Bonus Episode: Sinister Girlz Live Erika Lloyd


Recorded live in the WBMB studio on September 11, 2015 singer-songwriter Erika Lloyd performs live two songs off her solo album, “Power” the aforementioned titled track, “Power” and hit single, “Turn Around.” Also Allie X calls in to talk about her creative process and EP, “CollXtion I.”

We also play a hastag game for a giveaway of Tits of Clay’s “Belasco” congrats to the winner Annabelle Hamburger

Disclaimer: Snippets of the following songs are played, all kept under a minute for copyright reasons, during its initial broadcast they were played in full. Erika Lloyd’s live performances of “Power” and “Turn Around” were used with permission from the artist. As well as Rachel Lynn’s live rendition of “The Claim”

“New York Girls,” Morningwood
“Catch,” Allie X
“The Claim,” Rachel Lynn live performance on Sinister Girlz Live
“Satellite of Love,” Tits of Clay
“Pink,” Aerosmith