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For the second consecutive year Sinister Girlz had the privilege of judging the first round of the Coffee Music Project. The multiple day showcase features the creativity and talents of emerging musicians on the New York stage and it is all for a good cause. The music festival is part of Project Waterfall a charity initiative that brings clean drinking water to coffee growing communities.

The talent was abundant at night one of the Coffee Music Project held at Pianos. The talented musicians left attendees excited for what’s to come for the finals.

The first night featured seven talented acts of singer-songwriters. Michelle Wake took the stage first and blew the judges away and made it to the next round. Amanda Jayne, Jackie Paladino and Meghan Wright showcased their vocal prowess and songwriting skills but it wasn’t enough to qualify them to the next round.

Standouts included Gavin McNicholl who was a one-man band playing and looping multiple instruments while showcasing his powerful voice. He gave one of those performances that left the audience aghast waiting for the next song that never came. It was a baller move. He’s definitely a talent that should be kept an eye on, but it wasn’t enough to qualify him to the next round.

Another notable act was the youngster one-name act Maris. Her vocal ability was extraordinary and her lyrics were well-crafted and delivered beautifully, she was a shoo-in for a spot in the finals. But when Troy Ramey, the closing act, took the stage it was game over with his booming voice and overall musicianship and onstage witty banter. It goes without saying that he qualified to the next round.

The winner will be crowned next week, Tuesday on October 16th at the Mercury Lounge.