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She responded with a squeal and appeared to be in utter shock when we revealed that her album, “Porro Hecho En Colombia” was selected as the Best Album of 2014. “Wow,” she said, “that I did not know, woo!”

“This has been a very important year of dreams realized,” she said in Spanish. “I think when there’s this kind of recognition it is a great esteem for this project and my team because sometimes we as artists take all the credit of all the people working [on the album] when it is an acknowledgment for the entire record that includes everyone that contributed to the album, the passion, emotions and [it recognizes] people who put their hearts in there.”

The Colombian singer-songwriter is proud of her efforts and loves sharing her music with the public stating that it belongs to the masses once she releases it. “As an artist one believes that the music is ours but when it is already out there you lose all authorship and it belongs to you, the listener,” she explained.

Aside from being an accomplished singer-songwriter she’s also a wife and mother. She balances motherhood and her career by prioritizing. “I think giving priority [to the important things] and keeping it clear what the priorities in life are [is key] and in my case first comes God, my family; and that’s my husband and my son and then music. It’s all a blessing. I do hope that what I do is also a blessing for my son and my family because otherwise it would be meaningless, if what I do and share with the world separates me from my loved ones [then it wouldn’t be worth it]. He goes everywhere with me, he’s a child who has been raised as a warrior he goes up and down the planes, from one hotel to another. He has been raised in all this madness and he is a critical part of my team.”

Her adorable son, Salomón, is a star in his own right. The youngster receives wonderful praise on his mother’s Instagram from her 120,000 plus followers for his many videos of him playing the drums. As far as she’s concerned he’s already a musician, “he has the music inside of him.” Lucia comes from a family of musicians, “I have two siblings; my sister and my brother are musicians too. The three of us took music seriously it was never a pass time or hobby and although it’s still too early to tell how [my son is] going to spend his life he already has music inside of him.” At the end of the day all she wants for her son is for him to be happy, “if that is what makes him happy then I’m going to support him.”

For her son traveling and being on the road is a normal part of life, “some people have a parent who is a doctor and have the lives of many people in their hands or an architect who builds a house and [my son] has a mother who brightens the lives of many people [through song]. I think the children end up resembling their parents in many aspects and this is the mother he got.”

As 2014 comes to a close the singer hopes the New Year brings more peace in the world and a bigger sense of community. “We are in trying times and we have to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about one another. Think about other people’s hopes and dreams,” she said. “We are living in a ‘me, me, me’ culture and what is convenient for you only…for example in the music industry there are some people who don’t care who’s left out in the cold as long as they are inside and it’s time we start thinking like a community because we live in a community.”

For more on Adriana Lucia and her amazing album “Porro Hecho En Colombia” visit and you can purchase the album via iTunes Listen to the interview in its entirety (in Spanish) on 12/23 on Episode 111 of the podcast.

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