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Backstreet Boys, “DNA”

“As long as there’ll be music [they’ll] be coming back again!” the legendary boy band proclaimed in 1997 and 20+ years later the Backstreet Boys have proven to have kept their word. Their 2019 release, “DNA,” solidifies their legacy and is their best album of this decade. This album is full of the BSB charm along with thoughtful lyrics. Their growth is evident and their harmonies will make you swoon.

Lizzo, “Cuz I Love You” 

From the very first guttural opening notes of “Cuz I Love You” Lizzo proved she doesn’t need a crown to solidify herself as a queen. The title track is reminiscent of the powerful vocal stylings of Etta James’ opening of “Anything to Say You’re Mine” from James’ “At Last!” with a combination of Beyonce, classical and 2019 hip hop swagger. What makes Lizzo is a gem is her ability to seamlessly transition from pop, rap and r&b with a touch of classical thanks to her flute. Lizzo was born to be a star and “Cuz I Love You” is proof of that.  

Lez Zeppelin, “The Isle of Skyros” 

Released on October 30th 2019, “The Isle of Skyros” by the ladies of Lez Zeppelin, the all-female critically acclaimed Led Zeppelin cover band, would make any diehard Zeppelin fan proud with their interpretation of songs like, “Battle of Evermore,” “Immigrant Song” and “Achilles Last Stand” among the hard rocking six tracks. What makes this EP great is that it showcases that women can truly rock just as hard as men. 

Tatyana Kalko, “Yellow and Blue” 

“Yellow and Blue” is the type of album that instantly takes a place in your heart. From the heartfelt lyrics as showcased in the track, “Blade of Glass,” “you came to me, like a blade of glass you showed me things that I never thought I’d see before, now I want more.” The album is like a warm hug that will resonate with folksy pop. Kalko is an artist to look out for, “Yellow and Blue” is a delight from start to finish.  

Drew & Ellie Holcomb, “Electricity” 

Drew & Ellie Holcomb’s album “Electricity” is appropriately titled, the duo’s musical stylings showcases their chemistry. Their music is soothing and vocals work well together, the three track EP leaves you hungering for more. 

Sarah Jaffe – SMUT

Released in October of 2019 the smoky vocal stylings of Sarah Jaffe are alluring in her 7-track electro-pop EP. With songs like, “Small Talk,” and the ominous, “OMO” SMUT has something for everyone. Standout tracks include, “Small Talk,” and “Important.” 

Various Artists, “Thank you, Mister Rogers–Music & Memories”

You can’t go wrong with Mr. Rogers and so it’s not surprising that “Thank you, Mister Rogers–Music & Memories” would be a delight. Released on October 25th the album features artists like The Cowsills, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” Vanessa Williams, “Many Ways To Say I Love You” and Rita Wilson, “Sometimes People are Good” among other fantastic artists. The album is positive and charming and pays great tribute to the friendliest neighbor, Mr. Rogers. 

The Revel, “Don’t Let Me Go

The Revel kick off “Don’t Let Me Go” with a bang, the title track sets the mood for a rockin’ good time. Their interspective lyrics proves that they are a band of substance. From the swinging “On and On” to “Feel Alright” their Aerosmith influence is clear and we’re excited to see where these bad asses go. 

Patty Griffin (self-titled) 

The GRAMMY® AWARD-WINNING Patty Griffin is back with her self-titled album, “Patty Griffin.” The album is a beautiful cohesive album. Her voice is as soothing and charming as ever. It is a great album that include standout tracks: “Hourglass,” “What Now” and “River” the music are beautifully executed making the album among our favorites and on heavy rotation.  

Maria Taylor, (self-titled)  

Maria Taylor’s self-titled 2019 release is a delight from start to finish. The album is full of beautiful harmonies and thoughtful well-crafted lyrics. It’s the kind of record you can easily kick back, relax and fully enjoy. Standout tracks include: “Waiting In Line (feat. Adam Duritz),” the up-tempo, “Spinning Wheel” and “Beautiful Life.” 


“Anonymous” no more, Anna Rose’s powerhouse album, “THE LIGHT BETWEEN” showcase a vulnerable side of the New York songstress. It is one we proclaimed as a triumph, a stellar 10-track album the songstress showcases the more mature side of Anna Rose without losing her signature sound.

From breakout ballad, “Nobody Knows I’m Here” to the guitar driven up-tempo “Sucker Puncher,” “THE LIGHT BETWEEN” is a well-balanced cohesive album. Stand out tracks include, “Broken is Beautiful,” “Sinking Ship,” and “Lessons for Liars.” This among many more reasons, Anna Rose’s “THE LIGHT BETWEEN” is our pick for Best Album of 2019.