Bonus Episode: Sinister Girlz Live Show 5


Recorded live on Friday, March 20th 2015 from WBMB studios this is show 5 of Sinister Girlz Live featuring IONIA front man Blaise Beyhan. After some technical difficulties we manage to get into a discussion of music, the pressures of fronting a band and staying connected with fans via social media.

Also Jocelyn and Chris Ardnt call in to talk about juggling being full-time Harvard students and pursuing their rock and roll dreams.

Music featured during the broadcast include: IONIA’s “They Look Like Big Strong Hands Don’t They” and “I Hate Long Pretentious Titles And I’m A Hypocrite” follow the band on twitter @ioniamusic other artists and songs include: Girl in A Coma, “Control,” Adriana Lucia, “Ya Te Solte,” Anna Rose, “Beautiful World,” Jocelyn Ardnt, “Cinderella,” and Katrina and the Waves, “Walking on Sunshine” closes out the show.