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After two postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Backstreet Boys are finally back with their DNA tour in support of their 2019 release by the same name. It’s 2022 and the Backstreet Boys can still make crowds scream like it’s 1999. Those who grew up with the 90s vocal group are no strangers to their magnetic appeal and electrifying performances. When it comes to singing their ballads, their five-part harmonies remain unmatched.  The boys got down and moved it all around to their 90s and early 2000s hits.

During their Jones Beach show in Wantagh, New York (Long Island) they addressed their two-year absence and thanked the crowd of sweaty 30-something-year-olds for their patience and support for nearly 30 years. At one point AJ McLean told the men in the crowd, “see, it’s cool to like the Backstreet Boys now,” after showcasing the band’s ability to make the ladies swoon. It was an evening full of 90s nostalgia and celebration, the celebration can be attributed to finally getting the opportunity to use concert tickets they’ve held on to for two and a half years.  

From classics like, “Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)” to the smooth and funky sounding, “Passionate” from their DNA album there is no denying that Backstreet is back, in fact, they’ve never left, the Boys have been releasing records and touring throughout the 2010s. However, their latest material, “DNA” has brought them back to the mainstream. Diehard BSB fans have supported them through it all, line-up changes (that brief moment Kevin Richardson left the band–we don’t talk about that), solo careers, reality competition stints (AJ on “Dancing With The Stars” and Nick Carter on “The Masked Singer”) marriages, and babies, lots and lots of babies. 

The bottom line is that “In A World Like This” the Backstreet Boys and their chart-topping hits are needed more than ever. Staying true to their word, “as long as there’ll be music, [they’ll] be coming back again” and that’s the way we like it! 

The Backstreet Boys are Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, and AJ McLean. 

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