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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform the Oscar winning “Shallow” at the Academy Awards. Performance photo courtesy of Getty Images.

As I had predicted on the February 22nd broadcast of Sinister Girlz Live the incomparable Lady Gaga took home the Oscar for “Best Original Song” for her stunning song, “Shallow” from her film debut, “A Star Is Born.” The multi-talented songstress was full of nerves and tears as she accepted her trophy. “It’s not about winning,” she said tearfully. “What it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it.”

Prior to winning she and co-star/film director Bradley Cooper performed the hit song. The rendition was intimate and beautiful. She watched in awe as he sang the opening bars then when it came to her verse she grabbed the skirt of her magnificent black dress and sat herself behind the piano. She belted out the song and the crowd cheered as she held on to those beautiful notes.