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It takes a lot to get me to come out for a show on a Tuesday night, let alone in the midst of packing for a move 4 days away, but that is a testament to how dynamic Anna Rose is on stage. Her music full of raw emotions and grit. Her vocals powerful yet feminine.

To compare her to another artist would be unfair she’s a powerhouse all on her own and carving her own path towards rock n roll greatness.

She unveiled her new music from her forthcoming album set to drop in October, including the first single, “Nobody knows I’m here” and other unreleased tracks she asked the crowd to keep “on the back of your mind brain.”

Her onstage banter made the crowd laugh and pitch phrases and song titles from fans in the front row. Many were repeating customers and others were experiencing Anna Rose for the first time. From the way in which the newbies reacted she definitely gained new fans.