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Winning by a landslide Anna Shoemaker’s “East Side” wins Fan Favorite album of 2018. Fans and critics alike are raving over Anna’s musical style:

“Shoemaker’s fun indie-pop sound draws inspiration from R&B vocal tones and hip-hop beats, seamlessly fusing into one blissful hybrid. ” – Billboard

” The entire record—produced by the Grammy-nominated JT Daly and released by Steve Madden’s 5Towns Records—features such passionately inflected lyrical vulnerability, soundtracked by a glowing beat.” – FLOOD Magazine

“is all jittery beats, sultry atmospherics and Anna’s soulful vocals, lyrically telling a story of giving oneself over to a burgeoning romance.” – Blackbook

“[Anna Shoemaker’s] captivating voice and songwriting are immediately noticeable on this five-track project, and her natural ability to chronicle and channel real life into her material is second to none.”
Hilly Dilly

“It’s an R&B-coated piece of intricate pop where Anna’s vocals are the real honey within the melody that captures the frustrations, loss, and growth that comes with the experience.” – Aupium

Here’s what we had to say about the album and why it made our “Best of 2018” list. Anna Shoemaker’s debut EP, “East Side” has all the elements of a well-crafted indie pop album; it features fresh vocals, uptempo pop and R&B infused elements. From opening track, “Too High” to “Want Something (Say Something)” there is something for everybody who appreciates strong female vocals.