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Meghan Trainor’s sophomore album, “Thank You” has been on constant rotation on Sinister Girlz Live since its release in May of this year. Each week we kicked off the show with a track off “Thank You,” and danced along to her catchy pop, retro-R&B inspired tunes. For the second year in a row Meghan Trainor has delivered infectious, introspective, female empowering and body positive anthems while maintaining a sense of humor.

“I’m the shhhh be quiet, I’ve been on a low hater diet,” she croons on the album opener, “Watch Me Do” an up-tempo ditty that references James Brown. Her influences are clear and she pays homage to them with sass and class. Aside from the popularity of the singles, “No” and “Me Too” Trainor’s album is full of catchy, heartfelt gems.

In the songs “No,” an anthem about being single and proud, and “Me Too” the cheeky body positive song that boasts; “I thank God every day, that I woke up feelin’ this way, and I can’t help lovin’ myself, and I don’t need nobody else,” then the chorus comes in reinforcing that she’s not only proud of her exterior but also her success and caps off by saying,  “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too, I’d wanna be me too,” Trainor is full of confidence but it never crosses the line. Even in the Mardi Gras like up-tempo “I Love Me” where she sings, “I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, I love all y’all, but I love me the most” pays off because she is building herself after being held down. “They gon’ say all kinds of things, they’ll make jokes about my name. They gon’ try to clip my wings, but I’m gon fly, I’m gon’ fly. They’ll try to play me like a game. I’ll bet they’re too scared of the fame. But I can see clear when I’m looking in the mirror, saying God made me just right.”

For the second consecutive year Meghan Trainor has released an album and has proven to be a pop tour de force.  The M Train shows no signs of slowing down.