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The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet is underway and this year’s host and bad girl of Pop Miley Cyrus has arrived barring all, peace signs waving in the air and tongue wagging. Making it clear that this isn’t your grandma’s VMAs. But were they ever? The MTV Video Music Awards has been known to push boundaries. From Madonna’s Iconic “Like A Virgin” gyrating, torn skirt, debut to Madonna’s 90’s Marie Antoinette skirt lifting “Vogue” to Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” flash dance. It’s going to take more than swinging on a wrecking ball or dry humping a foam finger to get us all talking about the VMAs tomorrow morning.

CNs7aEjUsAAHglq-300x168Nicki Minaj opens the shows and Taylor Swift joins her onstage to “squash the beef” is it just me or was this all a very calculated move on MTV’s part to have a “VMA Moment” by having the ladies “feud” on Twitter after the VMA nominations?

Nicki then turns her sights on Miley






Here are some of our picks for most Iconic VMA Performances


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