Michael C. Hall is the latest star to strap on the glitter platform heels and perform the titular role of Hedwig in the Belasco Theatre production of “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” following Andrew Rannells and Neil Patrick Harris.

While Harris’ portrayal was saucy, energetic and fun Hall’s interpretation is far more pained and raw. This Hedwig isn’t enamored with the rocker lifestyle instead she’s desperately trying to have her story told and showcases her talent in raw powerhouse performances of the songs penned by Stephen Trask and originally performed by show creator John Cameron Mitchell. Hall truly lets it all hang out and although his voice is more masculine than his predecessors he truly captures Hedwig’s inner diva.

His limited engagement will run through Jan. 18, opposite Tony winner Lena Hall.

As fans lined up outside the Belasco Theatre after the production to get their playbills signed I managed to get his attention and casually brought up his recently concluded Showtime series “Dexter.” He asked me my thoughts on the finale and if I was “ok with Dexter?” almost as if he was trying to console a person who had just lost a friend. I confessed, “I had issues with the series finale.” He shook his head and admitted, “Many did.” He continued, “Do you want more? Do you need to know what happens next?” glancing up at me from the sea of playbills being shoved in his face.

I took a moment to process the question and said, “There just has to be more to that story. I mean he’s still a killer.” He smiled and said, “So you need a little bit more closure.” He then mused that perhaps a 2 hour episode or special could remedy the controversial finale at the sound of that fans pressed up behind me cheered and chimed in with their thoughts on what Dexter’s fate will be.

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