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Choosing the best album of the year can be difficult, with many talented artists releasing excellent music. Some artists even surpass their previous works with each new record they put out. This artist is making their debut on the SINISTER GIRLZ Best of List. We are pleased to announce that “Echo The Diamond” by Margaret Glaspy is our pick for the Best Album of 2023. 

“Echo The Diamond,” Margaret Glaspy

Electrifying, dynamic, and charming, “Echo The Diamond” starts with the anthemic “Act Natural,” a song highlighting an infatuation with a being so beautiful and carefree that she questions her perception. “Cause violet shines bright in both [their] eyes,” so she professes that can’t be natural. One could interpret it as questioning others’ happiness when one cannot find their own. The album contains other gems, such as “Female Brain,” which opens with “Don’t be a dick/I’m out here dodging stones and sticks/building a house, brick by brick/with both my hands in restraints/while everybody points and stares at my female brain…” The song continues, “There’s no need to be rude/your life’s an all-inclusive cruise/while I’m out here getting stiffed and screwed…” Its lyrics like these are performed with grit and passion but soften when needed. “Echo The Diamond” is truly a gem, so we have selected it as SINISTER GIRLZ’s Best Album of 2023. 

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