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As an artist that lives and breathes performing live, for Marc Anthony spending 546 days without being on stage due to the pandemic was an unbearable task. During an intimate screening of a mini-documentary that provided insight into the making of his first post-lockdown album, “Pa’lla Voy” the salsa singer admitted that he was accustomed to taking from 7-10 years between making albums. His creative process consists of him “collecting music until the well is filled” then he knows it is time to go to the studio. The pandemic accelerated that process and he found music pouring out of him.

Co-writers of his new album praised the singer’s passion and said he lives and breathes the music and makes it his own. Longtime producer Sergio George also appears in the mini-documentary, a partnership that spans 30 years. The song, “Pa’lla Voy” has a huge significance and its origin dates back to the creative process of his debut salsa album. Unknowingly his producer, Sergio, had mixed and produced the track as a selling point that would launch his successful Latin music career, the song was never officially produced and released till now. 

The privileged guests of this intimate screening were treated to a full listening experience of the entire album, prior to its March 4th release at an AMC theater. The 9-track album kicks off with the title track, “Pa’lla Voy” an instant hit that was released in August of 2021 and has earned major airplay and streams. As someone who has attended many of his concerts throughout his career, most recently at Madison Square Garden in February 2022, the song is a crowd-pleaser. 

During the listening session, one attendee clapped along and raised a triumphant fist during the unveiling of track 3, “No Se Quita” a song that sounds like an instant classic. The album itself is a lush, richness of rhythmic goodness with heartfelt lyrics that invoke joy and generate goosebumps from the first notes he sings. Standout tracks include a surprising Queer anthem, “Amor No Tiene Sexo” in which Marc Anthony asks “how could love between two individuals be a sin?” And “how could you be wrong to look a certain way outside but feel like a different person or gender on the inside?” A concept that for many, particularly within the Latinx community, fails to grasp.  It is a brave and sincere stance. As an LGBTQ+ ally and activist who fights for more visibility and acceptance of Queer Latinx members within their own community, this track spoke to me. 

After 9 delicious tracks, the lucky attendees were treated to the music video of his upcoming single, “Nada de Nada” due out the same day as the album’s release, March 4th. “Pa’lla Voy” is a true delight and there is no disputing that Marc Anthony is the King of Salsa music. 

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