20151001_210657The crowd swooned and chanted Balvin! Balvin! Balvin! In anticipation of the superstar’s performance. The moment the lights dimmed the crowds’ chants grew louder. White smoke filled the stage and male dancers sporting bandanas popped and locked as the Colombian rapper and Reggaeton star made his way center stage.

He seemed genuinely surprised by the crowd’s adoration and beamed at the sold out crowd. He performed his hits from his album, “La Famillia” and had some great crowd interactions.

Aside from being very easy on the eyes Balvin is super talented and very charismatic. With my media pass and photo pit access, I was stationed front and center and managed to catch his eye. We made eye contact and being the fresh girl I am blew him a huge kiss. He turned three shades of red, smiled then leaned over and blew me a kiss back. It made my night.

For more on J Balvin and his La Famillia Tour visit his official website jbalvinelnegocio.com



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