedores de discos en su clase, ha roto records de visitas a través del Internet con su nuevo sencillo “Danza Kuduro”. El video lleva 8 millones de visitas en tan sólo un mes por el canal oficial de y en este periodo se convirtió en el tercer video más visto por Youtube en todo el mundo. Actualmente, el tema es uno de los más vendidos en las tiendas digitales y móviles y se ha convertido en la canción más solicitada de la radio hispana.

“Danza Kuduro” es el primer sencillo de “Meet the Orphans”, el nuevo álbum de DON OMAR que saldrá a la venta este noviembre. La producción, también, incluye el éxito “Hasta Abajo” y colaboraciones con Plan B, Zion y Lennox y los artistas Kendo Kapponi y Syko que forman parte del Orfanato Music Group, sello de DON OMAR, entre otros.

Machete Music Tour 2010:

22 de octubre       New York        The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

23 de octubre       Charlotte        Bojangles’ Coliseum

4 de noviembre    El Paso            El Paso Coliseum

5 de noviembre    San Francisco  The Warfield

6 de noviembre    Los Ángeles     Nokia Theatre LA Live

La presentación de DON OMAR en el Machete Music Tour 2010 será la primera vez donde el artista presenta su nuevo material ante el público de Nueva York y servirá como plataforma especial de lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum. Se espera una noche inolvidable que marcará la historia. ¡El Rey ha regresado!

Más Sobre DON OMAR en: ,,,

Para comprar boletos y más info del tour:

Ivy Queen on Acceso Total

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Only on Acceso Total, Ivy Queen opens up about her latest album “Drama Queen,” which includes the smash hit “La Vida Es Así.” Check out what she has to say about the album, collaborating with other urban superstars and much more!

As always Acceso Total is offering a free download of one of her singles, “Cuando.” This will be available until 9/1 and can be found on the interview page where is says “Free Downloads.”

See her performance HERE

Wisin and Yandel Rock Atlantic City

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Wisin & Yandel bring the house down at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ on Friday, July 30th photo by: Leslie DJ

Wisin and Yandel brought the house down at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City this past Saturday.  The dynamic duo opened the show with the song “Remacha” (Rematch) and sang many of their hits including, “Pam Pam,” “Pegao,” “Ahora Es” and “Sexy Movimiento.”

Wisin & Yandel thank the crowd during their Atlantic City show Friday, July 30th photo by: Leslie DJ

The concert marked the return to the United States of the top-selling Latin Urban artists with their second leg of their successful “La Revolución” US Tour. The concert included surprise performances by artists like Franco “El Gorilla” and Jowell & Randy among others.

The crowd danced and sang along to every tune especially to their older hits, “Mayor Que Yo,” “Mira La Bien” and “Rakata.” The evening was full of singing, dancing and fun surprises it’s no wonder Wisin & Yandel call themselves the leaders in urban music.


Wisin y Yandel hicieron la tarmina vibrar del Taj Mahal en Atlantic City el sábado pasado. El dúo dinámico abrieron el espectáculo con la canción “Remacha” y cantaron muchos de sus éxitos incluyendo, “Pam Pam,” “Pegao,” “Ahora Es” y “Sexy Movimiento.”

El espectáculo marco el regreso de los líderes en ventas de conciertos y música latina urbana a nivel mundial, a los Estados Unidos.  Y la fiesta incluyo presentaciones de Franco “El Gorilla” y Jowell & Randy entre otros.

La audiencia se mantuvo de pies durante el concierto, bailando y cantando sus canciones favoritas como “Mayor Que Yo,” “Mira La Bien” y “Rakata.”  La noche fue una inolvidable  llena de música bailable y sorpresas, con razón Wisin y Yandel se llaman los líderes de la música urbana.

A.B Quintanilla on Acceso Total

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A.B Quintanilla stops by Acceso Total for an exclusive interview, and opens up about the release of his new album “La Vida De un Genio,” which marks his return after a three-year hiatus. The album, his third with Kumbia All Starz, includes the single “Hipnótika.” Check it out!

The free MP3 that is being offering is for his hit single “Hipnotika. ”Its the first time Acceso Total offers a free MP3 for a track that is currently being played on the radio! So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

One on One with Alex Cuba

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Alex Cuba smiles during interview at LAMC photo by: Leslie DJ

“My experience here has been very positive, very great,” said singer-songwriter Alex Cuba regarding his stint at the Latin Alternative Music Conference last week.  While the rest of the performers and showcased artists rotated through the cramped media room where most of the interviews were conducted we chose the quieter hotel lobby at the Roosevelt.

“I got to see a couple of artists I’ve never heard of before,” he said. “Its not to say that I keep an eye out on a lot of music because we have a responsibility as a musician to deliver and that takes up a lot of your time but I’ve been pleasantly surprised musically. That’s what these conferences are supposed to do, expose you [to new music] keep you inspired musically and [lastly] give people the courage to remain unique, different and original.”

We were first introduced to the Cuban-Canadian artist back in April in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the Billboard Latin Music Conference; he was among the panelists at the BMI panel for “How I Wrote That Song” and was the only artist on the panel to perform two full songs acoustically that day. “The day after that, I ended up getting my guitar and playing at the lobby of the hotel. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do everywhere I go because as a Latin person, as a Cubano, who went to live far away and moved to Canada, and has kept his mind open to different things I’ve learned that when you go conferences, at least in Canada, everybody plays and people share their music. In Puerto Rico I didn’t really see anybody carrying a guitar around or playing any music.”

Singer-songwriter Alex Cuba during LAMC in New York photo by: Leslie DJ

He continued, “At the panel [you attended] you saw that artists were performing to tracks and [the other artists] sang a little to that and I was a little bit down about that because music is suppose to be real, [live], so that’s what I’ve been trying to do here.”

The audience at LAMC had received him very well but the singer confessed, “Some of the showcases [were] too short.” Yet he understood the reason behind it, “there are a lot of us” and suggested organizers consider spreading out the performers, “maybe have more venues but have the artists perform for at least three songs,” he said. Adding that narrowing down a set to one or two songs isn’t enough to entice an audience. He found himself making the set list on the spot during the showcased performances, feeding off the mood and crowd’s energy.

He has worked with artists like Nelly Furtado whose hit song “Manos Al Aire” written by Cuba appeared in her Spanish-language debut, “Mi Plan.” When asked if he preferred writing songs for others over writing for himself he said, “I enjoy writing songs for me and singing it for people maybe because I’m not compromised with any major labels or marketing. [When writing my own songs] I’m free and get to have a good time with music.”

When it comes to writing music in general he confessed that the songwriting comes easiest to him in his native tongue, “Spanish is my first language. English is coming [along] slowly but I don’t want to force it. It’s [tied] too much to what I feel when I write [music] in Spanish,” he explained. He did admit wanting to pursue songwriting in English once he feels he can evoke the same emotions in that language.

His success has been similar to a grass root movement. After appearing on NPR’s First Listen feature his current self-titled album skyrocketed to the top reaching #1 on the Alternativo/Rock Latino iTunes chart, proving that one can never underestimate the power of good music. It’s clear that Alex Cuba is destined for greatness and poised to conquer the US.

Los Punsetes Conquistan a Nueva York

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Los Punsetes en Nueva York photo by: Leslie DJ

Los miembros de Los Punsetes se sienten privilegiados de poder asistir la conferencia de la música Latina alternativa en Nueva York.  Esta presentación marca su debuto internacional y primer viaje a la gran manzana.

“Si fuera posible [regresar a Nueva York] varias veces al año volveríamos, nos encantado de verdad,” confeso Chema el baterista.

Los integrantes españoles  han conquistado los jóvenes en su país nativo con su pop alternativo y letras originales que hablan sobre la nueva generación en España.

Durante su primera presentación paso algo inesperado, “no fue bien pero como que estábamos esperando que algo pasara pero no paso, poco a poco la gente fue recibiéndonos mejor,” dijo Chema.

Su siguiente presentación resulto ser la mejor experiencia para el grupo.  “La gente lo disfruto bastante,” dijo Chema.  Ariadna la vocalista explico, “Nunca vianos visto la gente moverse como ayer, ni en todo España que hemos [tenido varias presentaciones] se habían movido así como ayer aquí en Nueva York.”

Lamentablemente la agrupación no les da “de comer” a los miembros de Los Punsetes, ellos nos confesaron que todos tienen careras fuera de la música y aunque no les gusta usar la palabra ‘hobby’ hasta que no encuentren la manera de vivir de su arte Los Punsetes será el proyecto adorado de cada miembro del grupo.

Los Punsetes son: Ariadna (vocales), J. (guitarra), Chema (batería),  Anntona (guitarra), y Gonzalo (bajo).


Los Punsetes feel privileged to be showcased at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.  This mark’s the group’s international debut and first trip to the big apple.

“If it were possible [to return to New York] numerous times a year we would, we’ve had a great time,” confessed drummer Chema.

The Spanish indie heroes have captivated the youth in their native Spain with their quirky, alternative pop that boast original tunes with witty lyrics that speak to Spain’s youth.

During their first showcase performance something unexpected occurred, “it went well but we were expecting something different, little by little the crowd began to warm up to us,” said Chema.

Their second performance proved to be the best reception in the band’s history.  “The crowd really enjoyed it,” said Chema. Ariadna the band’s vocalist explained, “We had never seen an audience move like they did yesterday, not even in Spain [where we’ve played numerous venues] had we seen a crowd move the way they did yesterday in New York.”

Unfortunately the band is unable to survive solely as musicians, the members of Los Punsetes confessed that they each have day jobs outside of the music industry and although they don’t like the word ‘hobby’ until they figure out a way to live off their earnings as musicians Los Punsetes shall remain a side project they hold near and dear to their hearts.

Los Punsetes  are:  Ariadna (vocals), J. (guitar), Chema (drums),  Anntona (guitar), and Gonzalo (bass).

Aventura Rocks the IZOD

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Aventura performs in front of a SOLD OUT crowd at Saturday's July 10th show at the IZOD photo by: Leslie DJ

The Kings of Bachata, Aventura, took the stage on Saturday, July 10th at the IZOD around 9pm. The crowd immediately got to its feet and deafening cheers filled the arena. They got right down to business cranking out hits opening with “Por Un Segundo” and performed hit after hit, cuts from their latest multi-platinum selling album “The Last” like “El Malo,” “Dile Al Amor” and previous recordings, including an acoustic performance of an oldie “Alexandra.”

Romeo gives a fan a lap dance during Saturday's July 10th IZOD center show photo by: Leslie DJ

Their repertoire is so rich they performed for nearly three hours and towards the end of the show slowed things down and took requests from the audience.

Their repertoire is so rich they performed for nearly three hours and towards the end of the show slowed things down and took requests from the audience.  But by the far the most exciting portion of any Aventura show is when lead singer and songwriter, Romeo, picks a curvy girl from the audience to live out his fantasy of wanting to dance like Usher and dances for a lucky girl. He chose a robust curly-haired young woman who lay on the stage’s staircase and prepared for her lap dance. She held on to his thighs as Romeo proceeded to grind up and down her chest and gyrated on her face.

After the dance he helped her up and gave her a kiss on the lips converting the young woman into the most hated girl of the evening.

The performance was bitter sweet it marked the first of their two night stint at the IZOD center for their last US show for a while. Many in attendance traveled from different parts of New Jersey and New York City to see their favorite group perform for the last time.

LAMC Event Recap July 6th-10th

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Live Music

Hip Hop Reina Ana Tijoux performs during LAMC Summer Stage show photo by: Leslie DJ

Ana Tijoux kicked things off at Wednesday’s Summer Stage appearance as part of The Latin Alternative Music Conference series showcase. The 11th annual Latin Alternative Music Conference was once again held in New York City and featured some of Latin music’s promising up and coming artists of Alternative music. The Chilean rapper kicked the festivities off on Tuesday, July 6th with an in-store performance at the Soho Apple Store and kept the crowd going during one of the hottest summer nights New York has seen in years in Central Park.

“It’s difficult to present yourself to a new crowd and speak bad English,” said the young MC. The bilingual Hip Hop reina (she’s a native Spanish and French speaker) briefly introduced each song in English before embarking on her Spanish language tracks.  She performed cuts off her critically acclaimed US debut album “1977” including “Problema de 2” and her hit single, “1977.”

From Chile to Spain—following Anita Tijoux was Spain’s El Guincho whose infectious experimental-electro beats drew a dancing crowd. As the sun began to set the crowd began to multiply it was clear the majority were there to see Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible an electronica group from Tijuana, Mexico.

The Panels

Panelists discuss the usage of Latin Alternative music licensing in Film & Television photo by: Leslie DJ

Randy Frisch, founder of LoveCat Music, moderated Friday’s licensing panel and began by stating, “welcome to the best panel you’ll ever attend,” he said before introducing the panelists. Panelists included the Vice President of Marketing for ESPN International, Juan Jose Alfonso, Music Supervisor on “Nurse Jackie” & “Bored To Death” Michael Hill among others.  The panelists discussed the growing trend of Latin Alternative Music in different markets.

Guitar display at Roosevelt Hotel during LAMC photo by: Leslie DJ

15 years ago when Television producers sought Latin music they’d immediately select a salsa tune. Now the possibilities are endless and the market along with its audience are more open minded to newer genres which is why Juan Jose Alfonso believes Latin music should be thought of as being music from Latin America. Randy Frisch explained, “Latin music is not music specifically from Latin America, it’s a specific style of music from all over.”

Michael Hill concluded that, “it isn’t [about] the language, it’s the mood and feel and that’s what can make Latin music appealing.”

While members of the press trickled in and out of the media room conducting artist interviews with LAMC performers and showcased artists, conference registrants stocked up on flyers, CD samples and stickers while others played in the Jack Daniels sponsored tent Guitar Hero.

Exclusive Prince Royce Performance on Acceso Total

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Our friends at Acceso Total have just launched another performance this time with new Dominican artist Prince Royce.

Same as with Juan Luis Guerra, they are also offering a free MP3 for his single “Tu y Yo” which can be found here. The MP3 will be available through 8/1 and the code is PRINCEROYCE.  So what are you waiting for download it now!


Nuestro amigos en Acceso Total han lanzado otro concierto en exclusivo y esta ves es con el cantante Dominicano Prince Royce.

Igual como la oferta de Juan Luis Guerra, ellos están ofreciendo a MP3 de su nuevo sencillo “Tu y Yo” totalmente gratis. Haz clic aquí para descárgalo. La oferta se vence el día primero de Agosto y el código especial es PRINCEROYCE. Así que muévanse y ¡descarga la canción ahora!

Aventura to Receive Sinister Girlz Award for Best Latin Album, “The Last”

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File photo: Aventura poses during Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico photo by: Leslie DJ

Bachata supergroup Aventura is set to take the IZOD center by storm this coming weekend as the Kings of Bachata gear up to perform two consecutive nights at the New Jersey arena on July 10th and 11th. The unstoppable Latin group is currently on their second leg of their “The Last Tour” in support of their wildly successful and critically acclaimed album “The Last.”

Back in December “The Last” was named ‘Best Latin Album of 2009’ by for its stellar songwriting, “ The songs are beautifully crafted lyrically and musically and songs like “Dile Al Amor” (Tell Love), “Su Veneno” (Her Poison) and “Peligro” (Danger) have cemented their status as Kings of Bachata. There is no doubt that “The Last” is not only one of the best Latin albums of 2009 but also one of the best across genres. Bravo, Aventura, bravo.”

Sinister Girlz plans to present the bachateros with the “Star Performer” award for their achievement in music and overall awesomeness.


El groupo Aventura toma la tarima este fin de semana en Nueva Jersey en el IZOD Center, los reyes de la Bachata se presentaran por dos noches consecutivas este 10 y 11 de Julio.  El fenómeno musical, Aventura, están calentando los motores para la segunda tanda de la gira “The Last.”

En Diciembre del año pasado el álbum “The Last” fue nombrado el mejor álbum latino del 2009 por por su interpretaciones y temas como “Dile Al Amor,” “Su Veneno,”  y “Peligro.” Canciones como estas han llevando la bachata dominicana a extraordinarias alturas y sin duda Aventura son los reyes de la Bachata. piensa presentar el premio de excelencia, “Star Performer” a Aventura por su posición como agrupación más cotizada en la escena de la música hispana actual.

A Message From Wisin & Yandel

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Click on the photo to see video message from Wisin and Yandel

Reggaetón duo Wisin & Yandel wants you to join them in Atlantic City on Friday, July 30th for the second leg of their Revolution Tour. The dynamic duo recorded a special greeting (in Spanish) for their fans in the south Jersey personally inviting them to attend the must see reggaetón concert of the summer.


El dúo dinámico Wisin y Yandel lo invitan a Atlantic City el viernes 30 de julio para la segunda parte de su gira mundial La Revolución. El dúo grabaron un mensaje especial (en Español) para sus fanáticos residiendo en Nueva Jersey personalmente invitándolos al concierto mas esperado del genero este verano.

Shakira Rocks Glastonbury Festival

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Photo Credit: Gabriela Diaz

International superstar Shakira lived a once in a lifetime opportunity by performing in the Glastonbury Festival in England before more than 120,ooo spectators this past Saturday on June 26th. The artist performed her greatest hits including the official theme for the FIFA World Cup, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).” The video for the single is the most viewed video this month on YouTube.

Shakira did not only attract one of the largest crowds that weekend but she also became the most viewed artist on BBC iPlayer.

During the last minutes of the show, the public enthusiastically chanted, “Olé, Olé, Olé” while Shakira sang two of her biggest hits, “Hips Don’t Lie” and “She Wolf”.


Con una presentación ante más de 120.000 personas, la artista se llevó el #1 en reproducciones del BBC iPlayer

Photo Credit: Gabriela Diaz

La estrella internacional Shakira vivió un momento único en su vida al presentarse en el Festival Glastonbury de Inglaterra ante más de 120.000 espectadores el pasado sábado 26 de Junio. La artista deleitó al público interpretando sus grandes éxitos, así como el actual tema oficial de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”, cuyo video es el más visto este mes en YouTube.

Shakira no sólo atrajo a una de las mayores audiencias del fin de semana, sino que también pasó a ser la artista más vista en el BBC iPlayer.

Durante los últimos minutos del show, el público exaltado de entusiasmo coreaba  “Olé, Olé, Olé” mientras Shakira interpretaba sus grandes éxitos “Hips Don’t Lie” y “She Wolf”.

Source: digital Girl Inc.

Exclusive Juan Luis Guerra Performance By Acceso Total

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Juan Luis Guerra opens up on Acceso Total about the new album “ASONDEGUERRA” and the single “Bachata en Fukuoka.” Don’t miss this exclusive interview with the ultimate figure of Dominican music. Plus he performs several songs from this new production!

From now until 7/15 they are offering a free MP3 download of his track “Como Yo” which you can download by going to the free download tab here.  The claim code for this track is COMOYO.

Juan Luis Guerra comparte con Acceso Total todo sobre su nuevo álbum “ASONDEGUERRA” y el sencillo “Bachata en Fukuoka”. ¡No te pierdas esta exclusiva entrevista con el máximo presentante de la música dominicana, porque además interpreta varios temas de esta nueva producción!

Wisin & Yandel Back In The USA By Popular Demand For Second Leg of Tour

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Top-selling Latin Urban artists Wisin & Yandel are returning to the United States this summer for the second leg of their successful “La Revolución” US Tour.  The duo, who have sold out Madison Square Garden, Staples Center and American Airlines Arena, return by popular demand, to cities they had not been able to visit during the first leg of their tour.

“We are beyond excited to be returning to the US this summer.  Last time we visited major venues in 15 cities and now, because of overwhelming fan requests, we get to bring our show to additional markets,” expressed Wisin. “We feel very proud to be able to perform from coast to coast, especially in cities where major Latin tours do not usually visit,” added Yandel.

Wisin & Yandel have been hugely successful during their 11 year career as a duo. They have garnered numerous multi-platinum certifications in the United States and Latin America and dozens of prestigious awards including a Grammy and two Latin Grammys.

Wisin & Yandel’s shows are nothing short of exhilarating.  The duo travels with their 7 piece band, 8 dancers, and a state-of-the art audiovisual show, but the true stars, are Wisin & Yandel.  They deliver their unique brand of Latin urban music, a fusion of genres and styles, with unmatched power and passion.

In concert, Wisin & Yandel have proven to be a force to be reckoned with, becoming the only artists in the Urban Latin Music (Reggaeton) genre to sell out both the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.  The duo have also received international acclaim in countries where urban music had traditionally not been embraced, among them Mexico, where they have sold-out multiple shows at the most important venues in the country including: Palacio de los Deportes and Auditorio Nacional and throughout Argentina, where they recently closed a triumphant 7 city tour including shows at the Estadio Argentinos Juniors (Diego Maradona) in Buenos Aires. They have been described as “a phenomenon” by a journalist who witnessed the hysteria the duo generated throughout Mexico with their “La Revolución” tour.

“After the success of the first-leg of their sold out arena tour, we realized that Wisin & Yandel’s fan base reached far beyond the top Hispanic markets.  With that in mind, we wanted to bring this incredible show to the fans in those cities.  We also recognize the need to present quality shows to emerging Latin markets and cultivate those fan bases” said Rebeca Leon, VP of Latin Talent for AEG Live / Goldenvoice.

For additional Wisin & Yandel and “La Revolución” tour information, log on to:


Wisin y Yandel Regresan a Estados Unidos Para La Continuacion De Su Exitosa Gira “La Revolucion”

Wisin y Yandel, los líderes en ventas de conciertos y música latina urbana a nivel mundial, regresan a los Estados Unidos este verano para presentar la segunda parte de su exitosa gira “La Revolución”. Tras haber vendido a capacidad sus conciertos en Madison Square Garden en Nueva York, Staples Center en Los Angeles y American Airlines Arena en Miami, el dúo llevará su espectáculo a mercados donde no habían tenido la oportunidad de presentarse durante la parte inicial de su gira estadounidense.

“Estamos emocionadísimos de poder regresar a los escenarios de Estados Unidos este verano.  En la primera parte de la gira visitamos 15 ciudades y ahora, debido a la gran demanda por parte de nuestros fans, tenemos la oportunidad de traer nuestra música a muchas ciudades mas,” expresó Wisin. “Nos sentimos orgullosos de poder presentar nuestros conciertos de costa a costa incluyendo en ciudades en las cuales pocos artistas latinos logran presentarse,” agregó Yandel.

Wisin y Yandel han triunfado enormemente durante sus once años de carrera musical cantando a dúo; y año tras año han ido acumulado éxito tras éxito. Ellos han sido galardonados con numerosos discos de multi-platino en Estados Unidos y América Latina; y docenas de prestigiosos premios incluyendo un Grammy y dos Grammy Latinos.

El dúo ha demostrado ser una fuerza arrasadora con sus presentaciones de conciertos.  Son los únicos artistas de Reggaeton que han logrado llenos totales tanto en Madison Square Garden y Radio City Music Hall de Nueva York como en el Staples Center de Los Angeles. También han sido aclamados en países como México y Argentina, donde hasta ahora, la música latina urbana no había recibido gran popularidad. En México lograron  vender a capacidad varias noches en El Palacio de Los Deportes y en el Auditorio Nacional, y fueron calificados como “un fenómeno” por un periodista que fue testigo de la histeria que se desató durante los shows de “La Revolución” en ese país. En Argentina, donde recientemente completaron una gira triunfante por las siete provincias mas importantes del país, se presentaron a lleno total en el Estadio Argentinos Juniors (Diego Maradona) de Buenos Aires.

Las presentaciones de Wisin y Yandel son electrizantes. El dúo viaja con una banda de siete músicos, ocho bailarines y una presentación audiovisual y de pirotecnia del mas alto calibre tecnológico. Pero las estrellas absolutas del espectáculo son Wisin y Yandel con su estilo único de interpretar su música. . . una fusión de estilos y géneros presentados con fuerza y pasión inigualable.

“Tras el éxito rotundo de la primera parte de su gira estadounidense totalmente vendida, nos dimos cuenta que la fanaticada de Wisin y Yandel se extiende aun mas allá de los grandes mercados hispanos del país. Con esto en mente, decidimos traerle este espectáculo impresionante al público de esas otras ciudades.  También reconocemos la necesidad de presentar shows de calidad a esos mercados que aunque son mas pequeños tienen poblaciones latinas que siguen creciendo.  Queremos complacer y cultivar a esa gran fanaticada,” dijo Rebeca León, Vice Presidenta de Talento Latino para AEG / Goldenvoice.

Los boletos estarán a la venta al público en general a través de Ticketmaster en y en la taquilla de los teatros o estadios.

Para mas información sobre Wisin y Yandel y “La Revolución” vaya a:

This Won’t Be The Last You Hear From Aventura

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Aventura smiles for the cameras during Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, PR. Photo by: Leslie DJ

Their success has been well documented on the Billboard Charts and also by Sound scan, their album “The Last” has been certified triple platinum and their tour by the same name recently ranked #2 on Alternative Press’ Top 20 Concert Tour List beating out Lady Gaga and John Mayer. At last night’s Billboard Latin Music Awards they nabbed 9 awards for their achievements on both the Top Latin Albums sales chart and Hot Latin Songs airplay chart. It is without a doubt that Aventura are the Kings of Bachata.

The day before the ceremony the urban Bachata group partook in a panel discussion during the Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They opened up about the early years, their rise to the top, upcoming hiatus and future, will Aventura regroup? The answer is yes.

Although their multi-platinum album is titled “The Last” this album will not be the last for the Bronx natives. However, it will mark the last “fully Bachata album” for the group, but more on that later.

The success keeps coming, Aventura wins 9 awards at the 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards for their album "The Last" photo by: Leslie DJ

“This group sounded awful at first,” admitted singer-songwriter Anthony “Romeo” Santos. Their first couple of shows wasn’t well received; the group was criticized for their choice in music and the singer’s unique voice.

“I remember this sound guy taking the microphone away from Anthony and yelling, ‘Stop singing like that, sing deeper, louder so that people can hear you,” recalled back up singer, composer Henry Santos Jeter. “I was so embarrassed,” said Henry.

“You were embarrassed? Imagine how I felt,” added Romeo.

They regrouped and began tinkering with their own sound incorporating bilingual lyrics and urban elements to their songs. Their break would come with the release of their 2002 single, “Obsesión” (Obsession) and would spawn numerous remakes and remixes including Frankie J’s take titled “Obsession (No Es Amor).”

“For two years people on the streets would call me ‘Obsesion’,” said Romeo.

“People even thought that was the name of the group,” said Henry.

“That’s when I said, ‘I gotta write another song,” said Romeo.

From Left to Right: Lenny Santos, Henry Santos Jeter, Anthony 'Romeo' Santos and Max 'Mickey' Santos photo by: Leslie DJ

The songs that followed surpassed the success of their break-through single, songs like “Hermanita” (Little Sister), “Llorar” (Cry), “Angelito” (Little Angel), “La Boda” (The Wedding) and “Un Beso” (A Kiss) became instant classics and fan favorites, but it wasn’t until “Ella y Yo” (“Her and I”) the collaboration with reggaetón superstar Don Omar that they’d have their first taste of cross-over success. Till then they were mainly popular with Dominican audiences.

“When the song with Don Omar came out people started to take notice, they’d come up to me and say ‘I didn’t know you did reggaetón’ and ‘you’re the ones that sing those [other] songs?’” said Romeo. Their audience had expanded and they began to win over Puerto Rican audiences.

In 2007, brothers Lenny Santos (guitarists/arranger/producer) and Max ‘Mickey’ Santos (Bassist) along with Henry and Romeo embarked on the Kings of Bachata Tour and became the first Bachata act to sell out Madison Square Garden. The concert DVD would eventually be certified 8x Multi-Platinum by the RIAA.

Lenny recalls looking into the screaming crowd and getting choked up. He said, “In the [early years of the group’s formation] we use to walk downtown and we’d pass the Garden. I remember looking over at Anthony and going ‘think we’ll ever get to sell out that place someday?’ and Anthony would say, ‘yea’ but I’m sure he didn’t really believe it at the time.”

Nor could they believe that they could duplicate the success and sell out four consecutive shows at Madison Square garden something they recently achieved with ‘The Last Tour’ earlier this year. “That’s something only someone like Madonna has ever done,” said Romeo.

Henry, Romeo and Mikey smile during the Q & A at Billboards Latin Music Conference photo by: Leslie DJ

“After those shows we looked at each other and went ‘what’s next? Yankee Stadium?’” said Henry. The group hopes to someday fulfill that dream but once they do they’ll have to look even further, “I don’t know, Mars maybe?” joked Romeo.

Their success has translated overseas countries like Russia, Mexico, Venezuela and other parts of Europe and South America have welcomed the group with open arms, performing to sold out crowds in countries with little or no comprehension of Spanish, which is why fans were flabbergasted when rumors that the group was calling it quits surfaced. They assured that another Aventura album will be released but once their current world tour wraps up the members will work on individual projects. Lenny promises to stay behind the scenes and work closely with other artists as a producer. His brother Max will be working behind the scenes as well with up and comers and is set to release a compilation album, “Max Music, Vol 1. Coming soon,” he promised and also plans to work on a solo rap album at some point. Henry will debut his solo project some time next year while Romeo has his sights set on acting and writing for other artists. Romeo is currently composing songs for Marc Anthony for a future project and admits he’d love to collaborate with, “Juan Luis Guerra.”

BMI Artists Recognized For Achievements on Billboard Latin Charts

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BMI artists: La Secta Allstar, Da'Zoo, Angel & Khriz, Ivy Queen and Alex Cuba pose during Billboard Latin Conference Panel Discussion photo by: Leslie DJ

During Thursday’s BMI discussion panel, “How I Wrote That Song” an impromptu jam session broke out. The panelists included reggaetón duo Angel & Khriz, singer-songwriter Alex Cuba, reggaetón diva Ivy Queen, Puerto Rican electro fusion band Da’Zoo and members of La Secta Allstar. As clips of the songwriters’ hit songs were played so that the artists could divulge the stories behind their songs the performers sang and played along to the fading track, performing the remaining portions of the songs.

Ivy Queen’s hit song; “Que Lloren” (Let Them Cry) became a Top 10 hit and the female anthem of 2008. The song opens up with the lyrics, “They told me that men shouldn’t cry/ And that they don’t die of a broken heart/ that’s not true/they all fall in love/they fall for a touch…”

The song came to her in the unlikeliest way, after a late night run to the supermarket. She said, “A kid came running and he fell down and scrapped his knee. His father scolds him and says to shake it off cause ‘men don’t cry’ I stood there looking at this and just thought, ‘what the fuck?’ I went to house and with pen and paper in my hand I wrote the song with that in mind.”

Angel & Khriz awarded #1 Song of The Decade for "Ven Bailalo" photo by: Leslie DJ

Angel & Khriz’s hit “Ven Bailalo” (Come Dance) came about one night in Angel’s apartment as his wife folded clothes in the bedroom and he played with his son. His song was restless that night and so Angel began to sing to him, “Ven Bailalo, ay ven Bailalo” (Come dance, oh come dance) as he bounced his son on his knee. His wife shouted from the other room that she liked the hook he was singing that it sounded catchy. He gave his son to his wife and locked himself in the bathroom and penned the lyrics. “I went to the studio that same night and recorded the chorus, the following morning we played it back and Khriz said we had a hit.” Although the duo hails from Puerto Rico Angel said something inside him inspired him to dedicate it to the Dominican Republic, “my sister island” he said.

The song was an instant hit in the Caribbean and beyond. BMI employees presented the duo with a plaque from Billboard proclaiming their single, “Ven Bailalo” #1 Song of The Decade. The guys were thrilled, “We can’t believe it,” they said and dedicated the award to their fans in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Ivy Queen was also presented with a certificate of achievement for her songwriting on her other hit single, “Dime.” The diva got teary-eyed when she stood up to receive her certificate and gold metal.


Durante el panel de BMI titulado “Como Escribí Esa Canción” los músicos comenzaron a cantar y tocar las canciones que lo hicieron famoso. Los panelistas incluyeron reggaetóneros Angel & Khriz, cantante y compositor Alex Cuba, la diva Ivy Queen, grupo Puertorriqueño Da’Zoo y miembros de La Secta Allstar. Mientras que mostraban pedacitos de las canciones los músicos continuaban las canciones tocándola acústica con quitara o tocando las palmas mientras terminaban las canciones.

Ivy Queen también fue reconocida por su canción “Dime” photo by: Leslie DJ

La canción de Ivy Queen, “Que Lloren” se convirtió en un éxito manteniéndose en el tope de la listas Billboards y también se convirtió en el himno femenino del 2008. La canción abre con las letras, “Me dijeron que los hombre no deben llorar/ Y que de amor no se mueren/ eso no es verdad /Todos caen por amor/ caen por una caricia…”

La inspiración vino una noche durante un viaje al supermercado. “Salía un niño corriendo y se callo. Y el papa lo levanto y le dijo, ‘sacúdase que los hombres no lloran’ Y pensé, ‘what the fuck?’  Y fui pa’ mi casa con libreta en mano y escribí la canción con eso en mente.”

El éxito de Ángel & Khriz “Ven Báilalo” le llego a Ángel una noche en su apartamento mientras que su esposa doblaba la ropa limpia. Su hijo estaba de meses y estaba muy inquieto entonce Ángel le comenzó a canta, “Ven Báilalo, ay ven Báilalo” mientras lo mecía. Su esposa le bocio, “Me gusta lo que estas cantando, suena pegajoso,” dijo el cantante. El le entrego el niño a su esposa y se tranco en el baño y comenzó a escribir las letras de la canción. Esa misma noche se fue para el estudio a grabar el coro. El próximo día le puso la canción a Khriz y el le aseguro que tenían un éxito. Aunque el dúo es de Puerto Rico, Angel admitió que algo dentro del lo inspiro a dedicarle la canción a la Republica Dominicana, “mi tierra hermana,” el dijo.

La canción fue un éxito en el caribe y en varios países. Los empleados de BMI le presento una placa al dúo  de parte de Billboards proclamando la canción “Ven Báilalo” la canción #1 de la década. Los jóvenes estaban encantados, “no lo podemos creer,” ellos dijeron y le dedicaron el premio a Puerto Rico y la Republica Dominicana.

Ivy Queen también fue reconocida por su canción “Dime.” La diva estaba llena de emoción cuando le entregaron el certificado y la medalla de oro.

Highlights from the Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, PR

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Zone D'Tambora performing to an outdoor crowd in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

The NULIFE ENTERTAINMENT sponsored event was held outdoors overlooking the coast in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two small stages were erected in between a couple of palm trees, standing side by side with instruments, microphones and stands in place awaiting the musicians.

N’Klabe the Puerto Rican salsa group kicked things off with a rhythmic performance that drew dancing crowds. Playing to an intimate crowd of industry insiders, the press and fan club members of the evening’s headliners the performers shined underneath the neon stage lights and tropical climate.

Winner of this year's Latin American Idol Dominican singer Martha Heredia performing alongside Zone D'Tambora photo by: Leslie DJ

Following in N’Klabe’s energetic footsteps were merengue group Zone D’Tambora who gained popularity after appearing as contestants on reality competition ¡Viva el Sueño! (Live the Dream!). They were joined onstage by another reality show contestant, this year’s winner of Latin American Idol, Martha Heredia. The Dominican singer belted it out during the group’s final number.

The two stage set up proved to be successful. It cut the wait time in half while a group or performer was on one stage wrapping things up, the following act would be setting up in the unlit stage. When the lights dimmed on stage one, stage two’s lights would rise and the next performer would take the mike.

Victor Manuelle draws a dancing crowd during his set in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

Then came the time to salsa, the moment the combo got the rhythm section going and Victor Manuelle took center stage the crowd went wild. He got right down to business performing hit, “Mirame” (Look At Me) from his 2009 Tropical album “Yo Mismo.” The sonero (Son is believed to be the foundation on which salsa was created and originated in Cuba and features Afro-Cuban rhythms) was suppose to perform cuts from his upcoming album but stated that he planned on breaking the rules that night, straying from only performing new tracks and singing fan favorites like, “Dile a Ella” (Tell Her) and “Tengo Ganas” (I have the urge). The evening also included performances from Bachata Heightz, Ivan and Elvis Crespo.

In-Depth Session with Marc Anthony

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Marc Anthony at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony was greeted with hundreds of flashbulbs. The salsa singer was at the Billboard Latin Music Conference to debut his new single, “Y Como Es El” and other cuts from his forthcoming album. The acclaimed Puerto Rican star opened up about his creative process, his philanthropy and his upcoming album due out May 27th.

“Mr. Lopez” as he jokingly referred to himself as credits his wife, Jennifer, for getting him back into the studio. “I told her I’m not ready [to go back into the studio] and she said, ‘you better be ready’ and got me into the studio,” he said. “That was the [edited version] of the story, it was more like, ‘you better get your f***ing butt in that studio.”

He revealed he records his songs in one or two takes. He’s a firm believer he should be able to sing the songs in one take, “I like to treat it like I’m performing it live,” he said. Like in most live performances, “things happen,” he admitted. “But it’s safe [because] It’s in a studio so you can always [go back] and retouch them.”

His performances are always emotional. They seem very personal as if you’re intruding on a private moment. Marc revealed he stuttered as a kid and was painfully shy to the point that he would refuse to talk. He then discovered that his speech impediment would disappear when he sang. “It was my savior,” he confessed. “I preferred to sing than to talk so I protected it, [singing] was mine and that’s why when I do anything I do it wholeheartedly. I have to get it right.” He continued, “It’s been good to me so I have to be good to it.”

He shared that many of the songs that are sent to him are sent in ballad form, “my style is very particular, so I need to fall in love with it in the simplest form, find its essence to then record it my way [in salsa].”

On Thursday night’s Billboard Latin Music Awards the singer was awarded the Spirit of Hope Award for his philanthropic work, the day prior to the ceremony at the interview session, he was hesitant about speaking publicly regarding his charitable work stating that it’s something he does out of the kindness of his heart and not for publicity. However, he disclosed that he became passionate about sponsoring health programs that help underprivileged families get the medical attention, they otherwise couldn’t afford after the birth of his twin daughter Emme. “One doctor told us there was something they needed to keep an eye on.” The news was heartbreaking, but he could assemble a team of the best doctors within hours to observe her and run tests. “As a parent,” he said tearing up, “I can’t imagine getting that news and not being fortunate enough to afford the top doctors to look after my child.”

His album of ballad covers is yet to hit stores, and already he’s restless about getting to work on a follow-up, “it’s time, it’s time for me to record a new salsa album,” he said. “I like to get to the point where I can’t breathe that I’m so anxious that I have to get back [into the studio] to work on my next project.” Apparently that time is now.

Paulina Rubio and Wyclef Jean Return the Love

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Wyclef Jean and Paulina Rubio at the Billboard Latin Music Conference photo by: Leslie DJ

Paulina Rubio and Wyclef Jean “Return The Love” at the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. The stars partnered with Western Union for a campaign that salutes mothers and the hard work they’ve done through the years.

Wyclef’s relationship with Western Union dates back to his “days in the hood.” He said, “When I was in New York my mom would call me and say, ‘if you send it Western Union the money will come. You send it any other way and the money won’t arrive, so send it Western Union.” He admitted that the way to his mother’s heart was through her wallet. He said, “If my mama can ask me for anything I know she’ll want money. So Mama I know you’re watching so I’ma send you some money.”

Paulina Rubio also spoke candidly about her relationship with her mother, “everyone who knows me knows I love my mom and how special she is to me. So what better way to pay her back than with Western Union,” said the Mexican singer.

Wyclef only had wonderful things to say about the singer, “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of working with beautiful women, I know Paulina’s married and I’m married that’s why I’m avoiding eye contact so that I don’t get hypnotized,” he said.

The admiration was mutual Paulina admitted being a fan of Wyclef’s music from his days in The Fugees, “He’s a genius, and the best part is he doesn’t act like a genius.”

Their performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards will carry over to a special performance for Moms of the military and will eventually perform on a West Coast base for military moms.

They eventually want to record a song in the studio and Paulina promised, “The best is yet to come.”

Elvis Crespo Silences The Critics

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Elvis Crespo's candid Q&A session during the Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

San Juan, Puerto Rico was the place to be for all the events leading up to the 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Prior to the award show Billboard hosted a Billboard Latin Music Conference, four full days of panels, music showcases and celebrity Q&As.

For the first time the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Conference were held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“The moment you step off the airplane [you can sense the party vibe] it smells like party and combo,” stated Merengue artist Elvis Crespo during his one on one discussion on the state and evolution of tropical music. Former member of Merengue group Manía hopped onstage full of energy and displaying his bright smile.

He is best known for his hit “Suavemente” the song is a staple at most weddings and birthday parties and is well known by non-Spanish speakers. It’s the go-to Merengue tune blasted at American parties. But what the Puerto Rican singer would quickly find out is that with a hit song come a lot of responsibilities. He grew tired of single and at one point refused to perform it live. Plagued by the constant pressure of duplicating the success of the song the singer felt trapped and ultimately decided that in order to carry on he would need to be proud of his hit single and move on with his career. Now he’s so proud of the success the song has brought him he admitted to performing the song twice during most of his sets.

Crtitics have called the singer a one-note artist claiming that his songs all sound the same to which he said, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it. If the musicologists don’t like my music then go look for another artist to critique.” He admitted that the critics drove him to hire new pianists and guitarists for his follow-up album and he “didn’t sell a single record!” Now he takes pride in his sound and no longer cares what critics think.

His upcoming album is set to be released in August and will feature Merengue and Bachata as well as collaborations with artists like Dominican singer Omega who is famous for his urban interpretation of Merengue.


Leila Cobo interviews Elvis Crespo photo by: Leslie DJ

Por la primera vez en la historia de los premios Billboard Latinos los premios y la conferencia fueron presentados desde San Juan, Puerto Rico. La conferencia de los Billboard Latinos incluye cuatro días llenos de eventos, fiestas y entrevistas con los artistas mas pegado en la música Latina.

“Desde que te abaja del avión [te das cuenta que el aire] vuele a fiesta y a combo” dijo el merenguero Puertorriqueño.

El ex­-integrante del grupo Manía, Elvis Crespo, subió la tarima lleno de energía y con su sonrisa brillante.

El merenguero admitió que su éxito “Suavemente” fue tan exitoso y la cantaba tanto que la dejo de cantar. Cuando el dejo de buscar otra canción que duplicara el éxito de el sencillo “Suavemente” se comenzó a sentir orgulloso de su éxito y ahora la canta dos veces en sus presentaciones.

Sobre la critica que sus canciones suenan igual el cantante admitió, “si la formula te esta funcionando no la cambies. Si al musicólogo no le gusta que busque otro músico que criticar.” El también admitió que la criticas lo llevaron a buscar diferente guitarristas y pianistas para el lanzamiento que siguió su primer disco y “no vendí ni un disco” el dijo. Por eso es que ahora el no se lleva de la critica.

Su próximo lanzamiento, que sale en Agosto, incluyera Merengue y Bachata y colaboraciones con el cantante Dominicano Omega que es famoso por sus interpretaciones urbanas.

The Evolution of the Latin Urban Movement

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DJ Nelson, Tito el Bambino, Ivy Queen, AB Quintanilla among others at Billboard Latin Music Conference in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

The urban music movement is alive and well and what better place to discuss the future of a movement that spawned the genre that was deemed a fad but has continually revolutionized Latin music, than in Puerto Rico the birthplace of Reggaetón.  Some of Reggaetón’s brightest stars took center stage at Tuesday’s “The evolution of the Latin Urban Movement” panel. Producers, DJs and music veterans like Tito el Bambino, Ivy Queen and up and comers Chino y Nacho and Kumbia King A.B. Quintanilla were among the diverse group of panelists who spoke about the evolution of the genre, their beginnings and future of this generation defining music.

Before Daddy Yankee’s breakthrough hit “Gasolina” artists like Ivy Queen and Tito el Bambino were hustling, selling cassette demos out of the trunks of their cars in the streets of Puerto Rico. Knocking on every industry door and continually getting rejected. Reigning female Reggaetón diva Ivy Queen recalls those days and is humbled by the experience. She said, ”I’ve been a Reggaetón artist for 18 years and I’m honestly thankful to God and the men sitting behind me on this panel for supporting me and I honestly love them.”

Tito el Bambino and Ivy Queen during panel discussion photo by: Leslie DJ

“We’ve been here since the beginning,” said Tito el Bambino, “selling our music for eight dollars a piece.”

Insomnio Inc. producer Echo recalled the days when no one wanted to sign a Reggaetón artist or give them airplay yet now he’s bombarded with demos of aspiring artists who claim to be the next Tito el Bambino to which he said, “I don’t want to hear that you sound like Tito el Bambino.” He continued, “If you want me to listen to your music you have to sell it to me, tell me what you have to bring to the table. What you can contribute to the genre. We already have Tito el Bambino we don’t need another one.”

Echo spoke candidly about the business and how it’s changed since the heyday of Gasolina, “At first no one wanted to know about Reggaetón the moment it became popular everyone was signing any artist that performed Reggaetón just to say they had Reggaetón artists. But now you have to stand out in order to get signed.”

A.B. Quintanilla takes a minute to greet fans after panel discussion in San Juan, PR photo by: Leslie DJ

A.B. Quintanilla had the following to say in regards, “you can’t copy [other artists] you have to find new ways of interpreting the music so that the genre can continue to evolve.” The Kumbia King singer confessed he’s trying to break into the urban market explaining that he’s fusing Regional, Cumbia, Rap and elements of Hip Hop to branch out and push musical boundaries further. As far as he’s concerned success is not hard to achieve, “the hard part is not reaching the top or being number one, what’s hard is staying there…If you enter this game thinking ‘I want a nice car’ or I want to be a millionaire don’t bother. It takes a lot of hard work and passion; enter this game because you love it. I’m here because I love my public and my art.”

Enrique Iglesias colabora a escribir una nueva pagina en la historia entre Santo Domingo y Haiti

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Ayer fue un día genuinamente histórico en Santo Domingo. A 100 días del terrible terremoto que dejó asolado Haití, se realizó el increíble concierto de estrellas convocado por Juan Luis Guerra.

Juan Luis Guerra agradeció profundamente a todos sus colaboradores en forma directa a sus colegas artistas les deseó que Dios les devuelva 100 veces o más de lo que están dando todos hoy por Haití”.

Enrique, quien está por debutar en la radio con su nuevo sencillo “Cuando Me Enamoro” el próximo 26 de abril, se siente honrado de este dueto con Juan Luis Guerra.

“Como artistas, tenemos sueños por concretar. Unos más grandes, otros más pequeños. Y… cantar con el Sr. Guerra era una de esas metas que atesoras con ilusión”, comentó.

Respecto a su participación en Un Canto de Esperanza por Haití, agregó: “Mas que un honor, fue un deber estar aquí. Pocas veces tenemos la oportunidad como artistas de aportar nuestro granito de arena a causas tan loables. Compartir ésta aventura tan bonita con colegas a los que admiro tanto, me da aún más satisfacción. Gracias Juan Luis por hacernos partes y vamos por más por Haití, porque este es solo el inicio. Queda mucho más por hacer”, concretó.

De la mano de figuras como: Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias, Johnny Ventura, Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Maridalia Hernández, Miguel Bosé, Milly Quezada y… el cantautor dominicano – a través de su propia Fundación – ha logrado reunir el esfuerzo conjunto de importantes empresas, para que de la mano con la Fundación Sur Futuro y las Naciones Unidas, puedan lograr su meta de construir un nuevo Hospital para los niños afectados en Haití.

Este evento rebasa las fronteras entre Haití y la República Dominicana, país que desde el primer día del siniestro- se ha visto solidario y activo para con sus hermanos de la Isla.”

Source: Universal Music Latino

Enrique Iglesias lanza “Cuando Me Enamoro” dueto con Juan Luis Guerra

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Después del éxito de “UNO 95/08″ (Grandes Éxitos) con el cual logró varios discos de oro y platino y alcanzó ventas de más de 1.5 millones de unidades digitales, Enrique Iglesias presentará el 26 de abril  “CUANDO ME ENAMORO”,  primer sencillo de su nuevo álbum.  El mismo saldrá a la venta en el mes de julio en más de 70 países.

Con “CUANDO ME ENAMORO” Enrique cumplió uno de sus sueños al lograr que Juan Luis Guerra participara cantando a dueto con él y que además aceptara ser parte de la canción sin hacerle modificación alguna. Al respecto, Enrique comenta: “Como siempre he dicho, el señor Juan Luis Guerra es uno de los mejores compositores contemporáneos del mundo. Siempre tuve la inquietud de hacer algo importante con él y creo que todo llega en el momento perfecto. Me siento muy halagado de que a Juan Luis le haya gustado mi tema y estoy seguro que los fans lo van a recibir con mucho cariño”.

“CUANDO ME ENAMORO” fue compuesta por Enrique Iglesias con la colaboración de  Decemer Bueno, dupla responsable del éxito mundial LLORO POR TI  que alcanzó el número uno en 12 países y logró más de 700,000 descargas digitales a nivel mundial.

“CUANDO ME ENAMORO” será lanzada a nivel mundial el próximo 26 de Abril, y estará disponible a la venta en tiendas digitales y teléfonos móviles.

Por primera vez en su carrera, el disco contendrá canciones originales en español y en inglés.  Y también, por primera vez, serán promocionados dos sencillos distintos en ambos idiomas de manera simultánea.

Enrique viajará este fin de semana a República Dominicana donde participará en el concierto organizado por Juan Luis Guerra en apoyo a los damnificados por el terremoto ocurrido en Haití el mes de Febrero.

Más de 55 millones de copias vendidas en su carrera. 19 temas #1 en el Hot Latin Songs de Billboard, más que ningún otro artista. Récords imbatibles e innumerables reconocimientos, que sumados a sus miles de conciertos con llenos totales,  lo han convertido en el artista latino más importante a nivel mundial de los últimos 15 años.

Para más información sobre Enrique Iglesias ingresa aquí:


After the groundbreaking success of his Spanish greatest hits album: “UNO 95/08″ with which he achieved several gold and platinum certificates worldwide and more than 1.5 million digital downloads, Enrique Iglesias will release “CUANDO ME ENAMORO” on April 26th. The song is the first Spanish single off of Enrique’s latest album which he has dubbed (via Twitter) “as the greatest album of his career”. The ambitious project will compile all new songs in both English and in Spanish and is slated for simultaneous release in over 70 countries in July.

With “CUANDO ME ENAMORO” Enrique fulfilled one of his dreams by having Juan Luis Guerra agree to duet with him on the record without making any changes to the lyrics. “I have always said that Mr. Juan Luis Guerra is, by far, one of the best contemporary composers in the world. I always had the desire to do something important with him and I think everything comes at the perfect time I’m flattered that Mr. Juan Luis liked my song and I’m sure the fans will receive it with great love”,  Enrique comments.

“CUANDO ME ENAMORO” was written by Enrique Iglesias with the collaboration of Decemer Bueno, a pairing that brought us one of Enrique’s biggest hits in recent years with the issue of LLORO POR TI, the song reached number one at radio in 12 countries and sold more than 700,000 digital downloads worldwide.

“CUANDO ME ENAMORO” will be released worldwide on April 26th and will be available for sale online and mobile. For the first time in his career, Enrique’s album will feature all original material in Spanish and English. And also, for the first time in his career, he will work two separate singles in English and Spanish.

Enrique will travel to the Dominican Republic this weekend where he will participate in a benefit concert organized by Juan Luis Guerra to support those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

More than 55 million copies sold worldwide, 19 #1 tracks on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, unbeatable records and countless awards, which together with his thousands of sold out concerts make Enrique Iglesias the most important Latin artist in recent history.

For more information on Enrique Iglesias please visit:

Source: Universal Music Latino

Daddy Yankee Enciende Altos Del Chavon

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Altos de Chavon, RD- El “Big Boss”, Daddy Yankee regreso con casa llena a la República Dominicana, pero esta vez en el legendario  “Altos de Chavon” en La Romana. Una fanaticada que variaba desde familias, parejas, adolescentes y niños gozaron eufóricos el concierto de principio a fin.

Entre la audiencia se encontraban con amigos el beisbolista dominicano Sammy Sosa y el cantante de reggaeton Zion.

“Buenas noches República Dominicana. Gracias por el apoyo desde el comienzo de este genero. Los que conocen de música, saben que la República Dominicana y Puerto Rico fueron los primeros en seguirnos los pasos desde que empezamos “underground”, dijo el artista.

El concierto estuvo lleno de sorpresas, el cantante sorprendió con los ya nuevos éxitos Descontrol, Desafío y Hasta Bajo Remix.

Himnos musicales como Que Tengo Que Hacer, Lo Que Paso Paso, Somos de Calle y Gasolina, fueron para del repertorio  del artista que estuvo acompañado de  seis músicos, dj y bailarines.

Descontrol que ya ha ocupado el #1 en la lista de canciones urbanas de Billboard forma parte de la nueva producción de Daddy Yankee “Mundial” el cual saldrá a la venta el próximo martes 27 de abril del 2010.

Daddy Yankee Ignites Altos Del Chavon

The “Big Boss”, Daddy Yankee returned to Dominican Republic, at a sold out crowd but this time at the legendary “Altos de Chavon” in La Romana. His fans which range from families, couples, and kids where euphoric from the beginning until the end.

Between the audience personalities such as baseball player Sammy Sosa and reggaeton singer Zion came to support the Big Boss.

“Good Night Republica Dominicana. Thank you for the support since the beginning of this genre. Who knows about music, knows that Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico where the first to follow us when we where underground”, said the artist at the beginning of the show.

The concert was full of surprises, for the first time in a concert Daddy Yankee gave a prelude of his latest hits Descontrol , Desafio and Hasta Bajo Remix.

Hits such as Que Tengo Que Hacer, Lo Que Paso Paso, Somos de Calle, Gasolina, among others where part of his repertoire.

Daddy Yankee upcoming album Daddy Yankee Mundial will be in stores April 27th.

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Juan Luis Guerra Unveils New Single “BACHATA EN FUKUOKA”

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After the outstanding success of his tenth album LA LLAVE DE MI CORAZON, Juan Luis Guerra, one of the most recognized and awarded artists in the music business, debuts “Bachata En Fukuoka”, the first single from his new studio album, which goes on sale on June 8th under the label Capitol Latin.  With this brand new single, Juan Luis Guerra transports us through the same path he walked while traveling for the first time to Fukuoka, capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture. The city, situated on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu, is the birthplace of Japanese civilization and is also the place where the multiple Grammy award winner fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams: to bring his music to Japan and make thousands of people dance the same way he has done it from the beginning of his successful career.

Guerra, who has won 15 Grammys total, including three American Grammy® (making him the only Latin artist to achieve this), has not only devoted his time to recording his eleventh production but he has also dedicated a great deal of time to various campaigns aimed to rebuild Haiti and Chile, countries devastated by the recent earthquakes. On April 18th, the Dominican star will offer a concert called “A Song of Hope for Haiti” to raise funds to build a children’s hospital in neighboring Haiti. The concert, which will take place at Santo Domingo’s Felix Sanchez stadium and will benefit the Sur Futuro Foundation, will have performances by Guerra as well as international artists including Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Miguel Bose, Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi, Milly Quezada and Johnny Ventura.

“BACHATA EN FUKUOKA,” was inspired by the Dominican artist’s trip to the asian city, where thousands of people danced to his music. Juan Luis Guerra’s new album will hit stores on June 8th released under Capital Latin.

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Aventura Tops GAGA, MARIAH, JONAS, JOHN MAYER & More At Concert Box Offices

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Aventura performing to a Sold Out crowd in Atlantic City, NJ during "The Last Tour" photo by: Leslie DJ

Aventura continues to demonstrate that they are one of the music industry’s Top-Drawing Artists Nationwide, Regardless of Language. If, as the saying goes, fans vote with their wallet, it is clear that North American concert audiences have voted for AVENTURA as one of the most in-demand acts in music. This week, New York’s “Kings of Bachata” once again hold the #2 spot on the Pollstar/AP List of “Top 20 Concert Draws” – Surpassing all English artists Beyond Miley Cyrus (See Rankings Below)

Having already produced FOUR #1 Singles & Tallying 23 Weeks At #1 on the Latin Albums Chart, AVENTURA’s “THE LAST” has just reached TRIPLE-PLATINUM Sales levels in the Latin market.

This month has seen Aventura become the first Latin music artist with its own Game/App For iPhone & iPod Touch.  Open Mic: Aventura is a Singing/Karaoke Game that let’s fans sing along with The Kings of Bachata on hit songs, “Su Veneno” & “Un Beso” (With More To Come).

Aventura is about to embark on a tour of Mexico & South America from Late April to Early June, Aventura will soon be announcing dates for their eagerly-awaited second leg Of U.S. concert dates for this Summer.

They also just dominated the Annual Casandra Awards in the Dominican Republic – Winning SIX Awards, including the coveted ‘Soberano’ as the Top Artist Of the Year.

TOP 20 CONCERT TOURS - By The Associated Press – Thursday, March 18, 2010

1. (1) Miley Cyrus; $1,156,010; $68.84.

2. (2) Aventura; $730,442; $77.94.

3. (3) Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $696,496; $44.35.

4. (4) KISS; $563,646; $59.90.

5. (7) John Mayer; $548,708; $59.48.

6. (5) Lady Gaga; $544,046; $48.61.

7. (New) Mariah Carey; $539,283; $100.82.

8. (6) Guns N’ Roses; $463,017; $74.53.

9. (8) Jeff Dunham; $362,357; $46.55.

10. (New) Furthur; $323,603; $52.70.

11. (10) Breaking Benjamin / Three Days Grace; $219,285; $36.67

12. (9) So You Think You Can Dance; $216,852; $51.43.

13. (11) Jason Aldean; $214,581; $30.38.

14. (12) Rain – A Tribute To The Beatles; $182,539; $48.14.

15. (13) Daughtry; $160,201; $38.04.

16. (14) Mannheim Steamroller; $144,967; $55.82.

17. (15) Three Days Grace; $133,811; $35.59.

18. (16) Nick Jonas & The Administration; $130,660; $39.34.

19. (18) Casting Crowns; $115,197; $26.36.

20. (17) Brian Setzer Orchestra; $113,454; $53.92.

The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week’s ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

For more on Aventura visit their official website

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Billboard To Host “In-Depth” Session With Superstar Marc Anthony At The 21st Annual Billboard Latin Music Conference Presented by State Farm® and In Association with T-Mobile Live From Puerto Rico!

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Billboard – the world’s most trusted music brand -announced today that Marc Anthony, one of the most influential Latin artists of this generation, will sit down for an “In-Depth” session during the Billboard Latin Music Conference presented by State Farm, in association with T-Mobile, being held April 26-29 at the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza in Puerto Rico.

Now in its 21st year, the Billboard Latin Music Conference has become the single most important Latin music industry event in the world. This “In-Depth” session with Marc Anthony will be conducted by Leila Cobo, Billboard’s Executive Director of Content and Programming for Latin Music and Entertainment on Wednesday, April 28.

Marc Anthony is a singer, actor, songwriter and philanthropist who is widely recognized as one of the most influential and successful Latin artists today. Born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, his participation in this year’s event is only fitting as this is the first time the conference takes place in Puerto Rico. During the interview Anthony will talk about his upcoming studio album set for release this spring. The new album will feature original material as well as covers of songs made popular by some of Latin music’s greatest singers including José Luis Perales and Juan Gabriel. The singer will provide a glimpse into the making of the album and he will also discuss his acting career, which includes leading roles in “El Cantante” and “Man On Fire,” and his recent acquisition of a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins, the pro football team.

One of the few Latin acts who have enjoyed successful careers in both English and Spanish, in pop and tropical music, Marc Anthony has had remarkable success on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart as well as the English language charts and has expanded the possibilities of bilingual and bicultural acts, both in the United States and abroad. Marc Anthony has received many renowned distinctions including: 5 Grammys, 18 Lo Nuestro Awards, 3 Premios Gaviota at the Vinas del Mar Festival in 2009 and numerous Billboard Latin Music Awards. He was also selected by Time Magazine as one of the most influential Latinos in the U.S., included on the Top 10 list of influential New Yorkers compiled by New York Magazine, and last year he was

presented with a Chair’s Life Time Achievement Award by the Washington Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C.

“I am thrilled to be part of this year’s Billboard Latin Music conference in Puerto Rico,” said Anthony. “It is a real pleasure to be able to share and discuss for the first time, some of my new and future projects in this prestigious and unique platform.”

“Marc Anthony is without question one of the most influential Latin artists out there,” says Cobo. “He makes a wonderful addition to the roster of talent participating in this year’s conference and I look forward to speaking with him about his remarkable music career as well as his many other roles in the entertainment industry.”

The 21st annual Billboard Latin Music Conference presented by State Farm, in association with T-Mobile, will unite today’s top artists, agents, promoters, record label executives, publicists, brand marketing executives, managers, digital music executives and media to do business, discuss hot button topics and celebrate Latin music. In addition to this special interview with Marc Anthony the conference will include a Q&A with bachata superstars Aventura and four full days of programming featuring educational panel discussions, artist showcases, networking events and the Billboard Bash – a pre-awards party featuring performances by Billboard Latin Music Award finalists.

The Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards is an extension of Billboard’s long-standing editorial commitment to Latin music coverage. For more information on the Billboard Latin Music Conference, please visit

Billboard To Host Exclusive Q&A With Bachata Superstars Aventura At The 21st Annual Billboard Latin Music Conference

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Billboard – the world’s most trusted music brand -announced today that Latin superstars Aventura will take part in an exclusive Q&A session at the Billboard Latin Music Conference presented by State Farm, in association with T-Mobile, being held April 26-29 at the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza in Puerto Rico.

Now in its 21st year, the Billboard Latin Music Conference has become the single most important Latin music industry event in the world, and the superstar Q&A has emerged as the centerpiece of the event. This year’s Q&A with Aventura will be conducted by Leila Cobo, Billboard’s Executive Director of Content and Programming for Latin Music and Entertainment on Wednesday, April 28.

With their most recent album, “The Last” (Premium Latin), Aventura have topped Billboard’s year-end Top Latin Albums chart, have recently performed at the White House and just completed a record-setting run of four sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden – reaffirming the group’s position as the top selling act in Latin music today. The Bronx based, Dominican band is made up of four dynamic young men – Anthony “Romeo” Santos’ (lead singer and featured composer), Lenny Santos (musical producer and guitarist), Max “Mikey” Santos(bassist and rap artist) and Henry Santos Jeter (singer and composer.) Their nouveau sound fuses bachata with R&B, hip hop and other American pop and urban styles and their original songs tackle everything from social issues to heartbreak, always with a fresh approach.

“Since we began making music together as teenagers, we always looked to Billboard to stay educated about our business,” explains Romeo. “As our own career has continued to develop, we’ve become grateful to Billboard for likewise educating others in the industry about our music and accomplishments. We are honored to now be invited to participate in the Billboard Latin Music conference as it takes place in Puerto Rico for the first time.”

“Aventura is one of the most unique acts out there today and they continue to dominate the Billboard Latin charts,” says Cobo. “I look forward to sitting down with the guys to talk about their success and their experience working in the music industry.”

The 21st annual Billboard Latin Music Conference presented by State Farm, in association with T-Mobile, will unite today’s top artists, agents, promoters, record label executives, publicists, brand marketing executives, managers, digital music executives and media to do business, discuss hot button topics and celebrate Latin music. In addition to the Superstar Q&A, four full days of programming will feature educational panel discussions, artist showcases, networking events and the Billboard Bash – a pre-awards party featuring performances by Billboard Latin Music Award finalists.

The week is capped off by The Billboard Latin Music Awards – the longest running and most prestigious awards show in the Latin music industry. The awards show, produced and broadcast live by Telemundo, honors the biggest and brightest stars based on the Latin Billboard charts, and features performances by top artists across all genres of Latin music.

The Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards is an extension of Billboard’s long-standing editorial commitment to Latin music coverage. For more information on the Billboard Latin Music Conference, please visit

Calle 13 To Make Debut Appearances At This Year’s Coachella And Many More Appearances To Come

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Currently in the midst of recording their follow-up to the GRAMMY & multiple LATIN GRAMMY winning album “Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo,” CALLE 13 bring their vaunted live show back to the stage for a few special concert appearances – including their debut appearance at Coachella.

This Past Weekend Saw Residente, Visitante & PG-13 Join Latin Music Icon Ruben Blades on stage at his concert in Puerto Rico

Calle 13 will also be a featured performer at The White Lion Records 15th Anniversary Concert on March 25th at The American Airlines Arena in Miami.

The ten-time LATIN GRAMMY winners will make their first appearance at The Famed Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival On April 16. The Coachella stage will likely see Calle 13 treat fans to the debut live performance of new songs from their eagerly-awaited fourth album, tentatively planned for release later this Summer.

Lastly, Calle 13 will also perform at The Rock in Rio Madrid 2010 Festival On June 5. They join the lineup alongside acts such as Metallica, Rihanna, Jon Mayer, Bon Jovi & More…


Belinda Pone Nuevo Sencillo a la Venta por Petición Popular

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Por la inusitada demanda del público, “Egoísta”, el nuevo sencillo de Belinda, interpretado junto al rapero Pitbull, será puesto a la venta digitalmente antes de la fecha anunciada en los principales portales de descarga de música.

Este sencillo se ha convertido en un hit global desde su lanzamiento el pasado 8 de febrero, siendo uno de los más solicitados en la radio de países como Estados Unidos, México, Argentina, Chile y Colombia.

En tanto, la joven cantante se mantiene ensayando para lo que será su gira a partir de su nuevo disco “Carpe Diem”, a la venta el 23 de marzo, mes para el que tiene en agenda empezar su promoción a nivel internacional.

Además, en las próximas semanas se ha confirmado que grabará el video clip para este éxito en la ciudad de Miami, donde estará al lado del rapero de origen cubano que la acompaña en la canción.

Belinda, artista exclusiva de Capitol Latin, tiene, igualmente, disponible en Internet el tema “Sal de mi piel”, incluido en el nuevo álbum, el cual sirvió como banda sonora de la telenovela “Camaleones”, que protagonizó la también actriz.


Due to Popular Demand Belinda Releases New Single Ahead of Schedule

Due to the high demand for “Egoísta”, the new single by Belinda, featuring Pitbull, the song will be available for sale, via digital download, earlier than originally announced on all major online retailers.

The single has become a global hit since its release February 8th, turning into one of the most requested tracks on radio in the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

Meanwhile, the young singer continues to rehearse for her upcoming tour following the release of her new album “Carpe Diem”, available March 23rd. During this month, she begins an international promotional tour in support of the release.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that during the next few weeks, Belinda will film the video for this song in Miami, alongside Pitbull.

Carpe Diem also includes “Sal de Mi Piel,” the main theme for the soap opera “Camaleones,” which Belinda stars in and begins airing in the US this summer.

Source: Azul Public Relations

Speedy Gonzalez Remake Featuring George Lopez Set To Hit The Big Screen

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George Lopez set to take on the role of iconic Looney Tunes character “Speedy Gonzalez” reports the Hollywood Reporter via Reuters. In the big screen adaptation which will boast live-action and CGI a la Alvin and The Chipmunks movie franchise Lopez will voice Speedy for the New Line Cinema release.

The “Lopez Tonight” host is said to coproduce with wife Ann Lopez who promises that this remake will be stereotype free, “we wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s—the racist Speedy.”

Daddy Yankee Triunfa Nuevamente Con Su Reciente Lanzamiento

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El primer sencillo oficial del nuevo disco Daddy Yankee Mundial se estrenó en el ámbito internacional durante la reciente entrega de Premio Lo Nuestro donde el astro urbano ofreció una presentación de primera. Con efectos especiales y elaboradas coreografías Daddy Yankee hizo de su regreso a este escenario después de tres años de ausencia un evento memorable. La actuación en la que se utilizaron efectos visuales traídos de Asia, elementos en 3D y tecnología LED atrajo a más de 11 millones de televidentes que disfrutaron la comentada intervención del puertorriqueño.

A pocas semanas de su lanzamiento “Descontrol” se ubicó cómodamente en el tope de la lista de los temas de mayor popularidad en el renglón Urbano y en la quinta posición de Tropical en la prestigiosa revista especializada Billboard.

El esperado disco inédito Daddy Yankee Mundial estará disponible en las tiendas el 13 de abril bajo El Cartel Records y será distribuido por Sony Music.

En menos de veinticuatro horas su nuevo video “Grito Mundial” se ubicó en el tope de la lista de videos mas descargados en iTunes.

El video es una gran colaboración entre Yankee y Carlos Perez y fue grabado en mas de tres días en Argentina y Brazil con mas de 150 participantes ayudando el cantante realizar su sueño de unir la gente con su música.

Recientemente Daddy Yankee fue honrado como el Artista Urbano de la Década por la revista Billboard en Miami.


Daddy Yankee Triumphs Once Again With New Release

Daddy Yankees’ first official single premiered on national television during his recent performance at the award ceremony Premio Lo Nuestro. After three years of absence from that stage, Yankee brought down the house using 3D and LED technology in a meticulously choreographed set that dropped jaws and had the industry abuzz.

Yesterday also marked the major release of his single “Descontrol,” which is ranked at #3 on iTunes chart. These hits stem from Yankee’s latest studio effort, “Daddy Yankee Mundial,” which releases wide on April 13.

Within just twenty four hours of release, the Latin Urban star’s latest music video, “Grito Mundial,” rockets to the number one spot as iTunes top digital download.

The video is a major collaboration between Yankee and creative guru Carlos Perez. It was filmed over three days on location in Argentina and Brazil with a crew of over 150 that came together to give life to Yankee’s vision of world unity through the common bond of music.

Recently Daddy Yankee was named Urban Artist of the decade by Billboard magazine.

Source: Nevarez Communications

Gitana El Nuevo Sencillo de Shakira Disponible Ya

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El más reciente sencillo de Shakira, Gitana, salió ayer a todas las radios del país.

Shakira dice que se puede identificar plenamente con las letras de esta canción, “los gitanos son viajeros de la vida, siempre absorbiéndose en diversas culturas y aprendiendo de ellas” y así es como se siente ella cuando lleva su música a todo el mundo.

Gitana fue grabada durante su última estancia en Punta del Este, Uruguay y el video que se estrenará muy pronto mundialmente cuenta con la participación especial de Rafael Nadal. El pasado jueves se dio a conocer un pequeño avance del video clip que probó ser un éxito, convirtiendo el canal de Shakira en YouTube en uno de los más vistos del sitio.

Recientemente, Shakira ganó el Premio Lo Nuestro como Mejor Video Musical por su video clip “Loba” y está nominada en cinco categorías a los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina, siendo la artista femenina más nominada en estos premios. Su álbum She Wolf/Loba ha sido un hit internacional, alzando el Oro y Multi-Platino en Latinoamérica y Europa.


Gypsy The New Single by Shakira Available Now

Shakira’s latest single “Gypsy” was released yesterday to radios around the country.

Shakira says that she can identify with the lyrics from the song, “the gypsies are travelers of life, always absorbing themselves in diverse cultures and learning from them” and that’s how she feels when she takes her music to different parts of the world.

Gypsy was recorded during her stay in Punta del Este, Uruguay and the video which will debut very soon worldwide will feature a special collaboration with Rafael Nadal. Last Thursday a small clip was released on the singer’s YouTube page and became an instant hit becoming one of the most viewed videos on Shakira’s YouTube page.

Recently, Shakira won Best Music Video for her video “She Wolf” at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards and she’s also nominated in five catagories for the Latin Billboard Awards, becoming the most nominated female artist at this year’s awards. Her album She Wolf has been an international hit, certified Gold and Multi-Platinum in Latin America and Europe.

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Encuentro Del Presidente Obama Y Shakira En La Casa Blanca

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Shakira se reunió con Presidente de los Estados Unidos Barack  Obama en la Oficina  Oval.

Hablaron de cómo trabajar juntos para desarrollar la educación temprana entre los hispanos de estados unidos y como crear las bases para una alianza  mundial para movilizar al mundo detrás de la educación de niños de 0 a 6  años.

“Fue un privilegio para mí poder conversar con el Presidente y discutir  nuestro compromiso mutuo por la educación y el desarrollo infantil; y hablar de como invertir en nuestros niños es la mejor estrategia que pueden usar  los gobiernos para estimular el crecimiento económico, combatir la pobreza y  alcanzar seguridad y paz mundial,” dijo Shakira.

Shakira le propuso al presidente seleccionar un día del año que viene para que sea la primera cumbre mundial de presidentes y especialistas en ECD para definir nuevas políticas y compromisos.

El presidente por su parte le pidió apoyo a Shakira para promocionar los  esfuerzos del gobierno por educar a las madres de niños de 0 a 6 años en las  técnicas de estimulación temprana que deben implementar con sus hijos. “Trabajaremos juntos con el Presidente y su equipo para implementar su  visión sobre los Latinos y niños en Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo,” expresó Shakira sobre este importante tema.

Ambos coincidieron que la educación temprana es la forma más efectiva de  lograr comunidades en progreso y paz.

Sobre su labor filántropa, Shakira comentó, “le conté al Presidente sobre el  progreso alcanzado durante el pasado año por la Fundación ALAS con jefes de  gobiernos latinoamericanos, y como haremos el desarrollo infantil temprano  un tema prioritario en la próxima Cumbre Iberoamericana que se dará lugar en  Argentina este año.”

Antes de la entrevista con el Presidente, Shakira se reunión con miembros de  su gabinete donde preguntó por el estatus de las políticas del gobierno para  legalizar a los 11 millones de indocumentados que viven en Estados Unidos. Los funcionarios de la Casa Blanca le informaron a Shakira que están  trabajando duro para encontrar una solución y que esperan poder llegar a un  acuerdo para legalizar a los indocumentados.

Shakira también tuvo la oportunidad de reunirse con el vice presidente de los Estados Unidos Joe Biden y los asesores más cercanos el presidente en  temas de educación, seguridad nacional y de la oficina de innovación social.

Miembros de los equipos de Obama y Shakira quedaron en volver a reunirse la  próxima semana para avanzar en ideas específicas para desarrollar las  políticas de educación infantil temprana  entre la comunidad hispana en los  estados unidos.


Shakira Meets With President Obama at The White House

Artist and activist Shakira met with President Obama and Vice President Biden at the White House to discuss their shared interest in early childhood development and universal education.

“It was such a privilege to sit down with the President in the Oval Office to discuss our shared commitment to education and early childhood development. We agreed that investing in our children is the smartest strategy governments can use to boost economic growth, fight poverty, and promote global security and peace,” said Shakira. “We will be working closely with the President and his staff to implement his vision—for Latinos, children in the United States, and around the world.”

“I briefed the President on the progress made this year through ALAS with the heads of state of Latin American governments, and explained that we have made early childhood development a central topic of discussion during the next Ibero-American Summit to take place in Argentina later this year.”

Shakira and President Obama first met at his inaugural ceremonies last January.

Before the meeting with President Obama, Shakira met with members of his staff where she inquired about the status of government policies to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants who live in the United States. White House officials told Shakira that they are working hard to find a solution, and said they hope to reach an agreement this year with the Republican Party to legalize the undocumented immigrants.

Shakira also met with a group of the President’s advisors on education, national security, and social innovation. Members of both Obama’s and Shakira’s teams agreed to convene again next week to advance specific ideas to develop early childhood development programs among the Hispanic community in the United States.

The Colombian artist is a leading activist for children and the founder of ALAS, a coalition of Latin American artists and business leaders advocating for comprehensive ECD programs. She’s on her way to the World Bank to announce a groundbreaking $300 million initiative with World Bank President Robert Zoellick aimed at expanding development programs for young children in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs provide children with adequate nutrition, healthcare, and stimulating environments from the moment of conception through age 6—a period of development crucial for achieving a child’s full potential. The initiative will help expand ECD programs in a region where 9 million children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition and 22 million lack access to early basic care.

Source: digital Girl Inc.

Vicente Fernández Obtiene 5 Nominaciones a los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina

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Vicente Fernández, El Rey de las Rancheras esta  nominado a los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina, nada más ni nada menos que en 5 categorías…

·        Top  Álbum Latino, Artista del Año,  Masculino

·        Artista Regional Mexicano Airplay del Año, Masculino

·        Álbum Regional Mexicano del Año

·        Álbum Regional Mexicano del Año, Solista, y

·        Gira Latina del Año

Actualmente el cantante esta de promoción de ‘Necesito de Ti’, su más reciente producción que se hizo acreedora a un GRAMMY™ Americano.


Vicente Fernández Receives 5 nominations for the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Vicente Fernández, the King of Rancheras has been nominated for the 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards in no fewer than 5 categories!

·         Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Male

·         Regional Mexican Airplay Artist of the Year, Male

·         Regional Mexican Album of the Year

·         Regional Mexican Albums Artist of the Year, Solo and

·        Latin Touring Artist of the Year

Meanwhile, he’s undertaking promotional activities for ‘Necesito de Ti’ (I Need You), his most recent production, which won the American GRAMMY™.

Source: Sony Music Latin

Alejandro Fernández, Joan Sebastian y Marco Antonio Solis Unidos en Uno de los Encuentros más Grandes de Música Ranchera con Los Tres Tour

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LOS TRES TOUR presentan a  Marco Antonio Solís, Joan Sebastian y Alejandro Fernández en uno de los encuentros musicales más anticipados de la música Latina en muchos años. Las tres súper estrellas anunciaron en vivo el pasado 3 de Febrero en el programa El Gordo y La Flaca el comienzo de su histórica gira. El nivel de audiencia del programa fue tan alto que la cadena Univision re-transmitió la entrevista dos días después. Marco Antonio Solís, Joan Sebastian y Alejandro Fernández aparecerán próximamente en la portada de People en Español. Fans pueden visitar para comprar boletos


Alejandro Fernández, Joan Sebastian And Marco Antonio Solis Set to Make multi-city trek across the United States with LOS TR3S TOUR

The LOS TRES TOUR features Marco Antonio Solis, Joan Sebastian and Alejandro Fernandez in one of the most exciting couplings of Latin music in years.  The three superstars were in Mexico on February 3, to announce the tour on a live broadcast of El Gordo y La Flaca.  The show drew such high ratings that Univision reran the show two days later. Marco Antonio Solis, Joan Sebastian and Alejandro Fernandez will also be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of People en Español. Fans can go to to buy tickets.

Source: d.baron m e d i a   r e l a t i o n s   i n c

Aventura Sells Out Taj Mahal Show in Atlantic City Second Date Added to Accommodate Fans

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Aventura Performs in Front of Sold Out Crowd in Atlantic City, NJ

Aventura Performs in Front of Sold Out Crowd in Atlantic City, NJ

The fans arrived early, before eight many were already in their seats waiting for their favorite group. The bachata group Aventura sold out the Mark G. Etess Arena in Atlantic City, NJ and began their repertoire around 8:30 and sang most of their hits in two and a half hours.

Romeo gets up close and personal with the fans

Romeo gets up close and personal with the fans

They opened with “Por Un Segundo” and performed many of their hits from their new album “The Last.” The older the songs were the louder the cheers grew. They performed hits from “Love & Hate,” “God’s Project ” and “K.O.B. Live.” Fans sang along to favorites like “Angelito,” “El Perdedor,” “Llorar” and “Mi Corazoncito.”

The audience was in top form that night; many of the young women in attendance rushed the stage to get a piece of lead singer, Romeo. A young woman walked up to edge of the stage, as Romeo serenaded the crowd, with a handkerchief she dried the sweat off his forehead and once she was done she leaned in for a kiss. Romeo gladly obliged drawing gasps from the crowd.

Before performing “Un Beso” he brought a fan onto the stage and gave her a lap dance. He sent a kiss to all the women in attendance before planting one on the young woman.


Los fanaticos llegaron temprano, antes de las ocho de la noche muchos estaban en sus asientos asignados esperando su grupo favorito. El grupo bachatero, Aventura, lleno por completo el Mark G. Etess Arena en Atlantic City, NJ y comenzaron su repertorio a las 8:30 y cantaron mucho de sus exitos en dos horas y media.

Abrieron con “Por un Segundo” y varios exitos de su nuevo disco “The Last.” Mientras mas vieja eran las canciones mas fuerte eran los gritos de los fanaticos. Cantaron exitos de sus discos “Love & Hate,” “God’s Project” y “K.O.B. Live.” Sus admiradores cantaron junto a canciones como, “Angelito,” “El Perdedor,” “Llorar” y “Mi Corazoncito.”

Romeo kisses a fan during song "Un Beso"

Romeo kisses a fan during song "Un Beso"

Muchas de las jovenes en la audiencia intentaron tocar al cantante, Romeo. Una de las jovencitas camino cerca de la tarima y le seco los sudores al cantante y despues le dio un beso en la boca volviendo la audiencia loca con celos.

Antes de cantar “Un Beso” Romeo subiio una muchacha a la tarima y le bailo provocativamente en sus piernas antes de darle un beso a la muchacha le mando un beso a todas las mujeres.

Alejandro Fernandez Performs Two Sold Out Shows in Los Angeles

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Alejandro Fernandez @ Gibson Amphitheatre Sept 12, 2009 photos by: Leslie DJ

Alejandro Fernandez @ Gibson Amphitheatre Sept 12, 2009 photos by: Leslie DJ

Panties, roses and teddy bears were tossed onto the Gibson Amphitheatre stage as Latin recording artist Alejandro Fernandez performed to a sold out crowd for the second night in a row. Generally the Mexican heartthrob performs his pop hits first before dipping into his rancheras but this time being on the West Coast miles away from his native Mexico he took the stage dressed in his Mariachi-leather attire, hat and all and dug into his repertoire.

Panties get caught on the singer's pants during his September 12th show

Panties get caught on the singer's pants during his September 12th show

He performed hit after hit including classic covers like “No,” “Abrazame,” (Hug Me) and “El Reloj” (The Clock). From his hits he belted out songs that spanned his 15 year career including, “Matalas” (Kill them), “Si Tu Supieras” (If You Knew), “Tantita Pena” (Loads of Sorrow), “Canta Corazon” (Sing my Heart), “No Se Me Hace Facil,” (Its not easy) and “A Manos Llenas”(Filled Hands).

At times it was hard to hear to what the Potrillo was saying because of the deafening squeals and declaration of love. One young woman behind me squealed so loud that my right ear rang for days. She shouted things like, “Thats my man!” and “Que Papasote!” (What a hottie) over and over until she went hoarse.

It was the furthest Id travel to see an artist I love and it was well worth the jetlag and near miss flight. Alejandro Fernandez is truly an amazing singer and worth every penny.

Marc Anthony’s Return to Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal

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Marc Anthony drapes the Puerto Rican flag on the microphone stand photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony drapes the Puerto Rican flag on the microphone stand photo by: Leslie DJ

“Its great to be back,” said Marc Anthony to a cheering crowd at Friday night’s show at Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal. He addressed the crowd after performing some of hits including opener “Valio la Pena” and “Te Conozco Bien.” He continued, “Its become like an annual thing.” It does seem like the salsa singer is on the road every year in large part thanks to his strong loyal following considering that he hasnt had a new album since 2006s Sigo Siendo Yo: Grandes Exitos a greatest hits album and yet he still draws in a crowd playing arenas and large venues filling them to near capacity. Few artists can be as consistent as he let alone a Latin recording artist.

The evening played out like a Latin pride parade many swung flags of their native country as Marc took the stage. Puerto Rican, Dominican and Columbian flags were present. In regards to Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor he said, “We got a lot to be proud of,a Puerto Rican, from the Bronx….I don’t have much to say about that other than it makes me smile.”

He performed countless hits like, “Hasta Ayer,” “Hasta Que Te Conoci,” “Ahora Quien,” “Nadie Como Ella” and “Que Precio Tiene el Cielo,”a song he described as being one of his favorites.

Marc Anthony dances at his August 7th show at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City photo by: Leslie DJ

Marc Anthony dances at his August 7th show at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City photo by: Leslie DJ

The arena vibrated as fans stomped their feet and screamed demanding an encore. He reemerged with “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” and waved goodbye to the crowd one last time.