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Not even the blistering heat could stop fans from flocking to Central Park for the Summer Stage farewell of The Go-Gos. Belinda, Jane, Charlotte and Gina made their way to the stage and kicked off their New York farewell with their hit, “Vacation.”

The all-female rock band that rose to fame in the early 1980s announced their farewell tour in March of this year. The vibe at the show was jovial however when Belinda mentioned that this was indeed a farewell the crowd booed prompting her to state, “just because we are going away doesn’t mean our music won’t live on forever.” The band then went on to perform one of their earlier hits from their debut album, Beauty and The Beat, “This Town.”

From then on the ladies continued to crank out the hits including “Mad About You” from Belinda Carlisle’s solo career. Among other crowd pleasers were “Cool Jerk” which included a performance by “New York’s finest unpaid dancers,” quipped Jane Wiedlin, a group of sweaty shirtless attendees who danced along to the up-tempo jam.

The ladies even paid homage to their punk rock roots by performing songs that began their career before launching back to their bigger hits, “Get Up And Go,” “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got The Beat.”

The Go-Go’s have sold more than 7 million albums.