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Gerard Flores’ new single, “Esta Noche” (Tonight) makes its debut today, March 5th. The danceable single is a mix of Latin pop and EDM. He partnered with some of the most successful creatives in the music industry. He co-wrote “Esta Noche” with the Swedish composer Aleena Gibson known for working with the likes of Jason Derulo, Nick Carter, Chenoa and Latin music star David Bisbal.

When asked about the inspiration of the single, he stated, “I want my music to empower people to be radically authentic regardless of their religion, race, sex, sexual orientation or image. Being a victim of bullying when I was a child I experienced the isolation of being “different”, and it was the music that changed my mentality to see my differences as a power and not as a weakness. ”

Flores is also an accomplished actor whose acting career includes participation in “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series”, “Harbinger: The Movie”, “My Secret Lake” and multiple international commercials. GERARD has also written and produced a web series entitled “Just Living: The Series,” which is available on Amazon Prime.

You can follow Gerard Flores on Instagram and Facebook @gerardfloresofficial

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