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Mary McGuinness, “Prodigal”

Rooted in country music Mary McGuinness’ “Prodigal” is a magical and enticing experience. With her smoky vocals and thoughtful lyrics as beautifully showcased in “Butterfly,” and title track, “Prodigal” the album is charming and one that will make you hit replay over and over again.

What makes Prodigal a stellar album is the combination of McGuinness’ smooth vocals and enticing instrumentation. In titled track, “Prodigal” the songstress sings, “…I’ve been so low, shine a light on me…been a stranger living in this world. Nothing left to lose nothing left to say, dream of acceptance and your warm embrace.” Her voice is silky smooth, and the writing is reflective and full of perception. Her songwriting shines in the seven-track album. It’s hard to believe that this record was recorded in just five days. For these reasons and among others Mary McGuinness’ “Prodigal” is our selection for Best album of 2020.