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We got a chance to chat with Rachel Lynn about her upcoming EP and IndieGoGo campaign and how you can be apart of the process.

Your IndieGoGo campaign is full of amazing prizes from digital, physical CDs to a producer credit, what made you think of these prizes?

I definitely want the music to be available to anyone and everyone who supports this campaign, so it made complete sense to me to have digital downloads and physical CDs as prominent incentives. There are also some more intimate items available like journals and lyric sheets. I hope these things bring about a stronger connection to the people who support the campaign and enjoy my music, since, as a singer/songwriter, it’s really the vulnerability of writing that’s gotten me to this point.

Your campaign is almost at its $5,000 goal does the outpouring of support surprise you?

I’m just so grateful for the love and support I’ve received throughout this campaign. Sometimes it can feel like an isolating journey when you’re pursuing an artistic path, and this project has been such an incredible way to connect with people and welcome them into the process of recording and releasing new music.

When can we expect the new EP?  

Right now, we’re looking at an early 2019 release. It’s really the supporters of this campaign who are making it possible for me to record and release this music, so once the campaign ends, I’ll be able to get the project moving at full speed!

I really enjoyed your previous album, To Street & Transfer, in your campaign page you mention this new record is your way of moving forward as an artist what kind of vibe does this new record have?

Thank you! I’m proud of that project; I think it accurately represents where I was at that time, musically and otherwise. This project is a bit dirtier, a bit grittier, and a bit more grown up—all of which makes sense because it’s been four years (woah!) since I put out To Street & Transfer. I think I’ve grown as an artist and as a person in general.

As an indie artist you have to do everything pretty much yourself, how do you ensure that your music gets out to the masses?

Hustle, girl! But really, there are a lot of services available to independent artists, so I do my research and try to form relationships with passionate people in the industry who I think want to see independent artists succeed.

Do you have any upcoming shows you would like to plug?

I’m playing SoFar Sounds Baltimore on Friday, August 24, and I’m so freakin’ excited!

Rachel thank you for your time, good luck with the campaign and I hope to see you this fall on our show.

Thank you so much for taking the time! I can’t wait to come back to SinisterGirlz!