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“Tastes Like Gold,” LIT

LIT’s 7th studio album, “Tastes Like Gold” brings back the nostalgia and reminds us that the L.A. rockers are superstars and we are glad they are back! The album became an instant frontrunner for Best Album of 2022 upon first listen. The album kicks off with “Yeah Yeah Yeah” an uptempo banger that grabs you instantly and makes you bop your head. It then takes you on a bigger ride with their autobiographical  hit single, “Kicked off the Plane.” “Tastes Like Gold”  features collaborations from No Doubt’s Adrian Young, Butch Walker, and American Authors. 

“Pretty Good for a Girl Band,” Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers

Australian breakout act, Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers are making a name for themselves with their in-your-face punk-infused rock. In 5 tracks they establish themselves as badass musicians who are extremely talented and way more than just pretty good for a girl band. Their single, “Girl Sport” tackles the stereotype that girls aren’t as strong at sports a metaphor for the times these ladies have been praised for being surprisingly good despite their gender. What makes this band special is that they are able to take the piss out of gender stereotypes and tackle other subject matters as well. The album kicks off with the track titled, “AHHHHH!” which opens with the ladies performing beautiful harmonies set to catchy melodies. This EP is so fantastic it was a no-brainer to select it as one of the winners of Best Album of 2022.