Episode 132: Nico Padden


Recorded live on WBMB 94.3 FM Baruch College Radio’s Sinister Girlz Live on 10-28-16. It is our Halloween episode, “Spooktacular 2: Boo!” full of spooky and cooky situations.

Listen to singer-songwriter Nico Padden and I discuss the making of her second album, “A Light In The Dark,” touring the East Coast and the inspiration behind the very personal track, “Hunger.”

If you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder please visit for help.

Nico Padden performs two live songs, “Hunger” from her forthcoming album, “A Light In The Dark” and a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Follow Nico Padden on social media @nicopadden and pick up her album, “A Light In The Dark” out on 12/2/16