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Classic salsa tunes from greats like Hector Lavoe and the Fania All Stars among others played as the crowd made its way to Central Park’s Summer Stage performance of John Leguizamo’s “Ghetto Klown.”

The free performance drew long lines; the crowd was so massive many were turned away and told they were, “full to capacity.” The lucky few who made it in danced along to the music as others sat and chatted as they waited for the New York native to take the stage.

GhettoKlown5It was the perfect summer evening for an outdoor performance; no humidity, very little heat and the occasional cool breeze. Leguizamo burst onto the stage break dancing; pop and locking, spinning and attempting to do a split, he stopped midway admitting he was too old for those dance moves.

The evening was full of music, dancing, colors and laughter as the Central Park crowd joined Leguizamo on his twisted comedic journey that chronicled the highs and lows of his diverse career onstage and on the big screen.

During one of the poignant moments of the show Leguizamo recounts seeking therapy his monologue was briefly interrupted by a heckler who screamed, “Therapy sucks!” Leguizamo without missing a beat retorted, “Just because it didn’t work for you!” The crowd roared with laughter. He continued, “I smell your therapy, I know it’s medicinal, it’s medicinal,” he said referring to the undeniable smell of marijuana that seeped from the crowd.

The abridged performance of his HBO special was well received but left the crowd wanting more. Leguizamo teased, “You want the rest? You gotta see it on HBO.” He bowed and waved farewell to the crowd.

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