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After Saturday’s New York City blackout cut Jennifer Lopez’s concert short, an emergency evacuation took place at Madison Garden, the show was quickly rescheduled for the following Monday, July 15th. Two days after the original Saturday performance. 

Excitement filled the air, fans greeted themselves many remembering meeting during the mayhem that was Saturday Night. Many laughed and simply shrugged, “here we go again.” But there was no sense of bitterness, it was all love. 

Dancers from the JLO produced hit competition reality show World of Dance opened the show with agile, acrobatic hip-hop and Salsa inspired dance moves. 

It was a party atmosphere, after all that was the theme, the “It’s My Party” tour is a celebration of the singer, actress and entrepreneur’s 50th birthday and in part a celebration of her career. 

Side note: the fact that JLO looks that good, let alone at 50, is criminal.

Now back to the show. She performed her biggest hits and had multiple, colorful costume changes, all highlighting her million-dollar, Booty.” 

From the fast-paced, swaggy hit, “Jenny from The Block” to her crowd pleasing new ballad whom she shares the stage with her daughter Emme (that girl can sing!) on “Limitless” there was a little bit of everything even a homage to Tejano music star and Latin icon, Selena. 

JLO is a performer, she leaves it all on stage and throughout the show she thanked the crowd profusely for returning to the sold out make-up show. She appeared humbled and grateful but most of all she had a great time. 

Happy 50th JLO! It was a pleasure sharing it with you.